Thursday, 10 March 2011


From the White House.  President Obama, keen to
bring Freedom to  Libya, announces the retention of  Uncle Sam's 
offshore concentration camp.

Uncharged, untried, hoisted off the street in their home countries by bounty hunters,
Gitmo detainees make obeisance to their captors, Freedom's ambassadors.

My fellow motherfuckers. Y'all'll probably remember that back in the day I was all for closing down that Gitmo shithole, an affront to human decency, I said it was, a blight on the good name of American justice, not that it has much of one, certainly not as far as niggers go, that's for sure, but Hell, that's they own fault, if'n they wasn't all idle, shiftless, drugtaking, whoremongering no-count scum, living on welfare and offa decent white folks like me then they wouldn't all be so all-fired dis-pro-motherfuckin- portianately doin' nine hunnerd and ninety nine years down there in the hole, where you wouldn't keep a dawg, much less a human bein'.

Now, I know that I said I'd be closing that place right up and seein' to it that them dudes all got a fair trial and everything, due process - me being a professor of law and everything and knowing all about that shit - instead of just rotting away down there in them cages while those crewcut cocksucking sonsafuckinbitches at the CIA figgered-out sumpn to charge their asses with. You know, torture their moslem asses with some real inventive shit until they confessed, even to killin' JFK, even though every motherfucker knows it was the FBI and the Mafia done wasted that dude. You know, motherfuckers, them hundredsa sonsafuckinbitches been down there for nigh-on ten years and we only managed to convict six of them, If we was that raghead, wossisname, Gaddafi, is it, an' we carried on like that the Yew-nited Nations'd be pissing themselves about how  that ain't no way to treat folks and be calling for a no-fly zone over the US of fuckin' A.

Anyways, this bein' the home of the brave and the land of the free - only not for niggers and wogs and Ayrabs and Pakistanis and Afghanis and Palestinians and sure as Jesus H fucking Christ not for them Iraqi bastards who blowed-up the Twin Towers, nor that faggot pfc Bradley fucking Manning who sold out his country - me and the Republicans thought that the best way we could demonstrate to the world our commitment to freedom was to keep that concentration camp open indefinitely and keep on torturing them sonsafuckinbitches till they confess to sumpn. Now, motherfuckers, I know that ain't exactly what I said we was gonna do but, if you remember, we also said we was gonna nail them bankers' asses when in fact they's all running the fuckin' White House now; I said we was gonna build new green jobs but instead we got twenty per cent and risin' are unemployed, or lazy bastards to give 'em their proper name and I know we was gonna have free health care for everyone and now we ain't, not only that but the State legislatures are all just about to renege on their pension payments. Only not to themselves, obviously, just to working people. So, as a matter of fuckin' fact, when we was all busy, you, too, motherfuckers, sayin' Yes, we can, what we actually meant was, Yes, we cain't.

So, motherfuckers, it's all your fault, all this shit you got me in to, and the least you can do is fuck off and shut the fuck up, 'less I has to set the National Guard on yo asses. America? Bankrupt this year? Only the lazy people. Rally round the flag, y'all. And God bless America.

Jimi Hendrix, Star Spangled Banner.
Vastly superior to the famous Woodstock performance, this studio version remains. so to speak, something else.


PT Barnum said...

On the same day as Obama announced Gitmo's continued existence, Illinois abolished the death penalty - they'd discovered that half the people sentenced to death were provably innocent and that caused a loss of confidence in the reliability of the system.

The obvious conclusion is that military tribunals held offshore are much superior to judge and jury trials.

Or something like that.

call me ishmael said...

Only half?

Mothers Ruin said...

I beg to differ Mr I, but the sheer brutality of the Woodstock performance says far more than the technically gifted and sanitised version. That was a eyeopener for the masses, who didn't always get to hear the voices of the anti-war movement, portrayed as drug crazed hippies, traitors and pinkos.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, that's true,mr m r, all of it, especially the anti-war dimension of that performance in the time of Vietnam, and I do not underestimate it, have posted it here, before. Where the studio version excels, I think, is in the musicality, the three or four guitar lines ; I hear Baroque harmonies and Scottish lamentations shimmering through the pyschedelic bombast, and although the piece remains Americaine noire, his doodling lends it a timeless, universal melancholy, fair makes a man weep.

Verge said...

OT: SMUNAF has been leading its bulletins all night with reference to "the worst natural disaster in Japan's history." You'd think they might have some YTS bright-spark capable of looking up the 1923 post-quake firestorm. But I suppose worst ever sounds better. Facts and a bloody good story, right Rupe? (Not that the poor bastards on the receiving end of this one will care where it ranks, of course.)

call me ishmael said...

Good job, mr verge, that they venture not into Japan's unnatural disasters, eh? I suppose that when crimes against humanity are committed by Uncle Sam they become part of God's greater glory, Hiroshima and Nagasaki simply the triumph of freedom.

mongoose said...

Almost the swirling of the pipes, Mr I.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, that's just what I meant, mr m, and him just a poor nigra boy, too.

black hole sunset said...

It's a beautiful tune, that, Mr Ishmael. Fair lifts one's feet of the ground. And yes, as you point out, a hint of bagpipes in the subtle droning.

call me ishmael said...

An English drinking song, originally - To Anacreon in Heav'n, where he sat in full glee, a few sons of harmony sent in a petition, that he their inspirer and patron would be......

Eventually, the answer arrives from the jolly old Grecian that he wold be delighted. The tune does permit many's a transformative intepretation, although it is Hendrix's which captures the sourness of the dream turned nightmare, which makes elegy
of bombast.