Sunday 12 September 2021

The Sunday Ishmael 12/09/2021

 "And forgive us our Westminsters
As we forgive those who Westminster against us."

  Remember when the Labour Party stopped being the Labour Party in order to get elected? They could have called themselves the Conservative Party, but that name was taken, so they settled on the New Labour Party, to attempt to retain some connection with the party the Trade Unions created back in 1900. To remind you, here is mr ishmael on what happened:


It was Clintonitis, The Third Way bullshit, which inspired the Mandelstein Project in the UK, a foolhardy focus on spurious economic growth as a means of  funding criminally mismanaged public services whilst simultaneously sanctioning corrosive, ruinous greed, indeed applauding what Mandelstein thought  of as the innate virtue of the filthy rich.

Because the Third Way was fronted by a draft-dodging, coke-snorting, womanising,  saxophone-playing arsehole sucking capitalism's dick whilst relative children sucked his, NewLabour succumbed immediately and tore-up it's historic raison d'etre, frenziedly jerking itself off as the Tory, Blair, shat on Clause Four and it's bleak recognition of injustice via economics.
We are the party of the wealthy, they simpered, but look, we have John Prescott aboard to fool the proles;  former Marxists and Trotskyites, now clad in Armani or Boateng, built property portfolios and consultancies and directorships, as they holidayed with gangsters and pimps and junkies and put fifty pence on the old age pension.
Moronic, coked-up popstars were soireed at Downing Street, the shitbrained,  neanderthal Gallagher brothers talking riffs with Tony, the man, typically, stupidly  unaware that they were invited only to window dress Corruption, Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll; a former call girl was drafted in as Imelda's paid best friend, add a soupcon of glamour to her dowdy, fathomlessly greedy, whining, slotgob repellence; an Aussie ex-con came as part of the deal, as her property adviser, securing accommodation for one of  her fucked-up spawn; seven grand was hoisted from Labour Party subs to pay for her hairdresser and the Labour movement, typified by Tony's make-believe agent in Sedgefield, the stupid fucking bastard, primped and preened itself, swallowing Power's ejaculate,  as the young warmonger fellated business and money and Power, round the back of Chequers, on their yachts, flying out to Australia to lick Murdoch's arse, on behalf of - what was it now?  - the many, not the few, as though the proprietor of skymadeupnewsandfilth had Labour running in his syphilitic veins.
(To this day I - no homoerotocist, I admit - find Tony Blair a deeply unattractive man, bug-eyed, buck-toothed, jug eared and in his speech and mannerisms  - body language - completely untrustworthy; telegenicism, as the media folk  call it, however, proved very swiftly to be Blair's trump card, people thought, it is said, that he was lovely,  would never do anything wrong;  me, though, I always knew he would do something terribly wrong, only have to look at him, hear his voice. But he had big allies.  He was good TV.)
Almost overnight, it seems, now, most of the nation aped the extravagance of the ruling party, an unparallelled borrowing and spending binge was hailed by the likes of Simon Heffer and the unspeakable Murdoch barrowboy, Jeff Randall, as an economic miracle;  you had to hand it to that Gordon Brown, he was prudent, he was the iron chancellor, they chorused, every last one of them -  even though he was an innumerate, profligate,  iron hoof; bullying and tantruming like some bloated, nail-chewing, snot-eating diva, cross-dressed in a lounge suit and  a red tie, mincing and pouting across the demi-monde of the financiers like a great big flabby whore, a rentboying son of the fucking manse, pimping the nation to the soundtrack of a light regulatory touch in the City.  It's the economy, stupid.  Jesus fucking wept.

