Monday, 1 June 2009

SPOT THE DELIBERATE MISTAKE (clue, it's not the photo, which should be viewed as a portent, a reading of the entrails politique)

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"I think we also need to give citizens more rights,......" Gordon the Ruiner to his fluffer, Andy Two-Hard-Working-Families Marr, of the BBCmadeupnewsandfilth.


Goodnight Vienna said...
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Goodnight Vienna said...

Your pic shows Gordon with balls - shurely shome mistake? Ah, now I see it's not the pic - then it must be the bit about *giving* us rights when they're not his to *give* in the first place because we already have them, the condescending tw*t. And if it's not that, well, at least I tried.

Verge said...

If he's talking about citizens he's not talking about us.

Like it or not, we are subjects. (Rather a good joke on the part of the powers that be, as "objects" would be more accurate.)

black hole sunset said...

... give citizens more rights, ...

Then stop taking them away you shit-cacked, spunk-drenched old leper! It's just as well for the likes of Brown and Blair that their supposed God doesn't exist because they'd surely be in line for an eternity of branding irons being applied liberally, and with great force, to their nether regions for all that they've said and done.

Did anyone else catch this?

Britain and rendition: Wait for the facts, says Tony BlairWill "the facts" show that rendition didn't happen, that detainees didn't "disappear" (fucking DISAPPEAR) while in custody, that the "intelligence" thus acquired wasn't total garbage?

How will we know when we have "the facts", as approved by Blair, the narcissistic, death-mongering creep?

Is it not more likely that "the facts" will turn out to be just another tissue of feeble-minded bullshit that the likes of Blair and Brown are inclined to believe because it helps to rationalise their own part in it all?

Sorry, a bit O/T, but damned annoying all the same.

call me ishmael said...

No, Mr sunset, its not OT. Its this shit that's worse than all the other shit, in fact they do all the other shit because we let them away with this shit. Let the Pizzaman and his acolytes bleat all they want about a penny off tax here and there in order that wealth trickles up to the rich, all that infantile, moronic money-money-moneyshit and share portfolios, Jesus fucking wept. This is the real shit - torture, kidnapping, blitzkrieg,gangrape and the whole fucking parliament standing-up and cheering. Who is fucking surprised that they rob the till aswell?