Sunday, 21 November 2010


It is one of the Axioms of Evil  that a week is a long time in politics.
 No matter which slag occupies  10, Downing Street, they know that skymadeupnewsandfilth won't let them stew in shit for too long.  It is difficult to credit the fact that a man who had such contempt for us that he rode a bicycle, feigning Green-ness, whilst his office clothes were ferried behind, in a limousine, is now shitting in our faces from number ten, stealing lollipops from disabled children the better to forcefeed bonuses to his chums in the banks;  that the clown who hazarded a guess that the old-age pension was "about thirty quid a week," is now his notional deputy and that a shameless,  terrified, predatory homosexual who trashed his official wife's privacy, spinning her medical history in order to obscure his obvious penchant for pretty young men is now the foreign fucking secretary, if you please. It is as though, regardless of the gravity of their previous crimes, every Monday, the most soiled, besmirched ,rancid, shit-dripping, bloodstained, cock-waving politician starts with a clean sheet.

Shame, embarrassment, dignity, honour, decency,  although much talked of, with honourable this and right honourable that, don't figure in your whoreson politician's life, getting away with it, that's the thing, and the press always let them off the hook, it's part of the deal on the busy thoroughfare between Minster and Media;  never mind let them off the hook, they give them fucking awards, best bullshitter of the year, that sort of thing, I believe Clegg, the gimp, has just been awarded one by some shit periodical with a circulation of about fifteen hundred, including the house of commons and its own staff.

On the wider stage,  the likes of the  repulsive Kelvin McKenzie - the man who bravely, the worthless cunt, put sixteen year old tits on page three -  dare not linger too long on a topic - unless he's destroying the life of someone who's nicked a few quid in dole money - for fear that his audience might actually figure out that all this fourth estate, free press shit is just pantomime, all year round pantomime. The new stories have to keep coming, lest we examine the old ones too closely, and find that actually there is no Santa Claus;  here, in the world of skymadeupnewsandfilth, we are children. Stay tuned.

Stories  or more accurately, events, rise and fall, like the tides. Stories.  See?   How easily  we fall into the lexicon of filth, everything is a story, like you tell children, and all the stories are more or less equal;  Madonna buying a child to sweeten  her sour image, the mad old slapper, or Tony and Imelda shredding their expenses claims - why would anyone do that, unless they hasd something to hide? -  just a story, not anything that you need to do anything about, the prime minister probably had us over for millions of pounds, but it's just a story, there'll be some more along tomorrow, no need to persevere with this one, it's past its best now, innit.

The filthsters masquerade as The People's Inquisitors, as though they were some benign co-operative, some affiliation  of fearless and ethical law enforcement - Kelvin McKenzie, I ask you - when they are all just drunken, racist, sexist,  filthy, greedy slags, pimps and ponces,  not a principle between them, happy, like Toilets Maguire, to dress-up and ham-up and just make a cunt of himself on the Andrew Neil ShitShow; like Turd-In-A-Suit, Andrew Gobsley, shamelessly using his charitably-funded gig at the Arsebridger Observer to  promote his endless Big Books Of Gossip.

And even when you think that This Is Good Shit, you know, the expenses thing in the Filth-O-Graph, well, that's just a story, too, managed and strung-out, suspenseful, who's next, this vast perpetual milking of the system by the very same people who are now telling us that we are the naughty ones, well, where has it gone, it was a storm in a teacup,  just a story, the unelected prime minister said,  Look, as soon as I was found-out, I paid the stolen money back, what more do you want, fuck off, I have a coup d'etat to run here. And anyway, I didn't even need the money. So there. 'Snot really stealing, not  when you're as rich as me and my family. The cunt. The previous unelected prime minister said the same thing. And the filthsheets will be happy to report the cases of the scapegoated handful, but not as diligently as they will fabricate, skymakeupnewsandfilth  stories about the wretched, bug-eyed, slaphead, gormless Hooray Henry, William, his floozy and his notional brother, Harry, the prat;  that's it, the expenses thing,  done, sorted, it's not a story any more. And relations between the various branches of CocksuckerRUs are back to normal, just as they all knew they would be, all of them pissing-out together, on us.

The BBC,  never so diligent as when propagandising its independent self, marches, nevertheless,  to the same tune as the demolished and scattered Fleet Street, defining its success as a news organisation by its ratings, using, actually, the yardsticks of those outside, those who do not share its   unique, taxpayer-funded status, who must capture fragments of our time, in order that they may trade them on, to advertisers,  the real editors,  the real leader writers. Even though the BBC is cushioned from, immune to the anti-democratic diktats of GlobaCorp and the cancerous pollutant, Murdoch, it measures and promotes itself by their standards, a commercially-driven, non-commercial organisation.  And nation shall speak shite unto nation.

