Thursday, 10 March 2011


 Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell stayed at Sandringham as guests of the Duke, before leaving the country on Dec 9 on the same aircraft from Norwich International Airport

The Filth-O-Graph is reporting that the Duke's family friend, the nonce, Epstein, was permitted to land his GulfStreamNonceJet at  RAF Marham,  the sooner, one imagines, for them to enjoy the weekend together at the Queen's - that is to say our  estate at Sandringham, presumably a host of servants - public sector employees - would have been on hand in order that the Duke could see his friend entertained right royally, so to speak. Air Vice Marshal Rupert Golightly-Jockstrap insisted  that the landing, among frontline Tornado squadrons was not at all unusual, was, in fact, a wizard show. It happens all the time, said Marshal Golighty-Jockstrap, how many times? Fucked if I know, old boy, but I am sure it must have. What, rename the base RAF Nonceham ?  I should co-co.

Princess Sarah Freeloader,

Hangover? No, just been up all night with a couple of pretend sheiks, Okay, yah?

former Mrs Duke, said what a terrible misunderstanding it had all been, her begging money off of the nonce and the Duke making free with HM Armed Forces premises like that in return.  And as for introducing little Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to a man who  might well groom them to be his sex slaves, well,  people simply had to understand  that she was under an incredible amout of strain, freeloading her way around the world, selling introductions to their Dad to dodgy geezers from Mr Murdoch's newspapers.  I wish people would understand that I only do these things for the money, complained the greedy, idle slut, if only the Queen had given me  a few tens of millions I wouldn't have to hang out with paedophiles. Or Andrew.

In Downing Street, Mr CallHimWinston, our next great war leader,

said that the only way to reduce the defecit and win the next election was to declare war on some wogs, somewhere. It is simply the only thing to do.  By my unfailing support for His Royal Highness, a bent, thieving playboy,  my support for the bungling fucking useless arse burglar, Hague and my stuffing the cabinet with retarded mutants like Duncan fucking Smith and his free-pensions-for-all-nonsense I have revealed myself to be even more useless than Mr Snot and my hero, Cardinal Blair. Three failed leaders in the same cabinet, Hague, IDS and myself - four if you count the halfwit, braindead  dogshooter, Clegg, didya fucking see him, yesterday, apprenticeships, in loft insulation, fuck me, Jesus, must take all of half an hour to get good at that, even I could do it - 'sawonder the Brits, too,  aren't storming the barracks and  waging war on their unelected govament. And that's not to mention Mr Coulson, Mr Laws, the forests, the disappearing aircraft carriers, inflation, unemployment, the bankers and the cost of petrol and Christ only knows what else. Fuck me, they must all be stupid.

Ian Duncan-Gargolye.

Yes, everyone can have a big pension.
Not as big as mine, though, obviously.
In fact I should probably say that everyone might have a big pension.
When? Fucked if I know. Ask the Chancellor.


Mr William Gay Gargoyle.
Yes, Mr Deputy Speaker, Iyam, if you will permit me,
ay very capable foreign seckatry.
And that's why everyone is laughing at me.


Mike said...

Its all unravelling now for the DoY. So Fergie wasn't acting as a lone trader, she was pimping for HRH.

A bit more surface scratching and the bribes/kickbacks/slushing etc, not to memtion what might be happening between the sheets, will be clear.

The fat sod has been using the State's assets as his own, like we owe him a living for flying a helicopter, once.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, of course she was. Otherwise how could she guarantee an intro? Lets hope it unravels in a torrent of shit. And that some of it sticks to Teflon Dave.

PT Barnum said...

Ironic if the House of "Windsor" is to be brought down by the goofy and hapless Duchess of York, when it was Brand Diana they feared, so much so that they closed their eyes and stuck their fingers in their ears while "the public" bayed their hatred at the gates of the palace.

They should have got themselves a smarter stooge, but then realising that would mean they would have to be less genetically impoverished. Pity the poor bloody Kiwis, eh? First earthquake, then parasites. Next stop - plague and famine.