Wednesday, 26 February 2014


 Despite a welter of slavering anticipation from MediaMinster, at the time of writing we don't know what these boys are going to receive from Mr Justice Slag, whatever it is, it will "send out a message to other terrorists," only it won't, well, not the message he wants to send; whatever it is, it will " deliver justice and closeya to Lee Rigby's assorted wives and family," only it won't; and it will placate the DailyMail-reading UKIP/BNP/wimmen-hating constituency who want these guys hanged over and over again, only it won't; it will be the usual British exercise in amoral, tabloid-pleasing tub-thumping. These young men brutally killed a young British soldier on the streets of London.

At the time of writing, we do know what  sentence this guy received.


 He, for his part, killed and injured many British soldiers on the streets of London.  He walked out of court, yesterday, without a blemish on his character, thanks to people like these.


The judge can take his predictable po-faced sanctimony and shove it up his poxy arse.  Mass murderers, bombers, torturers, steeped far more in blood, sadism and wickedness than these two guys might ever be are in government in the United Kingdom,  Scot-free,


 and the gabshite Afrikaaner,

Whatever happened to the Labour party that it could so accelerate the rise of foreign filth like this?
Hain, cheeky cunt, incredibly once Northern Ireland Seckatrty, speaking fluent I-Know-Best, reproaches us loftily and angrily for even mentioning his grubby deals with vile criminals.


Alphons said...

Yes, you are right again Mr. I.
There are far more of them walking about than there are locked up.
But then they are the ones who make the rules that suit there own agenda best.
We need a world wide purge.

Mike said...

Listening to Hain as he repeatedly emphasised that the police has meticulously checked for evidence, lack of, before the letters were sent from the NI office (he repeated it verbatim 3 times - I thought the clip was on a loop), leaves the very clear impression that no such checking was done and it was part of a dirty deal with Jerry and his mates. It was Hain, acting for Blair.

WTF is it when the NI office can send out such letters and it over-rides the law?

Its sights like the "trio of mass murderers" that caused me to live half way round the world. Nobody does faux democracy better than the Brits.

yardarm said...

Britain is perfectly happy to deal with Islamonutters not least Saudi and Pakistan, who were behind more terrorism than Saddam ever thought of. Hamza was an MI5/6 bumboy. Or they his. I think it might have been the Saudis snapping their fingers rather than Autocue who got Wysteria so keen on Blairing Syria.

Wasn't Vain an anti apartheid campaigner ? Dunno why he hasn't gone back to add his orange tone to the rainbow nation. Must be lining his pockets here still. Wasn't the bastard had up for taking backhanders at one stage ?

Labour are just as evil a bunch of bankster fellating, pocket lining careerist trash as the Liberal Nonceocrats or the Snobs. Jugears Warcriminal is now exemplar to them all; sucking Moneys cock, cringing and grovelling to Power, voiding his bowels on us now a multi millionaire with his knobbly buttocks going in and out of Rupe`s trophy wife like a violinists elbow.

call me ishmael said...

"It's sights like the "trio of mass murderers" that caused me to live half way round the world."

I have just seen, on SoxNews, some raving mad bastard who is IDS's minister for disabled - actually the minister for Atos and Crapita - mad as a fucking hatter, he is, and before that I saw Krishnan CurryMurphy interview some psychobastard ex-Ira fuckpig, just as though he was a proper person and before that I learned that the BNP had set up a gallows outside the Old Bailey and were, with impunity, inciting racial hatred, and then I saw the RigbyMourners attending the most serious court in the land dressed in Trashy teeshirts, like they were going down the fucking 'pub and I said to mrs ishmael, Time we moved abroad, like mr mike, this place is fucked, ruined; monsters, crimnals and nutterbastards all over the place.

Yes, Hain's claim to legitmacy is that his parents were anti-apartheid and he, therefore, rotten fucking ponce, is beyond reproach. You see, mr yardarm, I see things like this cunt, a seedy, Afrikaaner, student activist opportunist being made seckatry of state for fucking Wales, of all places - weren't there any suitable Welsh Labour candidates? - and I think to myself, No, it can't really be as bent and rotten as this, must be me that's mad.

