Wednesday, 17 November 2010



Quite how this smirking narcissistic moron gets away with it is a mystery;  Gordon Snot is long gone, now, and the fact that CallHimDave is not CalHimLunatic should have lost its, to some, welcome novelty, yet none, so far,  rebuke his downright vicious preaching of a new, a ToryLib, Employment Apartheid.

Today,  to massive cheers,  Bullingdon Boy attacked IT workers and other non-frontline employees of the Greater Manchester Police Service and, by inescapable implication, anywhere else in the public sector, How very dare they be IT workers, was today's salvo in his  contemptible   war on ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs, for ordinary wages.  I have a list, he said, echoing the revolting Peter Lilley, look,  there's administrators, and training people, and mechanics, even  - hoots of ToryLib WorkerHate - mechanics, to look after the police cars, Well, I ask you, all this happened under the lot opposite. Fucking moron, of course there are staff, of course there are IT people, the cops are ITd up to their helmets,  their cars are ITd, their helicopters are ITd, simply cannot run a police service without IT and IT workers;  why are they such a source of amusement and irritation to this govament of redneck shit-eating  millionaires?

It is cheap, shabby, gutter politics from an expert at bullying and shouldering his way through life. ; hatred and bile, notably from Georgie Spunkface, fuel these wretched compromises in cruelty,   the Bullingdon Boys trashing the lives of the poor, just because they can, or they think they can.  But it won't work, this is not the 'eighties, IT workers are not Red Robbo or Arthur CombOver; sacking people because of a global recession whilst forcefeeding bonuses to the rich perpetrators of same lacks even Whisky Maggie's dubious legitimacy.  The govament is fraudulent from top to bottom, seething, also, with resentments, Oliver Letwin put in charge of paperclips that the bumptious, decadent, revolting  Huhne  may stand at the Despatch Box, pompous and ridiculous,  gibbering unfeasable eco-remedies and the risible Highlands Milk Monitor, Danny Stupid Alexander, can sit stuttering, counting on his fingers, the ginger imbecile. But as we have seen with the Vanity Corps, with the history lessons, with the front bench,  this prat Cameron is maladroit to the point of idiocy, few, outside the redneck shiteaters, will laugh at his performance today and public sector workers, their families and friends up and down the land will have seen what this piece of shit really thinks of working people, what he has always thought of them. 

He's not elected to anything save his own millionaires seat, Clarksonville, full of greedy, braying fuckwits, much like himself; much of his own party detests him,  academe must laugh its socks off at him; the Filth-O-Graph loathes him, even Mr Tiny Speaker is pissed off with all his pathetic party-opposite-said bollocks and increasingly, bluster as he may, ponce about vainly as he may, posing, like Man at C&A, ordinary people will recoil from  the oily sight and sound of him  and his horsefaced bint,  the fucking arsehole.  Soon, as his vile  NewApartheid starts gnawing at people's legs, his  loyal constituency will be limited to Straight Simon Hughes and the  ShitEaters, the bankers and  a few jumped-up shopkepers, like wotsisname, that insufferable, gobby prat from M&S. Oh, and of course, the furiously angry but short-sighted  masturbators over at the PizzaHouseOfBlood.  Jesus, what a poxy crew, septic and maggot-ridden, vile and unseemly, writhing in rancidness,  it must crash and burn. And the sooner the fucking better.


Oldrightie said...

Ish, I do wish you'd use more colourful prose. This utterly boring, ordinary ranting cracks my ribs. Magic!!

yardarm said...

It only seems to be here that the irony is noted; Cameron, Osborne etc are all public sector workers earning a damned sight more as MPs and ministers than most IT workers in public or private sectors. On top of them all being, as you say, millionaires. Noblesse Oblige; to them that`s a new wine bar in Chelsea.

To this bunch of wankers working people are those who do the beating at pheasant shoots.

And Osborne, who wouldn`t give the steam off his perfumed, pallid, pansified piss to a care worker on the minimum is no doubt preparing an Ireland bailout of billions that they keep telling us we don`t have. And with Labour equally guilty on the rimming of the dosh jugglers it`s no damn wonder that didn`t come up this PMQ.

Agatha said...

