Saturday, 12 March 2011


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Every picture tells a story.

One minute flogging arms to despots, the next begging for their overthrow, the UK's unelected prime minister lurches from one embarrassment to another, European leaders rightly pissing on his fuckwit plan  to corral Gaddafi by military inervention;  still, he's as well raving in Brussels as raving in his own bed, he'd only fall out of it. What DOES he look like?


Anonymous said...

What does he look like? He looks like a chipmunk about to bite off his own thumbs.

banned said...

EU interevention force? That'll be a laugh, especially with Cathy in charge.
He looks like someone boasting about his cock.

Mike said...

Can't say I'm a big fan of Gadaffi, but he's shown these EU/US pricks for what they are. Paper tigers.

Backsheesh and oil thats all that matters. Tony made that clear for them.

Principles, democracy, the will of peoples - last thing on their minds.

And Dave, looks like a boy trying to do men's business.

Woman on a Raft said...

Yesterday Ark Royal was formally decommissioned.

Originally due to be retired in 2016, the current flagship fell victim to the Government’s Strategic Defence Review which saw David Cameron slash the defence budget by 8 per cent over four years.

The decision to decommission the Ark Royal means that no plane will be able to fly from British aircraft carriers until 2019.

Source: Telegraph 11 Mar 2011

If the US doesn't want to do it, I fail to see how anything can be done, other than perhaps to send some token soldiers.

Rory Stewart has written about the statement and the events around it.

Oldrightie said...

We should take a leaf out of the Russians manual and shut the fuck up! Or do something, now.

jgm2 said...

Aye Oldrightie.

The correct response to all this from the start was 'This is an internal matter for the Libyan government and people and fuck all to do with us.'

Which, incidentally, is the same response we should have had for Tunisia and Egypt too.

Because it is, quite literally, beyond evacuating our citizens, fuck all to do with us.

call me ishmael said...

Looks to me like he's shouting at his fag for not warming his slippers properly, simultaneously superscilious and bad-tempered. What is he going to be like when the rebellions start here?

I don't know, mr woar, that anything should be done; if we can rejoice, in the form of the bloated fuckpig, Mr Eric Pickles, at the savaging of our own weak and frail then what matters it, a flying fuck, that North Africans at long last raise an angry voice against their own tormentors, why should we be diverted, by their struggles, from our own, against a far more deeply entrenched oligarchy. God bless the Duke of York is what I say

mongoose said...

It is beyond belief, Mrs WOAR, that a maritime nation such as the UK is without a functioning aircraft carrier. And why, pray, does Ark Royal need to be decommissioned just now? She is a perfectly functional bit of kit for every circumstance except an all-out superpower confrontation. And surely this is the time, in the hour of our deepest need, to mend and make do. The stupidity and corruption of the public provision, and that of military procurement in particular, is a joke not made any funnier in the retelling.

The North African dawn moment has passed. It is over. Official and stamped in the book. Uncle Sam has spoken. Dear me. I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand.

Caratacus said...

"The British electorate outside looked from Cameron to Blair, and from Blair to Cameron, and from Cameron to Blair again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.." (apologies to G. Orwell)

It has occurred to me that one reason why a national leader has at the top of his list, having once achieved office, a visit to a foreign country. Once in the aeroplane, he is seized by large and unsympathetic gentlemen employed by the NWO and then forced to undergo a hideous and unspeakably barbarous operation on his brain. This op ensures that he follows the orders of the NWO to the letter.

I can think of no other explanation for CMDs behaviour. Other than that he is a cunt of course; there is always that...

HenryJ said...

Welcome to the third world province of the EU's britain, where the Liberal left form a coalition of no power, who's subservience to a bunch of non elected thieves in a foreign land is more important to them than the people who laughingly voted them into "power", who's next step is to confirm the countries status is get the IMF in because we are bankrupt.

Woman on a Raft said...

Sorry, Mr Mongoose, I'm not making it clear. The whisper went round last week that the the Ministry rang to find out how long it would take to bring Ark Royal back in to service. He was allegedly told:

"We finished removing the second engine this week, she now has just the manoeuvring engine, no radios, life support, generators or indeed pretty much anything. She is nearly the hull you said you wanted us to reduce her to."

Like I said, Friday was the formal decommissioning, just for the history books. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to lower the flag for the last time. There isn't really a ship left to mend if the above is correct. Rebuild, yes, but that's going to take a while. It's not a functioning ship, unless you have other info?

The ministry seemed to think that decommissioning was the same as "parking", and that if you put some instant curry, a few shells and some petrol on board, it could be re-crewed within a fortnight.

yardarm said...

Cameron looks and sounds like what he is: an overpromoted flatulent gesticulating ninny convinced, like all politicans, that birth and destiny befit him to rule the likes of us; as a Scion of Privilege he has the plausability of a man who can`t see that he would be out of his depth in a patch of mildew.

Never more accurate than calling himself the Heir to Blair his real task is to act as facilitator to the Viceroys of Ruin, the likes of Rupe and the City, his tongue up their backsides, while his is pointed in our direction.

Apropos Mrs Woar`s comments; yeah, it`s about right that all these highly renumerated Nobel prizewinning intellects in the F.O.and MOD are planning on force projection when we have little force and less ability to project it.

Where is the modern Kissenger, St Tony of the Tabernacle of the Righteous Wallet ? He`s been a bit under the radar since all this kicked off; perhaps he could mount a peace initiative in person. Go on Tone, a martyrs crown awaits thee.

mongoose said...

No, Mrs WOAR, I, like the Ministry, and like the poor landlubber that I am, was not aware of how far they had got with ripping it apart.

The stupidity of it all is beyond parody. And I wonder if it is still true that more suits work in the MOD than serve in uniform.

chinese is best said...

It's sad that a UK Prime Minister can be overuled by an unelected turtle necked baroness High Representative thingy. No one seems to be worried about this which baffles me.
We should just do what the Chinese do.
Get all their lads out of libya. Give each side their calling card in case they want to buy any weapons and then when it's all done and dusted let them know who won.
We do the same thing admittedly but in a contorted roundabout way that adds cost and confusion and costs British lives.

call me ishmael said...

Seems quite neat, mr chinese is best,that an unelected chinless prime minister be over-ruled by an unelected turtle-necked baroness High Representative thingy; despite the fact that they all work for us, they all seem convinced that it is the other way around, anything which discommodes them amongst each other,therefore, is to be applauded.

PT Barnum said...

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a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Baronesse Whatsit of Up Holland? Sounds vaguely decent Up Holland, doesn't it?

In fact, it's the muddy bit just outside Wigan, from where the fabulously thick Baroness hails.

Fuck me, the Frogs - a country run by fabulously well-polished enarques - must wonder what the hell Broon was doing, offering up this snaggle-toothed local authority worker as the EU's face to the world....

Say what you like about the fabulously thick Prince Andrew, but at the least the rest of world are likely to be impressed by a guffawing prince.

Who wants the deputy head of a Wigan primary school round for a diplomatic cup of tea?