As for Petey Robinson resigning, shame he didn't do it over his Mrs's fiddling and toyboying; who gives a fuck what he says or does, save for a few bent, rabid Ornagemen.

Aren't the Saudi headchoppers as thick as thieves with Brenda and her gangsters? Isn't Brian an honorary sheeps eyeball chomping, coke-snorting, goldplated helicoptering bumbandit playboy, God save His Royal Highness; aren't they all royals together?

jgm2 said...

Glad to see you back MrI.

It's the fucking one-sidedness of it that I don't understand.

So Hain signs off 180 or so get-out-of-jail-free cards. What about the fucking 'Bloody Sunday' enquiry in that case?

Why bother with that nonsense. Just give all the soldiers a free-pass as well and tell the judge to stop wasting everybodies time and money.

Sauce for the goose and all. I recognise that a 'peace' requires a bit of give and take and that at some point we have to let by-gones be by-gones. After all, it's been the inability of the fucking Irish to get over the Battle of the Boyne that's kept the whole thing rumbling for 200 or more years. But what a one-sided amnsety.

What fucking ace negotiators Blair et al were. Gave up a chunk of our Euro rebate on the offchance Tony might get a job they were always going to give to a French or Belgium. Gave up our claim to Rockall even though, as the Shetlands and Orkneys have proven, you just never know what mineral riches might be associated with otherwise barren, inhospitable atlantic islands. Rockall might be made of solid fucking unobtanium with a thin veneer of rocks. At least it would allow an albeit slim claim to 'ownership' of over a hundred thousand square miles of ocean and whatever might be under there.

And to think that in little more than a year from now the same crack negotiators might be divving things up with Salmond.

Salmond will fucking well walk all over them. No national debt. All the oil. The pound underwritten by the rUK and, no doubt, a fat lump-sum to ease the transition for the poor wee Scots.

truth not revolution (part one) said...

i feel sick, not at the all-too-premeditated crowd-pleasing punishment that these british brothers-in-arms have received, but because my landlord wishes to waste as much as possible of my ever-dwindling time-on-earth by sabotaging essential domestic equipment which i own, and because some-nut pretending to be some-other-nut has all-but threatened to deport me to syria, and because another unidentified fucking object has deliberately infected me with a whooping-cough-cum-tonsilitis bacteria - and all because they're all either emotionally or intellectually incapable of answering one set of views in cyberspace with an alternate set of views in the same patch of cyberspace...

...but then these touchy-toffy types are just way way above that sort of socially-acceptable thingamajig, of course...

...however, if i were allowed to find a moment and gather the energy to comment on mr ishmael's post, i would venture to suggest that, in line with the recent case-law of official knee-jerk retribution, the sentencing of british royal marine sergeant blackman might have guided justice stingray in his flash-bang instant of deliberation - i refer, of course, to the british soldier convicted by court martial of murdering an injured taliban prisoner in cold-blood, a british soldier who received a life-sentence where life means a minimum of 10 years in jail, whilst the two other royal marines in attendance at the dishonourably discharged execution were acquitted of all charges of involvement in the crime...

...obviously, there is a gulf of difference between these two trials: in the woolwich execution, the accused british combatants were not named blackman, but were simply black men, and muslims to boot, nor were they up-to-no-good in someone-else's country where different rules apparently apply, and nor were they official combatants guarding and then casually killing a prisoner-of-war, but unofficial prisoners-of-war calculatingly killing their de facto combatant guard...

...and taking all the above evidence into consideration, i can honestly deliver the verdict that justice stingray has made a complete and utter hypocritical ass of both the british judiciary and those who call its tune in our establishment of elite extremism, leading members of which were, only the other bloody second, hob-nobbing like hell-hath-no-compassion at the high-and-mighty memorial ceremony of terrorist-turned-saint-of-truth-and-reconciliation in soweto, johannesburg...


truth not revolution (part two) said... hey-ho, like mr ishmael and millions of barely conscious citizens up-and-down-the country who take no more than a passing interest in the bbc six o'clock news, i fail to see any link whatsoever between the politically pardoned bomber of british soldiers in st james' park and the butchers of a british soldier in woolwich, who carried out their brutal attack almost on the heels of the that former irish combatant's arrest, and who received their generous dollop of life-porridge as a hastily served dessert following the court-cry of his freedom...

