Tuesday 17 May 2016

THE GREAT STUPIDITY. An occasional note.

SG said...
Indeed Mr BB, stupidity seems to infest almost every avenue of life. Apparently, the National Union of Students is now demanding segregated accommodation for 'LGBT' students during their first year at the institutions that we still call 'universities' - lest they feel that they have suffered some form of 'offence' or are otherwise intimidated by other non-LGBT students (if any remain to be found - surely an endangered species?...). WTF? What next? Maybe segregated educational facilities for different ethnicities? Now where have we heard that before? Or different religions - sorry, I forgot, we already have those... Alas! It would appear that we have moved into a new age - post-industrial, post enlightenment, an age of gibbering idiots and inane babble - an age of stupidity, the 'Great Stupidity' indeed!


Great Stupidity News comes from across the water, in ObamaLand. Still torturing niggers down in Cuba, still murdering them on the streets at home and still tying them down and poisoning them in an orgy of painful and protracted DeathRow obscenity murder, the Great Black Hope, himself, has apppinted an Attorney General who is waging war on the State of Carolina for its stance on toilet segregation.

Unfair Toilet Segregation is the new Civil Rights Movement, even though the old one still has some way to travel,  there having been little significant change to black people's lives, other than every worthless,  corrupt, degenerate  Senator and Conmgressman  walking around like they were Martin Luther King's godson, as though allowing black people to say, I have a Dream, and letting them keep dreaming it is, as we might say here,  Job Done. Yeah, we let them black folks dream on, God bless America.
Yeah, that's OK, fine and dandy, you keep dreaming, nigger.
And Donald Trump could be worse than this, they say.

No, the imaginary rights of a handful of sexfreaks are far more important  than a black person's right to walk down the street without being shot to death, his or her right not to be framed, railroaded and then gassed, shot, electrocuted or intravenously tormented to death and  despatched to his nigger God, over in Beulah land.

Christ, has anyone seen this wicked farce over lethal injection?  ObamaLand resembles  more and more the Spanish Inquisition. Time the cunt had another Nobel Peace Prize, surely. 

Loretta Lynch, anyway, the AG, insists that NewPeople, people of self-chosen,  asserted gender - rather than biological, natural gender - can use whichever RestRoom facilities best help them express their chosen sexual orientation, whatever that may be on any given day.

Normal People, the OldPeople, in Carolina and elsewhere are a bit pissed at Loretta, saying, quite rightly, that this is an invasion of majority privacy, the fact that anyone who says they feel like a woman  can go and use a ladies' toilet, anyone who feels like a man can use a gents'.

Imagine, some six-feet-six, bearded trucker with a beer belly out to here, bloated on a diet of those mountainous multiple chili-burgers, with bacon and peppers and fried eggs and mayo and corndogs and a side of double fries and some maple syrup and ketchup and mustard, washed-down  with gallons of milk-shake, and the ladies are in the ladies' room and matey barges in, saying, Fuck me, sistahs, I gotta have me a dump, a big, big, dump.......Wachoo mean, bitch, I cain't do no dump in here? Wachoo mean, this is fer ladies only?  Cain't y'all see I am a lady, a real purty lady?  Jes because I was born a man, it don't mean I am a man, do it, now, says so in the law, don't it? I am a bonah fydee Transperson, an' I got rights, same as you, to come in here and shit my guts out. An' if any of you sistahs wanna come in and suck my pre-op dick...hey, jes because I still got me some meat'n'potatoes don't mean I aint a one hunnerd per cent slut-bitch, jes like y'all are, really, deep-down inside - if any of you or all of you wanna come in and suck my dick while I'm shittin' out twenty poundsa animal fat, well, that'd be right sisterly of y'all. 

We all women together, ain't we?

The State of Carolina insists that people use the rest room appropiate to the gender on their birth certificates;  the logic of the Attorney General's opposition to this must inevitably mean that ALL rest rooms, everywhere, must become gender neutral.  The logic of that is that the LGBT-ers will find some other aspect of toileting at which to take umbrage, maybe the fact that public toilets are generally discreet, private and windowless, thus engendering a sense of shame in LGBT people, shame at a natural bodily function, yet another example of heterosexual oppression of TransFolk. 

Given that most of the trannies I have encountered are all, by definition, pathologically, revoltingly exhibitionistic maybe the AG's next move will be to legislate for transparent public toilets, into which all can see, so's that toileting trannies don't feel any sense of shame: Here I am, I am woman, proudly taking a shit, even though I am a man.

