Thursday, 18 November 2010


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And I'd just like to say that in my opinion, whatever the rumours say, Seckatry Trousers is no more gay than I am, most foreign seckatries sleep with young, pretty assistants of the same sex as themselves. And she and I are no exception. All perfectly innocent. As I keep saying. And that's why I sacked him.

Miscarriage? Jeez, this guy looks like one. These fuckin' Limeys; I hope he hasn't had this hand up some boy's ass.

On the current leg of his I'mNotGayIfYou'reNot world tour, Mr William Turdburglar charms Seckatry Clinton, cheerleader and pin-up girl of the Lesbians For A Gay President movement.  I did not have sexual relations with that man,  he said to her repeatedly.  No, nor me, she replied, only the once, and I wound up  carrying that freak, Chelsea, wantsta be fucking President, she does. But not til I've had two terms.   Anyway, let's talk about doing them Iranian motherfuckers up the ass, you know you wanna.

Hills with her body woman, Huma Abedin, a former model and activist.   'A body (wo) man accompanies the politician or candidate virtually everywhere, often arranging lodging, transportation or meals, and providing companionship, snacks, a cellphone, and any other necessary assistance.(wiki)'

Abedin was Trousers's chief of carpet, sorry staff, during her White House campaign and now works for her at the State Department. Abedin is married, now, to a US politician, as is her boss, President Hillary SourFace Trousers, seen below, with Huma, doing that Look, I know someone, out there among the feeble-minded nobodies thing, which was the hallmark of her campaign, that and being a lying, vicious, thieving cheap shit.


Dick the Prick said...

Is he morphing into Elton John? And may be Hilary Trousers is a modern day Ethel Murman or something. I guess, in Billy's defence, it should hopefully prevent him being raped with a strap-on like Miliband err...'enjoyed'. Anyway, those dusky nig-nogs don't kill themselves as efficiently as GlobalWar Inc what what?

yardarm said...

More like Jimmy Somerville, when he`s casually dressed and wearing the baseball cap.

mongoose said...

Isn't it more or less accepted - but not talked about - that Hilary batted for both sides in her youth? Got in with a bohemian crowd at College and tried a thing or two.

call me ishmael said...

It was widely assumed that she had a young female assistant, well, young-er, on her campaign who fulfilled all the wholly necessary and entirely justifiable, mr tiny speaker, entirely justifiable functions of Queen Billy's pretty young research assistant. President Trousers refused to dignify the rumours with a denial - the right-wing press have always been out to get me. And my husband.

We must hope, however, that taxpayers on both sides of the Atlantic are able to continue funding true love for these two great public servants, it is the least we can do.

Mike said...

Its the scarfes that are the give away - so his 'n hers - in matching blue and red.

I'de rather be paying for these people's body persons than having them grumpy and deciding to invade a country.

a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Funny. I'm a Billy fan but he and his American bloke lived together for years in full view of metropolitan London.

It'll be all about his Mum and family. He couldn't let 'em down like that, too much for rural Yorkshire.

Best let 'em think that he and ffffyon just weren't blessed.

I've been watching some terrible Hollywood trash on recent long haul flights.

Seems to be two themes on offer. That men will happily bring up other men's children and never mention it. ('The Back up Plan' and 'The Rebound').

Secondly, the middle age Female Lesbo fling. ('Chloe').

Seems women dominate film as they do daytime Teevee in the UK.

Dick the Prick said...

hee hee 'that and being a lying, vicious, thieving cheap shit.' - bit over-qualified, really.

Here's comedy!!