Monday, 22 November 2010


"I don’t care about the Royals. I’m a republican.   more broken marriages and philanderers among these people than not. Count them up, back through the ages.  They cost us an arm and a leg.  Talent isn’t passed on through peoples’ bloodstock. The hereditary principle is ­corrupt and sexist.  As with most shallow celebrities . . . they will be set up to fail by the gutter press.’

He criticised the media for producing ‘fawning deferential nonsense .  .  . out of their every orifice’, and added: ‘I managed to avoid the last disaster in slow motion between Big Ears and the Porcelain Doll, and hope to avoid this one too."

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"I accept that this was a serious error."

Oh, no, it wasn't, Pete.

Just now and again somebody from Religions Inc. surprises one.  A swift Earthly disappointment, then, that Bishop Pete has gone a-grovelling to Caesar and undermining what is a necessary spirit of national rebellion against our masters in their various palaces, down the Mall, in Westminster, in Threadneedle  and Wall Street. Forgive him, for he knows not what he does.


Dick the Prick said...

Steady on Mr Ish

That's a pretty shite apology which gets a massive monkey off his back. The media has gone venal recently. There's a girl on X Factor whose granny was news that she was a hooker and Middleton's chavvy family are getting paid too.

I can't blame this lad for saying 'oops, probably shouldn't have said that out loud'.

He's a good lad. Cranmer bloggy has gone to town on it on the same day Pope Nazi said it's alright to bum boys as long as you wear a jonny and pay good euros (sublect to change of currency etc).

This guy doesn't want his life intruded on. Forunately (I hope) i'm the black sheep of my family but i'd be really pissed off if people went round me mum's or brother's house. All their predators are freelance cunts. 1 of the only programmes I felt with Gordon Brown was a 'reality TeeVee' crapumentary on Paparazzi hounds. They obviously read Colonel VonFawkes as they were using the lingo but without the understanding and I felt quite ashamed - that a two bit barrow boy cunt who'd happily rifle through your bins, nick your phone, chase your neighbours, hound your mum, your nieces, your school mates for info and yet not understand that politics is to the face. I'll happily call Gordon Brown a cunt but not in front of his children; there are rules. They were angry at him because 'they' didn't get the photo.... Paparazzi debase everything.

Nah, this lad's done alright - the most senior cleric to question the rationality of it all and hopefully should be able to have a laugh about it and brush it off; yesterday's news?

Honestly, the Cranmer thing is odd. He reckons he's some kinda Tory and yet talks some right fucking shite sometimes.

Cheers Mr Ish. Hope you & yours are well. Mrs WoaR has got soup ideas! All sounds perfectly reasonable.

mongoose said...

He seems a pretty tawdry piece of shit to be a proper Bishop. Mouthy, gobby, aren't-I-brave, dung-filled twat. Run towards the guns, lad, not away from them. There's proper bravery. Twitter, twatter, jug of piss lager, one-the-lads... vermin. hang the dumb fucker in chains.

call me ishmael said...

Is he a poof, then, like most of them?

All of Mrs Woar's ideas sound reasonable. It's just the pissdrinking puts me off a bit.

No, really, you simply can't say all that stuff on Friday and then just retract it all on Monday and expect then to go through life without people pissing on your shoes; he's as bad as the Vicar of fucking So-ham, nearly; should get a job as chaplain to Gerry and Cilla McCann.

Did people read mr yaic's comment a bit back, about Brian and Brenda and the Horse wedding of the Year? Good stuff.

Dick the Prick said...

Ah, hmm....guess they like anal in the CoE too:

Dear Colleague,

I was appalled by the Bishop of Willesden’s comments about the forthcoming royal marriage. In common with most of the country I share the joy which the news of the engagement has brought.

I have now had an opportunity to discuss with Bishop Peter how his comments came to be made and I have noted his unreserved apology. Nevertheless, I have asked him to withdraw from public ministry until further notice. I have also been in touch with St James’s Palace to express my own dismay on behalf of the Church.

Arrangements will need to be made in Bishop Peter’s absence and further details will be given in due course.

With thanks for your partnership in the Gospel.

The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Richard Chartres KCVO DD FSA

At least he misses the general synod but ffs.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks mr dtp, this is the bit I love, they are all saying it, all te clergymen, useless fucking bastards: "In common with most of the country I share the joy which the news of the engagement has brought."

Says it all about an established church.

Anyone know what the arsewipe Vicar of So-ham has to say about it all?

Burning, that's the thing for priests.

Woman on a Raft said...

About this, no, but he's got the builders in.

We are sorry that St Andrew's hasn't been very warm lately. The heating system was disconnected and drained to divert some of the pipes to make room for the new kitchen. Unfortunately it has taken longer than expected to reconnect it and although they thought they had finished it on Friday it didn't work when they tested it. The discarded old pump on the floor may be a clue as to what is wrong!

Cheer up, Tim A-J is having a chilly time of it, but on the other hand, he's been appointed to the General Synod and is going to his first one next month, where presumaby Willesden will be a topic of hushed comment.

As for Willesden; Formerly an Islington Councillor and Chair of its Development and Planning Committee, Peter Broadbent is a member of the Labour Party.

When it comes to the queue for burning, he had better explain why he wasn't screaming from the rooftops about the child abuse in Islington's children's homes. Did I mention that Margaret Hodge is a complete bitch who was only too happy to cover up child-harvesting by social workers? But of course, he didn't hear anything, and if he did, he'd have put party and church reputation before innocence or child protection or god.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mrs woar, I didn't know Pete was working in the Nonce-Protector General's Office but I suppose they must all be, really, otherwise how would so much of it be going on.

Good to see that Tim has the normal, Earthly experience of builders; still, he can always pray for them, the fucking hypocrite.

Hodge was a favourite target, in the old order-order days, of our old friend mr 45 govt.issue, in whose breast she aroused the strongest feelings, and quite rightly; one of the stars of the NewLabour movement whom we forget at out peril and proof of the Axiom of Evil I uttered on Sunday; any decent press would have hounded this cow from office and into prison on at least two occasions, but here she is, still giving them copy, still on telly as though nothing unsavoury, immoral and illegal ever happened.