Thursday, 11 November 2010


Bad apples ... are seldom brought to justice: no policeman has ever been convicted of murder or manslaughter for a death following police contact, though there have been more than 400 such deaths in the past ten years alone. The IPCC is at best overworked and at worst does not deserve the “I” in its name.
The Economist[50]
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We simply can't accept loutish behaviour and thuggery on the streets of London. Not unless it's being done by my officers.





With apologies for these dreadful images 
to the family of the late Ian Tomlinson,
killed just for being there,
on the streets of London.


Edgar said...

Destruction of lives is not a monopoly of the Police. The United Kingdom Border Agency is just as mindlessly callous.

Dick the Prick said...

I was a bit upset that the kids didn't do a better job. I guess they're young and a bit shy, maybe a bit unaccustomed to a decent trashing escapade but...good round 1, hopefully. Get their blood up perhaps. Old Holborn's got a lovely critique of this fag packet policy.

They defo need scarves and 2 colour reversable jackets could be useful - cctv fucking nation these days. But yeah, mini bravo.

call me ishmael said...

The piety of the commentariat, silent over so much state wickedness, the hypocrisy of "somebody mighta been killed" from the stooges of Shock and Awe and Gitmo and all sorts of bloody banditry, it is hard to stomach; since when did skymadeupnewsandfilth care about people being killed?

Almost as sickening as the outraged NUS President - another Jack Straw, Phil Woolas, take your pick - flirting with Straight Simon Hughes on Newsnight whilst his female NUS associate was trying her best to give the smirking warty faggot a good kicking and Paxman studiously toed the govament line.

Don't be too optimisitc, mr dtp, this, in many ways, is what the unelected coalition wanted, another enemy within; the workshy, the single mother, the malingering disabled and now the lazy student. Couldn't have been better if it had been kicked-off by a fifth column of govament employees, could it? Not that they'd do anything like that.

call me ishmael said...

Not the monopoly of the cops, mr edgar, true, but they are the acknowledged experts in the field.

Just as any sensible person would hold all MPs accountable by commission, omission, association or default for the expenses crimes, so do I say All coppers are bastards, they'll kill you, soon as look at you and each, all the way up to Sir Paul Prat, will cover the others' backs.

Anyone preparing to face up to them, their dogs, their armour, their boots, their coshes and batons and Tasers, their teargas, their machineguns and the utter rottenness of their commanders should know what they're getting into. And as someone mentioned at the Guardian, if all their anti-citizen weaponry fails, they will call out the army. And they'll come. Bloody Sunday all over again.

mongoose said...
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mongoose said...

Blood on the streets by Christmas, did I say? But it is the truth, Mr Ishmael, that the Cameron Bastard will have another G&T on the back of yesterday. "Doubles all round, what, what?"

mongoose said...

Oops. Psst! Your comments thingy is playing up a bit, Mr I. That one went in twice and the odd one disappears completely. One of mine from weeks ago suddenly turned up again on some spurious thread. Daft sod's gone mad you probably think.

call me ishmael said...

It's the French food, rots you from the bowels upwards; roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, that's the stuff for visiting Aussies. And a can or ten of pisslager.

If there is blood it will be so well-managed by skymadeupnewsandfilth as to reinforce Murdoch's chosen ones in Clowning Street - a felicitous typing error - and, with any luck, divide the country completely.

mongoose said...

Punished the Oz today by taking him out to lunch to a pub with no draft lager. Serves him right, the savage bastard. Drink brown beer like a fucking Christian or drink nowt at all. Ho hum. Round 2 this evening. Expect no sense later.

Dick the Prick said...

Some gimp on a BBC programme said we didn't 'get' democracy until 1928 because birds couldn't vote. Bit previous, can't remember anyone else doing it!

PT Barnum said...

Mr DtP, if I understand you rightly, you are suggesting the UK got in first with universal suffrage. Alas, we were more retarded than that. The first country to give women the vote was New Zealand (1893), Denmark managed it in 1915, Estonia, Georgia and Hungary in 1918, and the USofA in 1920. The European country distinguished by being last is Switzerland. 1971.

Not that voting ... if it changed anything... would be illegal...

PT Barnum said...

I look upon students these days with jaundiced eyes, but I am wondering if the vox pops with the youthful protestors are an accurate reflection of their calibre or especially chosen to demonstrate their general worthlessness. For they were universally inarticulate, incoherent, very middle class and exclusively southern England. Sheesh, I found myself thinking, even my worst students had more mental furniture than this bunch.

The whole thing looked more like a rag event than a riot. And some silly NUS rentagob (who to my ear had been trained at the hands of the Socialist Workers' Party - they all use the same sentence constructions and the same hand gestures, spooky folk) had the temerity to compare their endeavours to the miners and the poll tax rioters.

C- Must try harder. See me.

PT Barnum said...

Sorry, me again.

I thought, having pontificated, I ought to just check my dates (hauling out the old history books). And discovered something really odd. It's not the Kiwis' prize at all - that belongs to the Pitcairn Islands, 1838, with the Cook Islands matching NZ in 1893.

But oddest of all is the Isle of Man in 1881.

Well, ya learn something every day!

Dick the Prick said...

Isn't Pitcairn the peado pit or something? Well, ofcourse you've got to have universal suffrage when it's your sister/wife/daughter!

It was more the cheek of it that pissed me off. Some bloody Jonny Foreigner lecturing on his version of democracy.

The meeja seem intent on denigrating China for some 'uman rights issues and it just seems tendious. I think it's almost impossible to govern China democratically. Expensive, unworkable and less efficient. I'm a big of a fan of commitees, they get the job done.

It just seems rude having a pop at anyone else for killing their own people especially when they've had Japan for centuries. The Burma thing is quite upsetting but they were proper evil cunts in the 2nd War so.....

call me ishmael said...

Here in Ishmaelia our views on China are well known, nuke the fuckers, that's the thing. or all their major cities, either that or prepare ye for the yellow yoke and a millenium of inscrutable cruelty, horrible toothy yellow bastards.

The women's sufferage story in this country is amazing, mr ptb and mr dtp, not only for the courage of the complainants but for the utterly repulsive conduct of a rotten political caste which now claims the struggle for its own. But not the single mothers of coyrse, they're all workshy filthy slags.

Interesting thoughts about the students, mr ptb. I watched skymadeupnewsandfilth's coverage and I am sure they selected for interview those who would appear the least cogent. That filthy bastard, Murdoch, I wonder if Dave will allow him to own BSkyB, like a good boy.

Dick the Prick said...

It's the football, see. It's the football.

Whilst here, in Ishmaelia or Ruin or fucking England as it used to be called, it seems we protect ourselves by readibg between the lines, by instantly recognising the institutions of state and the workshy mother fuckers which therein habit. But a lot of lads just like football.

I worked with a brilliant bloke but he'd been so fucked over he didn't talk to anyone properly unless there was a 10 minute chat about goal difference first. I assume Dave will be a good boy - is he the weakest prime minister ever? Nah, need more info to start listing stuff but FFS, no-one's gonna ask for his assessment of stuff; original idea? Do me a favour?

Be good, and if you can't be good, be lucky.

(Homage to Arthur Daley - George Cole; a happier time maybe, or maybe just knackered),