The end of Ms Lynch's legislative journey must surely be that private shitting becomes illegal, lest it offend some fucking lunatic or other who has formed a pressure group and that everybody has to just shit out there in the street, where everybody can see. 

We shall overcome, aye, right.

The right of men to shit in women's toilets, 
that's the main thing.
This is the way the world ends, 
 this is the way the world ends, 
this is the way the world ends,
not with a bang 
               but with a hissy fit.     


call me ishmael said...

Doug Shoulders said...

Is he looking at her tits?
17 May 2016 at 13:01

Doug Shoulders said...

I wonder if the rights of trannies will be accompanied by the rights of Metro-sexuals. Those also Mr Ish…if I have understood the meaning…are overtly exhibitionistic to the point of confrontational.
In London (What an truly awful place that has become) a few months ago I was in a lift with a couple of them, pouting and preening in front of me and daring me to be offended. I wasn’t… I just smirked the knowing smirk, stared him out…the one who had positioned himself in front of me…”After you twinkle toes” when the doors opened

Alphons said...

Usual American crap. What else would expect? Particularly when a new idiot leader is needed.

SG said...

Metro-sexuals? Nah, they're old hat Mr DS. 'Non-Binaries', also known as 'gender-queers' are the new kids on the block. According to 'The Independent':

"Non-binary people are people who have trans identities beyond the traditional gender binary of male or female. Some feel they have no gender at all, while others feel their gender is fluid and can fluctuate throughout the day depending on the environment or circumstances they are in".

Here's one who is inviting members of the public to contribute towards the costs of having 'its' breasts cut off as the NHS are unwilling to perform the procedure in a sufficiently timely manner. Give generously!


mongoose said...

In other news, and far more importantly, Auntie Beeb is apparently removing all the recipes for pies from its website so that it can save a few million quid. (This is news, really it is, and it was a headline earlier. I am sure that they will just be failing to link rather than removing but let's not quibble.) Now unless there is a Pie Recipe Tsar up there in Salford laboriously typing up and logging tasty pie recipes, I do not see how removing a few links to a few recipes can save even a few quid, even a tenner. It certainly cannot save anything approaching a helpful amount.

What the fuck is going on or have I gone bonkers again. We have sent some heavy machine guns to the ISIL-fighting freedom, err, fighters but have failed to work out that heavy machine guns get through ammunition really the fuck quickly, and so they have run out of same and are presumably reduced to tackling the head-choppers with these expensively provided metal clubs. Everyone else is worrying about where tranny-folk take a leak but I just searched the BBC website for the word "pie" and got 44,000 links. Is there something I need to know about the world because I am getting confused again.

Dick the Prick said...

We had a couple of constituents who were banging on about 'transition' (geez, what a euphemism) being governed by the Mental Health Act of 1912 or something and that the beastly NHS required people to go through psyche evaluation for some time before the 'transition' can be chopped off and fed to the Iguana. They were just so full on though and one of them raised a complaint against their local Cllr who bumped into one of them in London and had the audacity to say 'alright Dave?' - "don't you frikkin' know my name is Millicent Petunia, you querulous oaf?" and I just thought, what a dick.

Also, I bumped into one of them a couple of years later after the 'transition' sat in the local Wetherspoons, man-spreading as if she had a hamstring injury with a pint of booze almost held invisible by her docker's hands. It was almost the same as the trans-sexual in The League of Gentlemen with a full beard and Barry White stature and voice - not really that feminine but I guess that's not really the point.

Thinking on whilst writing: it does almost seem as though knob chop/fanny forming or pussy stuffing/cock construction should be retained under the Mental Health Act as it's not so much gender identification as a gender strop - being angry that you've been born a whatever rather than the other. Geez, I hate going to the dentist even though she's absolutely brilliant and alleviates pain but I do occasionally bullshit her and postpone it. Yet these doctors are wasting time doing the job of a vice, a bottle of vodka, a proper machete and an evil woman chopping cocks off when they could be shitely helping geriatrics (the haunt of the 'not quite struck off' medic). If I was a doc and someone wandered in saying 'can you chop my cock off?' - i'd bloody hope that I wasn't drunk myself - 'yeah buddy, i can' and try and gaffer tape my veg knife to an 8 iron. Fucking imbeciles, the lot of 'em. I know lawyers and doctors are all meant to be about 'you treat the case in front of you' but sometimes there's got to be a fucking limit.

I dunno - whilst it certainly is a massive leap down Ruin's Highway, it also, fortunately, feels like it's just one of those things that totally pass me by - 5 minutes into a conversation about it when you realise you really should be thinking about what you're having for tea.