Just a branch of consumerism, the press, unconcerned with politics, happy to make everything showbiz,  the least threatening, lowest common denominator; Toilets Maguire, apparently the political editor of the Daily Mirror,  making a cartoon of himself,  this is the Establishment-approved journalism;  this, this faux jocularity, this drivel,  this celebrity worship  is all the news that's fit to print, membership of the NUJ now, like membership of NewLabour,  requiring an Equity card.

Increasingly, the good stuff hovers in cyberspace, awaiting discovery.  I remember reading, just after Dubya and his drunk, dumb-fuck redneck brother, Jeb stole the Florida  election that one of those so-called liberal American 'papers, The Washington Post, most likely, had done the research and was due to report that  Yes, this was a banana republic deal, Al Gore had won the election but the Dubya minders and Bush senior's pals in the Supreme Court had cooked the books, aborted the pregnant chads and turned the law upside-down.  And then, a couple of days before publication, came the Strange And Unexplained Events of Nine-Eleven.  And nobody wanted to know if the President was a crook - which he had been all his worthless, wife-beating, drunk-driving, draft-dodging, coke-snorting, money-laundering  life  - just, which nigger ass can we kick for this un-American shit that's just happened ?

And Dubya went from strength-to-strength, even, recently, fooling people into thinking he has written a a book, a whole book, grown-up and intelligible.

Now, here in Ishmaelia, we were never beguiled by President Obama and his Yes, We Can shit but we did think that if ever there was a case for politicians breaking ranks, this was it.  Bush and his crew, even though they had amended the constitution to make themselves immune from inquiry, much less prosecution, were clearly stupendously, breathtakingly criminal;  surely Obama would, you know, even  he didn't amend the law right back again and throw their poxy asses in jail, just  say something about it.  Two years on and Obama sits paralysed, Uncle Tomming, bleating that Dubya is, like himself, a great patriot.

We never heard if there had been a searching and suppressed journalistic enquiry into the 2000 US election  and  in a way it doesn't matter, cyberspace has made citizen journalists of all who want to be and as I said,  there is good stuff hovering, in a cyber  treasure house, often anonymously, passionate and sincere, on the money.

There is much - I was going to say debate, in the mainstream press only, like at the Guardian's Comment Is Not Free, they don't do debate, just bullying - about the merits and demerits of blogging; of cyber comment, is what they mean, but they call it blogging a, because they're fucking stupid and b, because they think that blogging is a suitably disgusting, dirty word, a blasphemy, just as the then all powerful commentators though about Gutenberg's moveable type - How dare non-Church people read and write, they're all ruffians.   Get yer religious tracts and yer theofuckinglogical tits an ass here, at skymadeupnewsandfilth, sole publishers of the Holy Bible and the Annual Book of Miracles, Exorcisms and Burnings At The Stake. The Gutenberg Galaxy, the making of typographic man, the repeatability of thoughts and ideas was dramatic and unpredictable, revolutionary too tame a word for the creation of the global village and the access of all within it to the accumulated knowledge of the world, all of it which has been written down, in books. It may be argued that the IT revolutions in hardware and software, in Knowledge Searchability and  in  the digitisation  and retrieveability of national libraries and galleries is the Global Village gone nuclear; mainstream journalism, meantime, ideologically, runs on steam.

 This is from  a strange mixture of pornography and left-wing comment, although the term left-wing is, somehow, a bit redundant, these globalised days.  Can't turn around without some imbecile gabshite hosannahing globalisation, even the Irish.

We will never read anything like this in the Dead Tree Press or see it on skymadeupnewsandfilth, well, not for forty years, anyway. The President a crook,  that ain't gonna shift no product, ain't ya got sumpn about Michael Jackson? Don't know who wrote this syntactically flawed but righteous charge sheet but George Dubya Chimp, and  his keepers, actually did   do all this terrible shit, with the sidelines help of Tony & Imelda, our own great patriots. And Obamalama just, for all his Messiahanic didacticism, his repulsive and infuriating sermonising, just keeps on keeping on.  We said at the time that if Obama was a fraction of the person he claimed to be he wouldn't get within a crosshair headshot of the White House, and he wasn't and so he did.

