Saturday, 20 June 2009


Nestling almost unseen among the coarse, quivering, hate-filled rantings of the Great Purple-faced Heffer, the barrow boy Told-Ya-Sos of Jeff Wot a Marf, wot a Marf, Wot a Norf and’ Sarf Randall and the layers of skriking complaint from assorted mistresses and nieces the Bizarrograph published, surely mistakenly, in its misleader column, 19th. June

this wee gem:

Mown and poisoned into conformity, almost like the one-party state of Snot, Snooty and that other gabshite, the money-launderer.


Miss Weed and the Flowerpot Men said...

Please be sure to inform us when the last "weed" is finally killed off. We shall return, if not here, then elsewhere - and there is nothing you can do about it. We will not be brow beaten nor conformist.

lilith said...

It has indeed been a good year for the Daisys. Carpets of them :-) Daisys are how I know winter is over.

The Dyer's Garden said...

"...children's conservative, custom-honoured lives..."

A writer from another age.