It's just so utterly boring. Maybe the world ends not with a bang but with a sissy shit......

call me ishmael said...

I guess your unfortunate attitude bars you from uni campuses and from participation in any of the PBC's pie making tournasments; have a care, mr mongoose, that you do not find yourself outlaw, welcome only in the desperadoes' fugitive holes in the wall, places like here.

Think of your Saviour, His treatise that the HeadChoppers ye have with ye always yet there be great Joy in Heaven for the meagrest tranny finding the right piss-corner.

I expect that the machine guns will be usefully turned against Tommy, when next he ventures abroad on WinstonBusiness. The Luvvies will surely vote for an attack on any bastard, in order to confound their unwelcome leader.

Pies, they're like the new antiques, aren't they, the new house makeover, the new dancing?

call me ishmael said...

You sound well, mr dick. I tried it with my doctor. I am a rich man in a poor man's body, can I have a hundred grand, off the NHS, make me happy, it would, for a while, until I spent it. She wasn't wearing it, even though it is exactly the same logig as transing, or whatever the fuck we call this nonsense.

Unlike you and mr sg I have never met any of these creatures, trans or metros but I expect that whilst I'm as liberal as can be about such matters - as long as they remain private - if I met them in the lift or the pub I would soon find myself arrested for breaching the trannylaws.

Gay marriage not enough, eh, now they want me to pay for them having their cocks chopped off.. I told you, years back, inter-species marriage, Man Marries Dog, we are in love, says Dave, woof-woof, says Rover, You may kiss the bride, says gay vicaress, whichever one of you it is, fully respecting your right to decide differently to-morrow

Dick the Prick said...

There's a sort of anime film..err...Mr Google?....Sin City and the tranny dude in that was forced by the law to take suppressants because he was such a sex pest and consequently had a yellow aura. I dunno, Marjorie & Daphne nee Dave & Mike (honest, not invent) were in our sunniest office, hottest day of the year talking about their gripes to a proper hard core Tory cunt who had terminal prostate cancer, fighting for re-election and trying to get his dolly made leader. That was scene setting - I'd already bumped into them before and when I realised Ian was having a meeting with them, you know, pissed myself laughing - gonna be a spectator in this one. He'd walked out of some Cllr training event the night before saying 'i'm 61 years old, I don't fucking play parlour games' - a reasonable sentiment I think we can all acknowledge.

Point to this encounter is - I walked in that meeting room with a tray with tea and biscuits and nearly projectile vomitted my very soul before using the tray to decapitate their vile smell of decay. Seriously man - they fucking wreaked. The cheeky fucking perverts. As with my understanding of most sexual perversions, although this one is seriously weird - if they're that bothered, why don't they just have a wank? It's the hormone pills, it genuinely honks like rat's piss. Yowzers - not sure they tell them that in the brochures!

call me ishmael said...

Christ allfuckingMighty, mr dick, I haven't had my dinner yet.

call me ishmael said...

It's like God, taking the piss, that, making them stink. The things we do for love, eh, even though it isn't love, not as we know it. I am indebted to you, mr dick, for sharing that experience, I don't think there are any trannies North of Inverness, not if they know what's good for them, anyway, although, chopping your cock off is not the best indication that you do, know what's good for you, that is and sdo as far as I know I have never seen one.

I think you may be correct, and that this sort of demand should be a condition treated under the Mental Health legislation. I know that homosexuality was once unfairly deemed an illness and it is right that that is no longer the case; homeosexuality, however, does not have at its heart a grotesque and pointless mutilation, worse in a way than the genital mutilations perpetrated by criminal religionists. The Courts have already ruled that there is no right to self-mutilation as an expression of professed sexual orientation. Maybe someone should organise a private prosecution of Marjorie and Daphne.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone is rightly appalled and disgusted by FGM but MGM, well, that's grand, apparently; all in a good cause innit?


call me ishmael said...

It is more of the New Puritanism, mr verge, a dark catechism, where the grosser and viler the behaviour the greater its need of state protection and for the imposition of acceptance by all that this is perfectly proper behaviour.

You may recall my rehearsal of the events in a Worcester Court, wherein the Judge, trying a group of masochistic males said I don't give a fuck how much you enjoy it, you can't nail each others foreskins to the workbench or take sandpaper to each others scrota. I don't care that you all consent to this, you're not fucking doing this shit, not while I'm a fucking judge, you're not.