1. DC jones left...
Thursday, 18 November 2010 5:12 am
I hear it said a lot that Obama should have done this, or that, in dealing with the shameless party, and the corporate and financial interests now calling the shots. I'm referring to his apologists, formerly his staunchest supporters, that criticize his trying to build consensus with republicans, the military, corporations and finance, as a weakness on his part due to an over generous view of his adversaries misguided, but good intentions, or something of the sort attempting to explain how such an intelligent, truly good man could fail to live up to the promise and hope that he had inspired in so many, rather than consider what should be obvious.
  • Right from the start he refused to prosecute the Bush cabal or its toadies for a crime spree including torture, Contempt of Congress, perjury, war crimes, conspiracy to commit millions of felonies violating multiple provisions of the US Bill Of Rights, criminal dereliction of duty in losing cargo planes of cash containing billions of dollars, and possibly the most insidious of all, the legal opinions that Bush had drawn up by John Yoo at the Justice Departments Office of Legal Council that provided Bush the legal authority to assume dictatorial power simply by his claiming it was necessary to fight a terrorist threat. This act of treason included the domestic use of the Armed Forces against anyone, or group, foreign or domestic that Bush declared as a terrorist or supporter there of, unbound by domestic law including eliminating free speech, freedom of the press, the Fourth Amendment, due process, and any authority of Congress to stop him. In light of Rumsfeld's, and Wolfowitz's, neo-con ideology, and history of participating in 1976's “Team B” intelligence and security analysis that set the president for what would become decades of intelligence manipulation, fabrication, and exaggerated national security threats consistent with the neo-con credo of American military hegemony of the planet, and not forgetting the longevity in which they have wielded power, or the neo-con's recent domination and monopolization of federal power, they may be the greatest danger the US has ever known. The covert imperialism that has been a blight on America's soul, hidden from the collective conscious for generations, has now been exposed naked and obscene, the shame of it so unbearable as to cause men to justify evil. Crimes so glaring they defy the typical ability for a social network to ignore unpleasant facts that undermine the shared collective view of the networks sense of pride, importance, worth, or merits have to be addressed. The transparent lies delivered by an arrogant fool whose brazen disregard for the rule of law displayed his contempt for those he had sworn service to, revealing to all eyes that could see, the true root of evil. The illusion of righteousness, truth, justice, and democracy dispelled in the face of the horrors reported at Baghdad's hospital morgues, was replaced with the bitter poison of regret, guilt, and self loathing for supporting a course of action where prudence dictated a moral obligation of careful scrutiny, that all who supported the invasion of Iraq failed at miserably.
  • Obama, by not holding these criminals accountable for their crimes, displays a lack of integrity, courage, judgment, and wisdom. Prohibiting justice to be served after such a severe assault on the binding principles that have merited the aspiration, loyalty, and sacrifice of men to uphold and build upon for 234 years, prohibits the necessary purge of the poison that was permitted by the cowards in the other two branches of government to so completely permeate and severely corrode the republic and its foundation. For a civil society to remain civil and not degenerate to barbarism it must maintain at minimum the illusion that it is good and fair, or special. No group of patriotic men ever volunteered for military service in a time of war with the intent to rape, murder, and steal the wealth and resources of innocent people in the service of evil that represented their countries policies.
  • Obama's reaching across the aisle is only a charade to hide his motives. His concessions are from positions that he does not hold. From his promises to close Gitmo., restoring government transparency, reverse many of the Bush policy wrongs, etc., to the BP coverup and the restriction of the media under the penalty of felony charges for getting near oil slicks, persecution of whistle blowers, making a deal with the insurance industry and big Pharma prior to health care negotiations, and the biggest sin of all (excluding the Bush/Neo-con crime wave), not prosecuting under the RICO statutes the big commercial banks, the credit rating agencies, all the traditional banks that originated what they knew to be toxic debt, and all the regulators whose job it was to regulate. Appointing the felonious Tim Giethner as Secretary of the Treasury should have disillusioned everyone right from the start that Obama was a man without integrity.
  • As food for thought, what do you think the citizens of Pakistan think when they hear and see the patrols of our predator drones flying overhead? Do you think they might be wondering about who they talked to, and what was said, or that they may fear anything they, their family, friends, and business associates said which could be misinterpreted, marking them as a target or even a victim of the US Orwellian sterilized term, collateral damage? Do you think they ever worry about malicious gossip from rivals, an enemy, or even a debtor? Debtors are known to be quick in finding an alleged betrayal or wrong done them so as to justify not paying what they owe a creditor. How would you feel knowing that these weapons patrolling the sky often kill innocent civilians just like you, and the people that surround you all the time? Has it ever entered anyone's mind that the purpose of these drones is to instill terror? For the millions of dollars it must cost to run the assassination program, what would be the greater purpose served. Martyr what are suppose to be a few Taliban leaders with intelligence supplied by duplicitous Pakistani Intelligence sources, or a prolonged campaign of terror to pacify resistance through attrition? Still have any illusions regarding the nature of the newest US Director Of Imperialism?


Scartwolopper said...

Amen to that

mongoose said...

I used to have a journalist mate. He retired and we were having lunch. He was reading the paper he used to edit. "Joe Bloggs, 55, of Somewhere was killed in a motorcycle accident on Thursday last at the Something roundabout on the A99. The Police have reported that no other vehicle was involved. Mr Bloggs was convicted of Some Very Minor Criminal Act in 1963." Or some such.