 Anyway, the reason for mentioning it is that The Conservatives are at it now,  voting for the largest tax increase in the last two millenia. Or something. To fund health and social care. To protect rich people from having to sell their houses (well, that bit is quite conservative, grant you.) No longer the party of small government and fiscal responsibility - that's the logo on the can within which lurk the usual worms of self and class interest, The New Conservatives under BlairBo-Jo are doing what they can to retain power and are secretly praying, like the feral school boys in Lord of the Flies for the grown-ups to step in and take over. Trouble is, they are the grown-ups,  they are no longer in public school, and they really shouldn't be going away for the holidays - eh, Dominic?
For our non-UK readers, let me explain: public schools are not public. They are intensely private, accessed by the expenditure of many, many thousands of pounds during the education of a child, and, due to a historical quirk, they are charities, with special tax status. Although the UK has an excellent state system of education available to every child, wealthy parents choose to send their children away from home into a boarding school total institution (Ernest Goffman) at the age of eight,  despite the very well documented physical and sexual abuse of children attending these schools, neglect - both emotional  and material, and the psychological condition known as Boarding School Syndrome. This syndrome is characterised by difficulties in relationships and parenting, workaholism, inability to relax, isolation, being experienced as a bully, substance abuse, a sense of failure, sleep and sexual problems. It is thought that it is caused by a toxic mix of neglect, exile from home, exposure to bullying and abuse coupled with an instilled sense of privilege, entitlement and elitism. Boarding School Survivors lack the emotional equipment to be fully functioning adults. They haven't grown up.  
Why would a wealthy father, who is usually himself a survivor of this form of education, inflict it upon his sons?
Answer:  In order to give his sons entry to Britain's ruling class. 
And it works:  Boris Johnson and David Cameron attended Eton  and Tony Blair attended Fettes College. 64% of Johnson's first Cabinet were public school alumni. Britain's public school system is the bedrock upon which Britain's class system is built.
We are being governed by a caste which is cut off, emotionally and materially, from the majority of the people they have to hoodwink, each election time, in order to maintain their power and position. Harsh? I've been reading Sad Little Men by Richard Beard, himself a survivor of this privileged education, who does not hold back.

Caption Contest
(contributed by mr verge)
So Prince Andrew has been served court papers alleging Virginia Roberts Giuffre was “forced to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will” at the behest of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and accused procuress Ghislaine Maxwell. The lawsuit alleges that Prince Andrew's actions constitute sexual offenses including first- and third-degree rape,  citing New York penal code, under which rape includes sex with someone “by forcible compulsion.” Cesar Sepulveda filed an affidavit confirming he had served the papers to Prince Andrew on August the 27th, having been repeatedly rebuffed in his previous attempts to effect service, as the Queen's favourite son instructed his police guards and security not to accept them.
Gordonstoun - if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

The Review Corner: 
Mr Ishmael reviews some television shows. 

is a five-parter on the the BBC, one of its 2010, Year of Science series, dealing with the Solar System in a breathtaking, entertaining and accessible fashion and worth the entire license fee, if only for the novelty of its engaging presenter, a teenage professor, Brian Cox, who resembles an angelic singer-songwriter, c. 1976 and says astonishing an astonishing number of times in each episode.

Professor Cox, 
a cross  between Jackson Browne
and Patrick Moore.

Cox's facial default setting is a  smile, as  constant  as the Sun which dominates the series and that in itself, in a medium swamped by scowling, perplexed Schamas  and pouting Bettanys is a joy; his revelations too, are joyous. in a sharing sort of way, not Aren't I Clever, more Isn't This Amazing Shit, This Solar System ? 
The last episode dealt with the recently discovered, improbable methane lakes on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, and as these things do, left one in awe of Uncle Sam's NASA, if only they'd put those guys in charge of Health Care...... 

As with every new BBC series the presenter has been jetted, helicoptered, jeeped, hang-glided and sailed all around the world  but in Cox's case the effort has been worthwhile.  Enthusiastic - theus - means filled with God and Cox's shows sparkles and crackles with his delight, his enthusiasm, he really does take you places you've never been.

It's still running on the box and probably on the Ithing,*
take it where you find it, don't leave it alone.
*There's a book and a DVD 