There is an argument to be made that this is an overreach of the criminal law, that grown men, if they want to, or women, can nail each others genitals to the bench as much and as often as they want but it is not an argument I can accept; stuff spills over and pollutes, corroding the connections which keep society functioning; if pain, disfigurement and the usurpation of natural process by hysterical outrage are encouraged then anarchy can only be a step behind.

The doctors complicit in this shit are villainous, I would strike them off, for good and all.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the desire to chop off one's tackle is a recognised mental illness called body dysmorphic disorder. These trannies can be cured with medication and I hope that they are because they have a x20 risk of suicide after they find out that losing their bits hasn't made them any happier. They are sad specimens of humanity who need help and are not on a so-called spectrum of gender.
This is why the LGBT "community" is shit in that it does a disservice to the "T" component. Lesbians, homosexuals and bisexuals are not mentally ill but transsexuals are. They are in the same sad category as those who blind themselves or saw off a limb - yes, this happens - and they deserve medical treatment for suffering under a pitiable delusion rather than approbation for being "brave."
Unlike yourself, though, my opinion is that the masochistic scrotum-nailers are indeed consenting adults and therefore the judge should have had no issue with their voluntary perverted practices if, of course, they were performed in private.
NB I generally held homosexuals in contempt until I started listening to Milo Yanopoulis, a total woofter but yet a man of great intelligence and a formidable opponent of Statist and feminist left-wing bullshit. He doesn't like gay marriage or strident minorities who demand special treatment based solely on their otherness. He's worth a look, especially his debates when on various campuses.

Woman on a Raft said...

ALL rest rooms, everywhere, must become gender neutral.

As must hospital wards and toilets, lest the gender-confused patient be inconvenienced. Lucky old granny.

Goodness knows it is hard enough to get young girls to take exercise, but to tell little Jennifer that she has got to change in front of Paulette, who appears to be getting an errection, is the last bleedin' straw.

Do you remember that bloke who became a lady and then killed himself when the parents at the school said he should not have involved little children in his problem, using them as a mirror for his ego? I maintain the parents were correct, and so was Littlejohn. If Meadows wanted to 'transition' (which I am betting persuaded no one) then he should have been moved to a different school with his new identity.

Well, there is a book about it which specifically criticises Jane Fae, who was John Ozimek, who published private emails without consulting the family, attended the funeral although he was told that the media were not invited, and generally behaved like a screaming media whore in the run-up to the funeral, when the family including at least one child - were trying to mourn.

It speaks much for the deceased that his ex-wife seemed so keen to try to help him; it was she who went looking for him when he did not show up. He was deeply troubled but his gender identity problems were only a fraction of the reasons for which he killed himself.

Following the inquest a book was written: 'Inquest into a Campaign' by Mercia McMahon, in which she tracks the media involvement. Rather than buy the book, it is possible to search inside for references in the search box under the logo. This link goes to p.50 the page of sternest criticism.


call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr richard. i did say that the prosecution of masochism is arguably an overreach of the criminal law and I have held that view, even in the case to which I refer. There was something, however, about these guys that was so unsavoury, so cruelly inventive, so degrading, so potentially harmful to themselves and future disciples that unusually I found myself supporting the state's intrusion into the private lives of others whilst nevertheless respecting the opposing view, it was a tricky call, nit far removed from your own position, which, quite rightly, describes this hideous self-mutilation as an illness to be treated, not an act of heroism.

I have never held homosexuals in contempt, I am just like your Mr Yanopoulis, annoyed at the demands of some to be straight. What's the point of that?

call me ishmael said...

Yes, I do remember that case and I remember the school head who was trying to do the right thing without knowing what it was and it was, as you say, to move the transer to another school or ideally to a desk job; really it was outwith a head teacher's skill set and the LEA should have overruled the school, for as it turned out others became involved and affected by this man's suicide -a regular event in these cases, see mr richard, above.

I will make that link, thanks, mrs woar.

Anonymous said...

I had put the gay chaps all in one basket of contempt because of various cases such as suing B&B or bakery owned by Christians after knowingly asking for services which they knew would be refused, or demanding taxpayers' money for rainbow illuminations on public buildings and so forth. Plus I saw two geezers kissing hideously as they boarded a plane and it made me feel ill. Bleargh!
Most of them are probably all right, live and let live types, and I've only ever noticed the few newsworthy spiteful ones and Graham Norton. My wife thinks he's great. Every Saturday she plays the radio and Norton's incessant chirpy nonsensical patter is hard to take for more than a few seconds. Yanopoulis, however, is a fine fellow, an anti-Norton, and has said much to dispel my sweeping and lazy negative view of the type.