...and certainly none of us thicktards even noticed that the conviction of the woolich jihadist's video-ranting supporters was immediately commemorated with parcel-bombs of irish origin sensitively placed outside army-recruitment centres...

...and why should we - since the british government has decreed these contrastingly toned home-grown combatants to be derived from totally different species...? (the only thing in common between these britanka-hating 'beasts'-out-of-british-uniform being their allegiances to rebel-groups which form useful sometime sub-strings of the cia, craftily co-ordinated by the inner confederation of cynical commercial chess-players to tie an ice-cool cravat around the over-craned neck of the old westminster power-cabal...)

...but cameron doesn't care - why should he? why should he remark upon the corrugated carpet of corruption under his candy-clad feet? why should he care about a couple of craftily cajoled frontline foot-soldiers conjured from the wrong side, the wrong faith, and of the wrong colour, who aren't of the officer-class? why should he give a toffee-nosed toot about what the cia are cooking-up in his own back-yard whilst he is gobbing down his chunk of the all-american cake of good coke...? why...?

...because the cia started a revolution in egypt, in libya, in syria, in the ukraine, and now they're about to pull one out of their black-hat here too - by sealing the 'plebs' in the pressure-cooker, steaming them, then provoking them beyond the pale, 'til they pop, as the woolwich jihadists did - and justice stingray just connived in firing the first false-flagellating shot...

...but why should cameron know what's up when mr ishmael, i and millions of other part-time pub-politicians are clueless too...? he's only the prime minister, for fuck's sake - he must be ignorant, otherwise he's part of the plan and part of the problem... is cameron acting in the true interests of the british people, or is he subtly licensing social fire-starting as a pretext for sliding in the big stateside firemen by sleight-of-hand, allowing them to hose-off indignant indigenous dissidents - and control-stamp our culture as "american-approved"...?

no, mr cameron, end all the wars against terror, it's just one great war against ourselves, and release all combatants to go home to their families carrying their consciences on their backs - it's the only way. politicians make wars make murderers, and it's evident from these latest judgments that we will never have rules while we have war - if you can't manage that then lock yourself-up before someone else does.

yardarm said...

Am trying to think, Mr Ishmael; he was probably parachuted into a safe seat like all parties do with their bumboys. The only other illuminaries of Welsh Labour I can recall are Kinnockio, Lord Kinnock of Well Lined Pockets and Brussels and Ron someboday, who was Welsh Secretary of the early Jugears period, the one who was duffed up by some bit of rough on Hampstead Heath. Yeah Vain would fit in with a shower like that.

call me ishmael said...

We'll come back to Salmond, mr jgm2; my own view is that Caleron and the pasty one actuallty want separation, which would lead - if there wasn't a UK general election between now and actual independence - to permanent Tory govament of the rUK.

Shame that, instead of Hain, mr yardarm, they couldn't have selected someone from the NCCL, eh?
It was Ron Davies, Badgerman, the msot impertinent cottage-cruiser in modern political history. Caught, a second time, in broad daylight, waving his dick in some bushes near an infamous public toilet, he claimed that he was, in fact, observing local badgers, even though they only come out at night. Last I heard, he was considering gender reassignment surgery, real cabinet material, Ron Davies.

That's all very good mr truth not revulsion, but you should stop taking those alliteration pastilles, their effects get in the way of what you are saying; no, really, they do.

Everyone knows I'm not an apostrophe Jiihadist or anything but there is a grammar of posting, blogging, you know, to do with style over substance; balancing both is a knack which I don't always have, unlike my young friend, stanislav, who could sermonise eloquently and profanely in a language which was not his own. You, though, go out of your way, with I confess, some aplomb, to set successive, wordy mantraps which repeatedly break, fragment the flow of your comment, dazzled by your vocabulary, I lose track of what you are saying. Knowharramean?

Alphons said...

Take the pith out of it, you mean? Mr Ish.

call me ishmael said...

Not I, mr a, not I.

Anonymous said...

Plumbing alert!

Stanislav mentioned!