Mrs Elisabeth Primrose Banks, new boss of the Royal Horticultural Society, has said the the BBC's flagship gardening programme, Gardeners' World, was shite, pure and simple, Fuckwits, 'swhat they are, that fucking barrowboy, the bald git, Joe Wotsit, and that wheezing, old baggage,  Carol Klein, they're good for fuck all, wouldn't let them trim my privet, let alone prune my bush or put a seep hose under my Rhodedendrons. And as for that ginger totty in her see-through 'forties dresses,  well, it was her got Monty Don sacked,  wasn't it, him playing around in her compost heap, that's what done it.  And now the poor mad bastard's rampaging all around Broadcasting House with ideas for programmes about helping heroin addicts and lunatics who wanna be fucking craftsmen, even though they're not and nor is he, fucking treatment's what he needs, not playing at being a tellyshrink, sanity through digging with Monty, never heard such fucking rubbish.  I mean, I love Cruelty TeeVee as much as the next lesbian but Monty fucking Don, telling suburbanite shitbrains that, No, they're not actually cut out to be master stonemasons or Llama farmers so they can just fuck off back to working in Lidl, well, that's too much, even for me.  The convention of these programmes is that by the time the programme is over the punter has a new, sparkling glass home standing with integrity in the landscape, a blend of Rococo and Art Deco and a hint of Swedish minimalism all topped-off with solar panels. Or was that a different show? How can you tell?
WOTSONTELLY 20/1/2016 

Up,  all last night, leaning on the windowsill, and blogging, here, looking at the moonlit ocean, within my bower, at th'accustomed hour,  a show came on in the background, turned-down soft, after Family Guy had finished.

I paid it no mind for a while, focussed on the improvement of mr mongoose's haunted musical mind and then, intrigued by the halting, unscripted, YorkieBar ordinariness of the commentary, moved, to check it out, take it further.

It was  Simon Robert Armitage CBE,  an English poet, playwright and novelist, elected on  19 June 2015 as  Oxford Professor of Poetry, succeeding Geoffrey Hill. How dare there be poets, I thought, not for the first time, but Simon wasn't a-poeting, just slumming, as a TellyHistorian, joining, temporarily, the outbreak of mange, symptomised by Drs Lucy Lisp, Tubby Ramirez and that scrawny, gobby blonde one, in the Victorian bondage bustier, as well as by Peter's boy, Yachting Dan Snow, passionate about being on telly, I mean history;  Mincing Queen Starkey, hissing that all Kings and Queens are gay, oh, really, how could they not be, you silly audience? There's bossy  Simon Schama and dozens of other low-rent, verminous jumped-up cruise liner lecturers now stooging around TeeVeeLand. And Rock God, Neil Oliver, mustn't forget to name-check him, or he'd forever stalk the helicoptered  skyline,  angrily tossing his hair at us, like a good 'un. 

Squeeze my history lemon baby, 
'til the juice run down my leg. 

 Simon didn't do any of that, just wandered through Southern England and parts of Wales,  pondering the myth of King Arthur, as told by Mallory, in his Morte d', of how, true or false, it captivated and informed and influenced the national imagination.

It was a lovely, gentle meander with a man who knew and cared  about that of which  he spoke aloud.  There was obviously a shooting script and there was some of that walking towards and past the camera but all in all it seemed unforced, amateur in the best sense of the word.  There should be more such  - The Making of King Arthur, BBC4.

mr ishmael's essays today are:
WOTSONTELLY. NOT GARDENERS' WORLD                            5/7/2010
Up,  all last night, leaning on the windowsill,                              20/1/2016
Both anthologies of the work  of mr ishmael and Stanislav :  Honest Not Invent and Vent Stack - are available to purchase for mere money at Lulu or Amazon. It is cheaper to buy from Lulu. Register an account with Lulu to save a couple of quid, as going straight into the link provided below seems to make paypal think it's ok to charge in dollars, and apply their own conversion rate, which will put the price up slightly for a UK buyer. Once the new account is set up, follow our link; a pop-up box asks for age confirmation - simply set the date to (say) 1 January 1960, and proceed. (If you type the title, the anthology will not appear as a search result until the "show explicit content" box - found at the bottom left by scrolling down - has been checked.  You may also see the age verification box, as above, at this point.) 
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sir lenny - jabbin in the name of the lord said...

ultra-progressive taliban-government auditions for sharia-compliant version of the black and white minstrel show

pc pandemic said...

following the uk-government's politically correct decision to hand afghanistan back to the taliban, the millwall-firm finally bends the knee to multi-culturalism by opening the den's doors to every colour, creed, and - trans - gender...

but still reserves its inalienable right to stone west ham poofters to death, obviously.

an unnamed prince being taken for walkies by fergie said...

considering his 1969 attack on an oxford university student, why hasn't that rapist willywam jizzysin glintstone been served court-papers too...?

oops sorry - wrong photo

daz dāneshgāh challenge said...

taliban-officials perform snap hanky-inspection

julius obomba said...

ah, afghanistan...

we came, we smelt the poppy, then couldn't remember why the fuck we'd come in the first place.

