Monday, 15 June 2009



Mr Griffin, haven't you told a pack of lies to the house of commons?


Mr Griffin have you and your bi-curious, dipsomaniac press spokesman, Ali, cobbled together a load of lies to facilitate the invasion of a sovereign wog-nation? the cradle, while we're at it, of civili-bloody-sation?


And I put it to you that over five hundred of you voted for an illegal invasion of a wog country, didn't you?


And I further put it to you, isn't it, look you, that you helped launch said attack on a defenceless wog-population, because without you, the oppressor, George the WogBasher, would not have acted, isn't it ?


Alright then, boyo, and mind you give us a clear answer, now, do you deny that once you had bombed the shit out of the poor wogs in Baghdad you turned your attention to the the inhabitants of Fallujah and poured illegal weapons down on a civilian population, isn't it ?


And then you just yanked the wogs off the fucking street and tortured them in Abu Ghraib, electrodes and dogs and all that shit, surely you can't deny that, didn't you collude with and permit wog-torture and doesn't this prove that you are a racist thug?


And that you were quite happy for Uncle Sam to haul wogs, any wogs, off the street anywhere in the world and fly them off to sunny Cuba to be tortured to fuck, isn't it, because, lets face it, all wogs are terrorists, isn't it, isn't this the policy of your party ?


Well, frankly, Mr Griffin, listeners will be wondering about all this, surely you can't deny that your Defence Minister, Mr Geoff the Cunt Hoon said that Iraqi bitches would thank him for having blown their kids to bits, he said it here on this very programme, I put it to you, isn't it ? Can you deny that it was the policy of your government to deploy illegal weapons in an illegal war and lie your fucking bollocks off to the whole world before fucking off to America and hoovering-up millions of dollars in bribes, isn't it, do we look stupid, Mr Griffin, or what, isn't it ? And your own greedy slapper Mrs, Imelda Griffin, how can she go around pretending to be a human rights lawyer, never mind a fucking judge in the English fucking Court when she persuaded all your colleagues' Mrses and bints that they should all vote to bomb the bleeding wogs? Look you, Mr Griffin, if all this isn't racism then I'm fucked if I know what is. I mean isn't it true that you don't even count the dead wogs in Iraq, you don't even count the dead civilians, isn't that about as racist as Hitler, your hero, Mr Griffin, look you ? Come on, own up Mr Griffin, you and your party are nothing but racist, warmongering filth, isn't it ?

I think, if you don't mind my saying so, you have the wrong filthy, racist scum, here.


Gordon Brown said...

Dear Mr Ishmael,

From what I have seen of "Mr Griffin" on the box, he has never actually denied that he is a war criminal.

All he has said is that he did what he did according to his "conscience" which just happens to coincide with his political ambitions.

Couple this with the fact that this Mr "Griffin" actually gave straight "answers" (No, No, No, No, No, No, No)to the questions I am forced to conclude that you are an establishment stooge who made up the interview in order to make our masters look good.

I will not be buying your filthy rag again, nor anything in it.

Yours very sincerely,

Gordon Brown

woman on a raft said...

Dear Mr Ishmael

I don't know if it is significant, but at the moment of writing, Mr Brown, the Prime Minister, is making an announcement about an enquiry in to the Iraq War, which will be conducted by an independent team of Privy Councillors, hand-picked by Lord Mandelson, who is nothing to do with the government, having not been elected to any office.

Simultaneously, there is a tropical scale storm outside my window; thunder, lightning, hailstones the size of sugar lumps - the lot.

I blame Nick Griffin.

Yours & etc.