Thursday, 4 June 2009


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David Carradine dead in foreign hotel, we must hope it was something impenetrably zen, mystical and secret.


Verge said...

Thai Rope Trick, according to first reports. Fucking embarrassing for his family, of course, but I suppose at least with A.E.A. you die happy.

Anonymous said...

I live in Thailand, never mind Switzerland for assisted suicides if you want to end it all come to sunny Thailand (one way ticket) then end up in Pattaya worth seeing but not worth going to see . The only city in the world that is devoted to industrial fucking. Wall to wall whores who have been on the game 2 weeks with faces like a bag of spanners and lonely old men who keep them away from the rice fields, donating money towards the health of the family buffalo or mum and dad in Issan (north east Thailand)until the money runs out then he is paid a visit by one or two of the (brothers)of the tart. The most popular way of exit is not the door but the balcony 14 floors up.
As in these dickwits say to the tart "Would you still love me if I had no money?" to which she says " Of course I would still love you and I would miss having you around as well"

Anonymous said...

The naked body of the 72-year-old actor was found by a housekeeper in a closet in room number 352 of Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel in the Lumpini area at 11am yesterday.

Lumpini police said the body of Carradine was found curled up inside the wardrobe with one end of a shoelace tied around his penis and the other end fastened around his neck.

Both of his hands were bound with a cord which was also tied around his neck, said an officer at the station who requested anonymity.
Bangkok post 5 June

Anonymous said...

"Both of his hands were bound with a cord which was also tied around his neck, said an officer at the station"
Ah suicide as no Europeans are ever murdered here, had one a few weeks ago an Italian guy commited suicide by tying a rope around his neck and jumped of a bridge this decapitated him but he was able to place his head afterwards in a plastic bag. An obvious suicide.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I once had to deal with a dead chap who was found with a cricket bat shoved up his arse, and his knob encircled by a rather nice Snap-On ratchet ring spanner.

Terrible shame - we had to cut the handle off the cricket bat, thus spoiling a rather nice Kookaburra.

I daresay the pathologist kept the spanner.

Some people get all the perks.

call me ishmael said...

Not too much Zen here, in this story; never mind, least he didn't choke to death on faeces, like a Liberal Democrat. Did he? Much to be said for living up Scotland, best part of England.

The papers are saying inadvertent death during masturbation accompanued by solitary self-strangulation. Does this mean he was a Tory all along and not a Shaolin priest ? First this and now Bob Ainswirth as Defence Secretary, the world can be a very cruel place.