Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Mr Moron King, placeman, stooge and ruinous lickspittle.
One times two is seven,  two times two is  twelve, three times two is twenty-one.....hang on...I know the next's a trick one....yes....four times two is two,  there;  I can do adding-up too, and division.
jgm2 said...
Talking of 'treason' Mr Ishmael, I notice that it is only now that Mervyn King is developing a little bit of a twitchy bum about governments printing money. Perhaps he should be reminded of his complicity in the Brownian Imbecility of 18 months (or was it 24 months) ago when the Maximum Imbecile (Eternal Rectal Cancer be Upon Him) decided that what the UK really needed was 200bn quid printed in order to pay the Public Sector and let the next government sort out his monumental economic clusterfuck. The sooner to return Labour to power. Because it's the right thing to do. I must have missed Mervyn's resignation. It is hardly credible that he would have acquiesced in the architect of the UK's economic destruction ducking out of responsibility by the simple ruse of just printing money and leaving the next government to take the shit. Surely a man of integrity would not have saddled every single person in the UK with another 3500 quid of debt just so that he, personally, could shuffle off with a knighthood?

Merv's convenient innumeracy has often been reported here, yet, today, even after all his ruinous fuck-ups, the meeja is fawning on his current prediction - which is that we may go into  what they term double-dip recession.  Or we may not.  Kind of a  heads-or-tails approach.  The blogdog, Buster, would make a better Governor of the Bank of England. Why is it that we don't throw stones at these people in the street?


mongoose said...

I had an old friend around yesterday - Australian, government worker, high up as these things go. He's a clever lad and a typical mouthy Aussie bastard but I've known him longer than all but a couple of people and that works out at a very long time. Economics crossed the dinner table - "I'm not sure that cutting cost is a good idea" - then politics, then morals and ethics came there. And then maybe my second oldest friend piped up with "All you have to do is to do a net good". Junior mongoose thought this a wizard wheeze but he is thirteen and allowed to be untutored yet in the slippery slope of relativism. And it is all the same. The fact that a man but one or two tiers from the very top of the Australian civil service thinks that we should continue spending money we don't have is the same idea that an overall net good is OK. That some poor bastard - but not him - is the on the wrong side of the "net" is unscored, unnoticed. And so I muttered for the benefit of the boy the old story of the eaten cabin boy. (Shipwrecked sailors decide who will be eaten and lo, the most sick, the most junior loses and is eaten. Is it ever OK to eat the cabin boy? Discuss.) ANd this is Stupid George's position. He won't pay, he won't lose his job, he'll be fine, he won't be eaten. A net good will be done because he is on the right fucking side of the "net". Oh, I thought that then and I think this now. Pass the port, dear. Plenty of cabin boys will be eaten this winter. Bastard.

call me ishmael said...

Interesting, mr mongoose, a dilemma. I would rather starve to death than eat a cabin boy, even a tasty one. And I would rather lose everything and everyone than torture someone else; Jesus, I struggle to kill a fly, never mind a mouse. There is no folie de grandeur, no high moral ground in these positions, just an overwhelming squeamishness, an entirely human revulsion at the inhuman. Logic and reason are servants only, yet readily enslave.

It was instinct brought us from the sea, toward the stars, it is cowardice keeps us at the mercy of the likes of Spunkface.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, I read that commentary on maritime cannibalism, it was new to me and considering the usual harshness of the times I think the diners got off very lightly. If eating people isn't wrong then nothing is wrong, is it?

Mike said...

Try going 2-3 days without food/water, never mind a lot longer. Madness sets in. Logic deserts and basic genetic instincts take over. Fun to debate over the dinner table, though.

call me ishmael said...

In the case mr mongoose refers to the defendants insisted they knew what the were doing, acting in concert to kill another, the weakest, acting rationally in the circumstances, not madly and therefore had no defence of insanity, a precursor to Heller's Catch 22, maybe. I believe that whatever the circumstanes, even should the repast be a tasty part of Mervyn king, my knowledge, my belief that eating people is wrong would prevail.

mongoose said...

Indeed, Mr Mike, we ate as fine a French meal as a shipwrecked sailor could ever have dreamed of. The plea was one of necessity - the tyrant's argument - and in this case the majesty of the law saw through it, and the wisdom of the sentencing Judges saw that good sense made an easy end. They did a few months. The original judgement is linked at the end of the Wiki article from above and is worth a read. If only for...

"So spake the Fiend,
and with necessity,
The tyrant's plea,
excused his devilish deeds."

A caution to us all in these days of waterboarding, 9/11, dead Dr Kellys, Woolas, Clegg, the beggaring of learning, the hatred of aspiration, the vileness of every politician who walks the earth. It is unspeakable moral relativism. A mediaeval proto-scholar could have argued this lot into the void. God help us all.

call me ishmael said...

It is also, of course, this case, as you will know, a realisation of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the slain and ingested boy sailor taking the role of the Albatross, the convicted diners becoming both sadder men and wiser.

Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink, water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.......and there we sat and there we stayed, we stirred no breath nor motion, as idle as a painted ship, upon a painted ocean..

A tale of moral relativism to excite the young mongeese, should they not know of it, or indeed of Governor King, whose insolence of office is the moral of this divergent story, this divergent song.

yardarm said...

Yes, plenty of cabin boys or hurling the weakest from their sledge to distract the ravening wolves while they make their getaway.

King, the Treasury, the FSA, Civil Service the Permanent Government all stood around with their thumbs up their backsides and their brains in neutral while the useless politicians lauded the dosh jugglers of the City and it all went, predictably tits up.

As Mr Mongoose says, it`s not them who`ll suffer they`ll get away with their honours, pensions, sinecures and non exec directorships in the City while the poor, unemployed and low level public sector are demonised by their media quislings serving their equally parasitic masters. Crank up the buzzword generator...feckless...layabouts...scroungers...workshy.

There is little scrutiny and no accountability for such as these. Ideally they would be forced before a Truth and No Reconciliation Inquiry to highlight their guilt or stripped to their underpants and hurled in the Thames. Instead all we can do is mock them, shun them, for they are the harbingers of Ruin.

call me ishmael said...

More than mere heralds, mr yardarm, they are Filth's stormtroopers, hissing and muttering beningly as they kick-in Decency's doors. I don't know how the nation can be so stupid, so deserving of shitrags like King.