Thursday, 4 November 2010


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e pluribus unum, it means old etonians have big ones.

And so I say to you, teapartiers, rednecks, morons and imbeciles, My fellow motherfuckers, we have much in common with you, everything really.  For we are not an elected govament either but a bunch of demagogue wankers and freaks -  David Willets? Michael Gove?  Fuck me Jesus, motherfuckers.   And Eric Pickles?  And Teresa Shoe-Fetish?  And Ken Clarke, silly old queen? Crazy sonsafuckingbitches.  Just like you. And that's before I even start on the ShitEaters.

But it doesn't matter.  For that is the old politics. And if we had believed  in that we wouldn't be here, today. Being elected no longer matters.  What matters is that you tell the other motherfuckers that they have elected you. And that they've voted for shit you never, ever mentioned to them. Even though they haven't.  And then you give tax breaks to the very, very rich. And shit all over everybody else. It's what, motherfuckers, we came into politics to do.

Obama, well, the best I can say is that he'a bit of a John Taylor, or Lord Taylor of Warwick, as the silly coon likes to call himself. I'm all for giving people a chance but, you know, motherfuckers, sometimes we can take things a bit too fast.  I have some in my cabinet but I'm fucked if I can remember their names, now, and don't forget, if we cut all the trees down some of 'em wouldn't be able to get home.  No, no, only joking, I really love diversity, just don't want the children marrying it.

And so we send you fraternal greetings, motherfuckers, and pledge you our support as you try to kick the niggers out of Washington and fill it, instead, with good conservatives. Remember, motherfuckers, the motto of this great Limey Conservative party which  I claim to lead, but only part of it:  If Rupert Murdoch is our boss he will print and broadcast lies about our opponents. God bless skymadeupnewsandfilth.


mongoose said...

Just waiting for President Palin. Coming to a life like theirs in 2012. In fact, Palin is probably the only Rethuglican that Obama could beat.

Mike said...
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Mike said...
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