It's not about the news any more. the accident is the news; the old conviction is the spice in the story, innit. "What the hell, mongoose, does some old conviction for something have to do with a chap falling off his motorbike and being killed?" "Err, nothing?" "Quite. So why has some bastard put this in the newspaper? All it can do is embarrass and injure a family who have enough on their plate this week. Even if it was Lee Harvey Oswald falling off his bike, the detail by itself is irrelevant. If somebody famous croaks, and they do, you report the story and add a bio paragraph or two as appropriate. And that might include 'Mr Oswald was suspected of having shot JFK in 1963 but was never convicted, having been gunned down by some CIA stooge just a few hours after the assassination.'"

It is the vile detail, Mr Ishmael. It gets a giggle from the cunts at the bus-stop, a grunt from the swine at the bar, and that sells newspapers. Well, it used to because newspapers no longer sell, do they? It now, I guess, sells Sky subscriptions.

mrs narcolept said...

How can you say that, mr ishmael? Why, only this morning the Observer has asked Five Leading Thinkers* wheteher we need a god.

*Evan Harris (former Liberal democrat MP), Samia Rahman (journalist), Jon Cruddas (Labour MP for Dagenham), Cristina Odone (author and journalist) and AC Grayling (philosopher). Five Leading Thinkers. I ask you. Well, I suppose Mr Grayling might technically qualify, but he has weird hair which does not go with his bow tie, so even he is probably unreliable.

PT Barnum said...

An alternative Five Leading Thinkers they would have done better to ask? Messrs Ishmael, Mongoose and JMG2 and Misses Narcolept and WOAR would have made for lively opinion and debate.

Mind you, that is a very loaded question they're posing there, ain't it?

call me ishmael said...

Always been a bit dubious about the term "thinker." And, come to think of it, the term, God.

Michael Ignatieff, formerly of the BBC Late Show, was the first person I knew of to give his occupation as Thinker. Wonder if he's retired from it now, maybe just does a bit of thinking, to keep his hand in.

They are intolerable, Mrs n, even Mr Grayling.

Dick the Prick said...

The lad's got a point about the drones illiciting bullshit info and aiding & abetting those who know the info flows.

I watched an US audit office hearing on the billions accidently lost on purpose in Iraq and it's truly staggering - well into the hundreds and that's before the stuff that has a dubious ledger entry shite that no doubt peppers the cheat sheets.

It's difficult not to get depressed, I guess. Yet, if knowledge is useful and the Great & the Good of Fleet Street can go fuck themselves that no-one gives a shit about their opinions then I guess there is some progress. I don't think it'll change anything - hell, if we followed the money then God alone knows where we'd end up.

$600 billion to be printed and announced as soon as the polls had shut in the Yanky mid-terms. Vote, don't vote - it doesn't matter. Nah, this epoch has been lost or whatever, this Elizabethan Age gone, ended, soon to be forgotten.

It happens locally too - 2 massive supermakets that we don't need to go along with the 10 or so we already have, that have signed petitionaries in their thousands objecting to and, well, 'thanks for your effort, folks and if you wouldn't mind fucking off so we can close down the sports centre you fat cunts'.

What's that expression, 'hidden in plane sight' or something. Well, good luck to them!

Woman on a Raft said...

I had the chance to attend and question an Iraqui interpreter. He had been a medic of some description and so was bilingual. He was an Iraqui NHS-type of person; he became an interpreter primarily because he wanted to get the hospital rebuilt quickly. You know what they are like, these hospital types.

His version of the story did not contain the levels of corruption we are speaking about but it was the very biggest cowboy builder story in the world. Toilets cemented to walls but no actual pipes. Floors not level. Conduits laid in trenches but with no cushioning so they broke within days. Complete arsehole contractors pretending to do the work and walking off with the money.

The money was indeed flown in in greenbacks. Surprisingly, did it not go straight in to private accounts. It was distributed as a defacto currency to create a measure of stability but it quickly washed in to large holdings.

I asked who he was most afraid of and he said it was still the Iraquis, who tended to snatch people at random on their way to work. Uncle Sam, by contrast, had taken him to the top of a building and explained what a long way down it was, but it didn't have to be, now piss off and get on with some interpreting, only leave out the bit about the plumbing. Uncle Sam paid his wages.

They fell out at the point where, possibly following a misunderstanding, Grunts were sent to lean on his wife. At the point where he felt both sides were equally dangerous, he began to use his bit of money to buy hookey tickets out and apply for asylum.

I honestly wondered is Esther ought to be sent out there. The one time in her life her shouting might have been useful.

Woman on a Raft said...

Iraqi. Grr.

Woman on a Raft said...

As for God, the piece I really want to read is "God Asks: Do we need Evan Harris, given that he's been useless so far?"