Wednesday 18 May 2016


 Amber Mad, 
minister for lunacy.
Well, yes it is a club, Europe,  a jolly good one, you can all go and work there, when you fuck-up, well, I can, and that's what counts,  and even though we do pay more money in than we get out a lot of it goes to needy countries and so that's very good for us, here,  in Britain. Apart from the people at the foodbanks and sleeping on the streets, although, do you know what,  we have made sleeping on the streets very difficult for people, yes, spikes and things, so they jolly well have to sleep walking about, and serve them right, too, it's probly all their  their own fault.
And I would just say that the Leavers keep saying that we pay fifty billion pounds a week to Europe  but the actual figure, the ac-tual figure, which I have here in front of me,  is actually seventy five pee per day. And that's a fact.


Doug Shoulders said...

Don’t see the referendum going to well for those who want an exit. Too much of the Establishment is invested in remaining.
Cameron should be using the this to scare the EU into allowing the UK to lord it over every other member. Like we should be doing if we’re paying 50 squillion into the pot.
I have a few rules n’ regulations I’d see put in place.

Alphons said...

Is it not possible to have the entire collection of elected Westminster loonies sectioned under the Mental Health Act?

Woman on a Raft said...

The last time I walked round Westmonster I noticed that the whole area is enclosed in a subtle wire cage. It is quite a strong one; you would need bolt-cutters to get through it.

I thought to myself: except for jumping off the terrace and taking a chance with the tides in the Thames (which I would not do) this place could quite easily turn in to a prison. There are cameras all over the place and if one layer of wire is not enough, you could quickly put in two with an exclusion zone between them, then taser/pepper spray anyone in that zone.

Is it a defensible space, or one for containment? Hard to say.

mongoose said...

It is undeniable that the referendum is an establishment stitch-up. Of course it is. The foolishness is that anyone thinks that it will actually solve anything. Not now it won't.

One question we could ask of any and every political face uttering Remain arguments is: "How many people does the EU employ who earn more than the UK Prime Minister?" (The answer is rumoured to be 10,000 btw.) That little item of insight, in itself, a lonely orphan at the roadside, this should be the end of it all. And it will be. Just not by this route. We must our faith in Stavros and his mediterranean cousins. And the 70,000,000 of their children who will likely now struggle to ever work a meaningful day. Has anyone driven around the countryside of Ireland recently? I have.

call me ishmael said...

The genie, mr mongoose, of implacable scepticism is uncorked, and as we have seen in Scotland, this one, too, will turn into a Neverendum, In all my life I have never noted such scepticism about the body politic as currently exists, it may well be fuelled by Rednecks Assorted - lePen, leDonald, lePoundland - but seems to have taken flight, the more lies are told, the more they are mocked and a Brexit would not surprise me. The more that Amber and Co bluster, perplexed by people's disobedience, the more rotten they look.

A good point, that, about the euro-salaries, thanks, we must miss no opportunity of making it

call me ishmael said...

It is, indeed, mrs woar, like one if those Dystopian films, made in Hollywood, the citizen only allowed to approach his armoured legislature via some wealthy, degenerat stooge, like Andy Neil. Did anyone know, incidentally, that he has millions in Murdoch shares, why on Earth is he the PBC's Mr Politics?