I didn't see it, but Mr. Ishmael's description has the blood boiling. It is the same in every public sector workplace, as the reduction in Local Authority finance bites down, the Council Officers and Elected Members reckon Admin and Support Services can be pruned down to the ground in order to keep the operational services delivering. So who is to sort out the I.T., the statistical reporting required by Govament, the training to prevent the wheelchairs flying around in the vehicles, the Complaints, the Emergency Planning, the Procurement, Commissioning and Contracting? Maybe the latter function could be discharged by some volunteer pushing a trolley round Tesco. And maybe not. What about Reception, Customer Services, Admin,invoicing, accounting, budget monitoring and projection? What about maintaining professional standards, supervising and regulating the operational staff? Auditing?
Sorry. I'm a Support Services Manager, but you probably guessed.

yardarm said...

Mrs Agatha, they are trying to get us to fight their battles for them, to set ourselves at each others throats; worker against unemployed, public against private, while they smirk and revel in the opulence of their careers.

I speak as one who has spent the quarter century of my working life in the private sector and I am damned if I`ll fight these bastards battles for them. In industry I`ve worked for thieves, clowns and utter prats who`ve ruined the businesses they spent their lives building through greed and stupidity. The lauded efficiency of the private sector is a myth, a joke. Even the best of them are under funded and stressed to breaking point.

And those who confuse rimming Murdoch and the City with support for the private sector; pampered careerist trash like Brown, Blair, Cameron,Clegg; does no one, not Brillo or Paxman or Marr say " WTF does a glassback overpromoted SPAD like you know about work ? ". No, those cowardly pricks are the same.

Lux Bob said...

;As a life long IT contractor, the perms are lazy idle bastards, that's why they employ us, if they can't find any Indians who'll do it cheaper, and I can't really complain given that I've spent my life making other people unemployed.

Cameron however, is a cunt.

And I hope Buster is OK Mr Smith.

Agatha said...

Mr. Yardarm,
Thank you for that. Other than student jobs working in pubs, supermarkets and a laundry, and a year working in the insurance industry, the whole of my working life of 31 years (I was a late starter - Higher Education and child rearing)has been spent in the public sector - 20 years in the probation service and 10 years in local authority employment. I've come across effective individuals, idle people and busy fools. Some people know stuff, some are learning, some don't care. By and large, folk who are in work are better off than folk who aren't - and that is not measured by their material circumstances, more by their stake in society and connectedness. The present Government, as Mr. Yardarm says, is trying to set us at each others' throats in pursuit of their own political advantage and ideologies: identify the enemy within and you're home and dry. There's that poem about the cry in the street and nobody being left when they come for you. Mr. Ishmael, who knows everything, probably knows that one.

mongoose said...

It is starting, Ms Agatha. I work with the public sector a bit and folk are starting to not be there. The experience, the knowledgeable ones are going. "Early retirements". The cheap, young ones are still there. And don't get me wrong, I have no time for the rubbish jobs but it is always an incompetent cull. Been there, done that. Any scalps will do. May as well build a pyramid and cut their hearts out at the top. It is the same ritual.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks M. le Suisse, mrs n and other friends. Buster has become an eating dynamo, the vetbastard says it's ok, it's the meds and it won't do him any harm. He seems very pleased with himself, bullying me into preparing haddock and rice, chicken and rice, tuna and rice, not too hot, just so, and sometimes sachets of Caesar Senior, he prefers the sachets to the little tinfoil things, they are more gravier, and don't seem to contain so many peas. The more hinself he is, though, the greater the sorrow, the dread anticipation.

Other private IT-ers have rold me this, M. Bob, that the permanent staff are poor incompetents but if that is so ut is a failure of management. I guess that many are like me, utterly at the mercy of someone who knows what html means and reluctant or unable to challenge failure. On the other hand, the back pages of Private Eye, these last two decades, have been filled with tales of massive, private IT contract failures which have cost the nation billions and billions, - the Home Office, NHS - govament, too, as out of its depth in cyberspace as it is in defence procurement.

However unsatisfactory their output the IT crowd have a long way to go to reach the dizzying Gideoinite impertinence and stupidity outlined by mr yardarm.

......the beating at pheasant shoots, yes, and the getting killed in wogland.

mongoose said...

It is because they always make a meal of it, Mr I. The prize for the crappiest ever IT system must however be awarded to HMRC for their unbelievably bad online VAT system. It is that time again and some time this evening I shall have to ring the helpline, get my account de-registered, register again and send in the VAT Return. It is a quarterly ritual of madness. Crazy as a loon they'll make me.

call me ishmael said...

They inspected me, one time ago. Two of them, in the premises all day long, checking every bit of paper, as it was then, from the past few years. You've overpaid nineteen pounds, mr ishmael, they said, finally; we'll send you a cheque. They could just have taken my word for it all and saved themselves all that time and adding-up; why is it that the state, in all its manifestations, assumes us guilty?

Anonymous said...

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