Anonymous said...

It's School, Jim, but not as we know it.

Mike said...

Caption Competitions:

"The ayes have it".

Mike said...

Alternatively: "the eyes have it"

Anonymous said...

...or even the Āyahs have it, mr mike?


Mike said...

Indeed, Mr verge, but you have to like the Taliban if only for kicking Uncle Sam in the nuts. Tough buggers.

Mike said...

Completely off topic, but this is well worth reading. Explains it all.

ultrapox said...

albeit that the saker- article seems to be an ideological exercize in sino-soft-soaping, i grant that, during the course of his undoubtedly expert analysis of neo-liberal decadence, professor michael hudson makes many extremely astute observations, however i fundamentally disagree with his slightly anal tendency to adopt the currently de rigueur notion, so prevalent amongst left-wing intellectuals, that one must somehow paint the ideal of a self-regulating free-market - and by extension therefore even the ideals of democracy and freedom themselves - as intrinsically and socially evil, when the fundamental problem besetting our western - or any other - system is in fact the - monopoly propagating - corruption of that system - a cultural zersetzung which can only culminate in the mercantilist market-manifestation of gangster-and-gun-boat-economics.

furthermore, given the chinese state's own atrophic level of endemic corruption, i seriously doubt the political sincerity, or ability, of the ultra-repressive sino-super-structure to genuinely redistribute wealth, and rather than being seduced by professor hudson's infectiously rosy picture of one-party communist regulation, i conversely view china's current politico-economic status to sail much closer to the oligarch-licensing free-for-all of russia's post-communist black-market - a pseudo-anarchy which was in reality dominated by the extant integral corruption and social privilege hung over from persisting political power-structures spawned during the soviet era.

indeed, like so many leftist intellectuals hegemonically housed by the neo-imperialist establishment in their infallible progress toward crypto-fascism, professor hudson ultimately fails to appreciate that today's predominant global ideology is one of corruption as an end in itself, and as a tragic consequence, he appears dogmatically determined to throw the libertarian baby out with the nasty neo-liberal bathwater.

clearly, the unfortunate circumstance of corruption preventing a given system from being universally free, does not invalidate the ideal of universal freedom which that system was intended to promote.

i mean, how else but through true free-trade's chink of industrial opportunity will the neo-colonially oppressed continent of africa ever have a hope in hell of lifting itself from western-imposed economic slavery?

how on earth does professor hudson think that china and india have thrown off the commercial shackles of first world mercantilism, if not by exploiting the - admittedly hazardous - free-market?

does the establishment-protected professor consider that africans should only be granted their freedom by the grace of white progressive intervention, yet never be left to achieve it, through their own economic endeavour, for themselves?

moreover, does the professor actually believe that black people are capable of winning their own freedom?

what economic value lies in replacing right-wing authoritarianism with that of the equally corrupt left?

Mike said...

Mr ultrapox: I read it as Hudson comparing the 2 systems, rather than a critique of China per se. The Western "democracy/capitalism" model is riven with all sorts of corruption as well. But his general conclusion that the usury and rentier Western approach benefits only the 1%, and is pre-determined to fail, as we see now, I find compelling. And his comments of how language is distorted (eg "democracy", "free-markets") hits the mark.

ultrapox said...

agreed, mr mike, but i just felt that, by reserving all his criticism for western economies, the prof let china - which also plays dirty - off the hook too easily, and i also suspected that his initial loaded references to the free-market played to the left-wing gallery...

however, i appreciated professor hudson's expert breakdown of neo-liberal bullshit and, as an economics-novice, learnt a great deal from the article.

the duke of nork - blackmailed by the cia said...

well, you see, emily, after waiting 'til she became legally tender, i grabbed the little minx by the jubblies and proceeded to give her a wight woyal wodgering...

but that photo's a complete fake, i can assure you.

sir patrick eye-sore said...

david bowie meets death in venice

eton pigs-ear said...

produces thick-as-pig-shit prime ministers for forty grand a pop

the college that shat out boris said...

eton: makes a sow's ear out of a silk purse

tim o'tay said...

fugitive from scottish nationalism caught hiding out on the moors

mrs ishmael said...

