Sunday, 7 June 2009


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Daisy said...

"I think we have already had the stroke."

I like it. Understated, concise, yet so very prescient.

Brown's survival, or otherwise, is as you imply, irrelevant. It is an entertaining sideshow, nothing more. A general election, with the resulting inevitability of a Conservative government, is in itself also utterly meaningless.

The problems we face as a nation, whether they be economic, constitutional, managerial or democratic are major but by no means insurmountable. The important thing is whether whichever party is in government have the necessary strategic vision for the future, together with the determination, guts and drive to deliver it.

Does Cameron, then, represent our salvation? My answer would be no, not a cat in hell's chance, and I am someone who has always voted Tory.

So, as you say, Mr Ishmael, so very accurately and so very depressingly:

"I think we have already had the stroke."

call me ishmael said...

Yes, Ms Daisy

I think we have had the best of days, of optimism, of cheap energy, of relative peace, of climatic stability and of a broadly consensual, post-war welfare and educational compact.

The cynicism of Blatcherism, of Campbell-Mandelsteinism, the filthy grasping of Tony and Imelda, the megalomania of Brown and the ineffectiveness and greed of all whose job is to expose and not emulate him, these are beyond remedy. Like a stroke, I guess, we must make such accommodations as we can and learn to live with it for, thankfully, we are not like Uncle Sam's cock-eyed optimists, ever seduced by some fast-talking, slow-walking, good-looking Mohair Obama.

I post the art and the bits of music as a kind of anti-depressant, a message from another world; the Nina Simone one soothes, try it, if you haven't.

The Dyer's Garden said...

Kaufman says his OCD is to blame. Maybe others will cite kleptomania. Or how about personality disorder? Learning difficulties is also an option. Can't talk of responsibility when it is just biology, innit?