Saturday 8 June 2013


They call it Gitmo, now, officially,  well, as officially as Time Magazine, the in-house journal of the CIA.  Why we can't close Gitmo, or some such,  was the headline. Is it that Uncle Sam is bone-idle, can't be arsed to type an extra half dozen letters?

But you never hear yanks talking about the G-Burg Add or the Five-Am.  The Gettysburg Address and the Fifth Amendment,  these are pure American shit aren't they, sacred,  wouldnwanna go abbreviating that stuff now.  But Gitmo, that's almost a motherfucking expletive, short and nasty; Gitmo, could be a command, could be an insult, could, best of all,  be an unnatural sexual act;  I'm gonna Gitmo yo Momma, bitch.

I wonder how the US-UK-Israel lobby would react if we all started saying Ozzy, instead of Auscwhitz or Bucky's instead of Buchenwald,  they'd be shitting stone tablets of indignation and vengeance's what they'd be doing, But these niggers and arabs and other sub-humans, well Gitmo is a good word for where they are. After all aren't we feeding the filthy animals.  A-ha-ha-ha.  Whether they want to or whether they don't want to.

All sing;    Have-a your dinner,
                Have-a your dinner,
                Have-a your dinner,
                Have-a your dinner,
                You filthy wog.

Yeah, well, Mr President,  I guess its-a hard, its-a hard, its-a hard, an its-a hard, its-a ha-a-a-ard  waterboardin's a-gonna fall.
But they are only niggers, right? 
And like you say, This ain't who we are. 
It's just what we do.
Bob Zimmerman receiving his slimeball  emeritus medal from Obie


missell obama (mrs) said...

hey, i live in the white ho, dontya know?

Old timer said...

... and dang me if'n it don't look like them times they is gonna be a'changin agin damn soon now!

the one who brings in change said...

@missell obama (mrs)

you sure do honey, and we both know who pays the rent for the motherfucker

Ain't no fan of Blair, Honeychil said...

While I agree with you broadly, the N#33ers are a large part of the USA military and indeed the Guantanamo camp guards.

If you look at the front goon in the picture below, showing a Gitmo inmate being carried out from a torture session, you'll notice the goon is an Afro-American.