Thanks for the link to the Saker article, mr mike, and thanks for your critique, mr ultrapox. I'm troubled by the emerging use of the word Existential as used by the good professor. It is not the philosophic term that I learned and I suspect it is a dumbing down of the language in the same way that substantive became conflated with substantial. Too different words with different meanings have now morphed into the same word and meaning because of the linguistic efforts to appear big and clever by those seeking to impress. Existential is not the same word as existing, and, if you need to, please do look it up, as the BBC exhorted its viewers to do re its coverage of the Met Gala in relation to its use of the word pegging.

ultrapox said...

jesus h fucking christ, mrs ishmael, when i heard that the chinese were 'pegging' their currency, i knew it was something pretty dirty, but i never imagined it was that bad.

thanks for the invaluable tip-off

ultrapox said...

neil oliver - wikipedia:

"commenting on the british government's response to the coronavirus pandemic, on 11 June 2021 oliver said, "lockdown is the biggest single mistake in world history". he also criticised the drive to vaccinate children in the uk against covid-19, saying, "never before in medical history has there been a proposal to vaccinate children against a disease that poses them no measurable harm. added to this is the undeniable fact these vaccines for covid are experimental, in that no data is available concerning long term effects." he likened the fight against government anti-covid measures to the fight against nazi germany, saying, "there's another battle of britain being fought now. it's being fought by a minority outgunned and shouted down by those who would accept freedom handed to them by mp's on condition that they do as they are told. that's not freedom. that is tyranny."

although, he seems, rather bizarrely, to look more like georgie best with every day that passes, mr oliver certainly possesses a degree of intelligence, decency, and common morality which david "deep-state" awfulsaga - the deep-state-democrat tool-of-jabbicide and de facto supporter of blood-mineral-democrats - completely lacks.

yes, at least mr oliver does not afro-centrically decry britain's shameful participation in the slave-trade, whilst looking ambitiously and euro-centrically the other way as latter-day slavers, the clintons, the bidens, obama & co, deliberately facilitate the blood-mineral-genocide in congo - only to profit from its nasty darkness through ill-gotten foundation and campaign donations...

and at least, georgie best look-alike mr oliver does not routinely denounce racism, whilst shamelessly supporting that modern-day royal african company the european blood-mineral-emporium - neo-colonialist commissioners of which have, without sanction, been caught with their hands in mama africa's jewellery-box, and which, for the sake of european free-movement of white folks and their blood-minerals, has been more-than-happy to enforce its water-tight nigger-drowning borders.

maybe mr awfulsaga should go back to school to study the collected, and intensely illuminating, works of mr keith harmon snow?

sir rod boystung said...

so what's the big deal, then?

the taliban support a policy of single-sex schools and school-uniforms...

but is that a capital offence? does it demand immediate régime-change, the re-occupation of afghanistan, and the obliteration of entire families and villages by "just to be on the safe side" air-strikes?

ultrapox said...

what troubles me, mrs ishmael, about professor hudson's existential economic philosophy, and the inherent aversion to property-ownership expressed therein, is that, in the mind of the common man, the general notion of property-ownership neither poses an ideological problem in itself, nor does it impinge in any tangible or practical manner upon the essential functionality of any available free market - however large or small that free market might perchance be.

i mean, what point a market without any property to be freely traded thereupon?

moreover, assuming that everyone in society is able to achieve an equitable standard of living - and given that any property is, in a free and competitive market, competently and reasonably managed - i do not believe that anyone would truly find cause to object to another person owning any form of property, even dare-i-say for example windsor castle - so long of course as mrs windsor keeps the corners clear of cobwebs and hoovers up the corgi-shit before the chinese and american tourists arrive each day to purchase their fairly-priced entrance-fees...

i mean, fuck that for a game of soldiers.

indeed, the existential problem of property-ownership commonly appears to arise when not only is property incompetently and unreasonably managed, but as a result of its ownership being subsidized by establishment-corruption, becomes commercially immune to the competitive forces of the free market, and thus illegitimately protected from transfer to more competent and reasonable management which would - in the freest of all possible markets - be afforded by fresh ownership.

you see, at the risk of eternally repeating myself, it's not actually ownership of property which comprises the existential economic problem, but rather establishment-induced corruption of the free market upon which that property is traded...

because after all, in contrast to an incompetent labour council corruptly exercizing fiefdom over its shabby stock of sink-estate social housing, you can't hang onto it forever, can you, your majesty?

and god save the chinese

mrs ishmael said...

Existentialism = one's existence precedes one's essence. As opposed to theistic thinking, in which one's essence precedes one's existence - that is, god invented you and brought you into the world in accordance with a divine plan.
In existentialism, the individual has a sense of disorientation, confusion, or dread in the face of a meaningless or absurd world. His existence is random. The individual, not society or religion, is responsible for giving meaning to life and living it sincerely, or authentically.

See why I object to the loose usage of the term "existential", as in China poses an existential threat to the US? If the words are forced into new shapes (at least Humpty Dumpty used to pay his words overtime bonuses for unusual, inappropriate and preposterous usages, then not only is scholarship redundant but we won't know what we are talking about. And Existentialism is such a neat explanation for the world as I know it.

Great Pegging joke, mr ultrapox.

Mike said...

I think Hudson's thesis is that what is destroyed the notion of "free markets" is firstly they are not free, anywhere in the world, but particularly its the recent introduction of debt that has killed the system, and thereby the Western economies. Debt is created out of thin air by banks with fractional reserve banking, and now outright money printing. The borrower then has to pay interest. This was originally not the case, as money was just a token to ease the exchange of goods. Thus, banks and money lenders in general, create wealth out of thin air without producing anything. Furthermore, when a load is made collateral is required - you sign over tangible assets for money created out of thin air. So-called property rights and associated laws are not property rights at all, but merely give the lender first claim on the real asset.

The upshot of all this is that it gives rise to non-productive investment which increases exponentially eventually destroying the real economy. Precisely where we are today.

inmate said...

Could not have put it better, bravo Mr Mike.
Further more, how can a bank offer to loan money - mortgage- for a property they do not own?
Also, only humans are capable of creating something, entities - banks - are not.

mongoose said...

And if we needed any proof that money is now magicked out of thin air, consider that the uk government has spaffed almost 500 billion extra since the start of the 2020 lockdown. We are now 2 trillion in debt. That's the best part of 30k for every man, woman and child in the land - at least half of whom are not economically productive.

But don't worry, the wholesale price of gas has only quadrupled these last few months. If only we could print energy, eh?

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: its even worse than that. The electricity cable from France has burned through under the Channel. It will be next Spring at the earliest before it can be fixed. 1 GW/h lost. It will be a very cold winter in the UK. With the recent AUKUS shafting of France, expect there to be no rush to fix that cable.

The Filth-o-graph headlines today blame Russia for manipulating energy prices. But only yesterday Putin gave the lie to that. Addressing Europe in general, he said it was possible for countries to strike long terms gas deals with Gazprom when the price was much lower. Some did, most didn't. He said he felt sorry for those who chose not to. Russian LNG ships will shortly be on their way to the UK.

mongoose said...

I had heard, mr mike. I got into an argument a couple of weeks ago with some electricity halfwit. I had the temerity to say that electricity isn't fuel. If we all just stand still and look, there is no electricity. Fuel is coal, oil, gas, at a pinch radioactive materials. "Energy density, my friend!" We can make electricity with these, and with sun, wind, and water blessed to us by God up a mountain somewhere - the water, not God. The chap had zero understanding and started prattling about hydrogen. When I said that there is no hydrogen, I thought I might have made him cry for a minute or two.

The stupidity of it all staggers me. But they cannot be so dumb. It must be a criminal conspiracy of an astounding breadth.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: its very hard to find any sense in what is happening now - as much in my hemisphere as yours. I'm usually a "cock-up rather than conspiracy" kinda person, and God knows the current crop of midgets in the collective West, but principally the US and UK, seem incapable of organising a piss-up never mind a conspiracy. But who knows? Even a short while ago, I never thought I would witness such shit - and I'm only talking about what goes on Down Here. Seriously, we are just one mistake away from Gotterdammerung - it nearly happened over Ukraine, it could easily happen over Taiwan or the S China Sea. One thing is crystal clear: the economies of the West (the US and UK, and the Europeans) are beyond the point of no return. The level of sheer nonsense in the UK press about Russia and China is despairing. We are fortunate they are behaving responsibly since they could wipe us out in a blink. Indeed, for example, if China stopped exporting to the US for 1 month, the US is finished.

But if we need reminding of conspiracy, then we need look no further than the anniversary of 9/11, so its possible.

Anonymous said...

re 9/11, mr mike - in the latest Spectator, Douglas Murray writes than in an anniversary documentary there was an American prof explaining that it was "an attack on the heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems that America relies upon to wrangle other countries into passivity." As Murray points out, Bin Laden was quite keen on the het-pat system himself, though he wouldn't have called it that. (Obviously no mention of whether BL had anything to do with it in the first place, though we wouldn't expect that from the Speccie.)


ultrapox said...

the west is sleep-walking into scientific and economic la-la-land, mr mike and mr mongoose.

china, russia and iran must be laughing their fucking cocks off as we gaily commit economic suicide by lobbing lockdown and climate-emergency bombs into our own free-market - then commit actual suicide by injecting ourselves with a 'vaccine' which has proven considerably more dangerous than the disease against which it was intended to provide immunity...

and now, completely against the advice of an evermore cold-footed medical and scientific establishment, boris jabscum - seemingly intent on political suicide - continues to pig-headedly push ahead with the lethal vaccination of children, for chrissakes.

ok, i appreciate that the intelligence services have deliberately misinformed our intellectually ring-fenced prime minister as to the severity of this largely phantom pandemic, that they have strategically poisoned him with something really nasty, and that - without revealing their own complicity in this low-level bio-warfare-attack - they have further freaked the silly arsehole out by disingenuously letting him in on the lurgy's latent lab-origins...

but this still doesn't excuse eton-educated laziness, ignorance and illiteracy.

i mean, people are really bloody well angry about the undemocratically dogmatic roll-out of this lethal and health-degrading non-vaccination - to the extent that even the army have begun organizing against the government; hell knows, our squaddies didn't leave their arms and legs in afghanistan just to watch their kids get put down free on the nhs.

doesn't this stupid bullingdon cunt take a hint?

blimey, if i were boris jobsgone or his stealth secretary savidge jabit, i'd be rigorously checking for improvized plastic prezzies strapped to underside of my ministerial limo.

just how many in the british establishment are now working for the other side, i wonder?

mrs ishmael said...

Well, that's an alternative view, mr ultrapox, and not one I agree with, apart, of course, from your assertion that Bo-Jo couldn't find his arse with both hands, to quote mr ishmael. But if we really are living in this terribly dangerous reality that you describe, maybe it would be the better part of valour to be just a tad more discreet?

ultrapox said...

i myself have absolutely no interest in committing any violent atrocity against our government or prime minister, mrs ishmael - because for my part, i firmly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword - however, some very angry british army veterans are reported to be organizing an anti-vax insurgency against the authorities.

just saying, that's all; this programme of mandatory health-intervention, with an improperly and insufficiently tested vaccine, comprises a very serious business indeed - one which has already proved fatal for some, and has caused injury to others.

ultrapox said...

yes, i'm sorry that you misunderstood my standpoint, mrs ishmael.

in point of fact, i'm extremely concerned about our good prime minister's welfare, and quite frankly, in order to avoid any possibility of igniting within our great country civil conflict - which might ultimately endanger even boris johnson himself - i dearly wish he'd immediately quit pushing this highly risky covid-vaccination-programme.

the proposal to vaccinate 12-15 year olds without either the knowledge or consent of their parents comprises, i consider, a particularly insidious aspect of the covid-vaccination-programme - indeed it seems so insidious as to constitute a shocking affront to the very notion of democracy itself - and i truly believe it to be precisely this unprecedented proposal to vaccinate minors without parental consent which is currently causing such indecently articulated outrage amongst the rankled rank-and-file of britain's armed forces.