Friday, 4 March 2011



Eh, what about that,  then, how's that for a result?  Second, that, in my book, Kirsty, is as good as first, better, actually, because you don't win anything.  Wossat? Lower my voice to a shriek? Burning-out the microphones, you say?  Must be European ones.

No, we're really on the march now and if we can come second, or even fifth in a thousand council wards I'll be set to lead the UKNF party - ie myself -  to even greater glory.  Onwards and upwards,  that's what I can offer people;  that's English, by the way, good, old-fashioned English for per ardua et astra tdi sports.



Dick the Prick said...

It's quite odd that such an important issue is reduced to such a bunch of oddballs and that none of the main parties give a flying (whoops) fuck. Ho hum.

call me ishmael said...

I doubt that Farrage does, either, mr dtp. Just a stick with which to beat his egotistical drum and a psephological niche in which he would stand, in Emperor's robes. Man's an arsehole. They're all arseholes. And there is simply not enogh public interest in the NWO, Europe Branch, to vest any power in this gobby bastard. Place not your faith in the likes of Nigel, mr dtp; better off pissing in the wind.

Dick the Prick said...

Not a fan of UKIP. I do like Farage though in a sort of Bumpkin kinda way. He'd be an excellent constituency MP. I guess it's a bit ironic that the EU muffles all dissent. I like the issue more than the chap. It's not Europe though that's the problem. There are so many spivs and chancers knocking about in London that it slightly beggars belief that a decent 'fuck off' clause isn't deliverable if asked.

Mrs WoaR & Cranmer have opposing views on the Christian foster care thingy where the Supreme Court ruled that foster parents have a job to do and are therefore not allowed to be kinda anti homo stuff. Mrs WoaR stated correct over employment law and Cranmer's gone for parliamentary & sovereignty donation to an arbitrary jurisprudence. Why doesn't parliament just tell the supreme court to fuck right off? Why are they not trying to create wriggle room? Why is the indignation and hang-wringing pussy arsed 'it's the thin of the wedge' bullshit never get translated into action? We've fixed the boundary commission - was that so fucking hard?

If people can't see where to take their problems then that's where democracy ends. And if politicians don't know then you may as well take yer chances at the CAB or have a shed load of money to spunk. Hmm...yeah, don't mind Farage, shame he's a tosser.

Dick the Prick said...

Sorry, meant divergent not opposing. It's quite possible to bring the judiciary back in with the legislature without much fuss. There's the Schengen template which gives operative capacity to the domiciled authority. It's a bit more inefficient but has strategic benefits of accountability. Whoops - sorry, bit boring.

call me ishmael said...

I don't know mrs cranmer but I am sure that mrs woar has the right of it.

Excellent constituency MP, aren't they all, isn't that part of the parliamentary mythology, you know, spent my entire life in public service and I have nothing to show for it, except a few million pounds and free dinners in the House of Lords, that sort of excellent constituency MP? Shit, all of them, up against the fucking wall with them, motherfuckers.

Dick the Prick said...

There are loads like that but they are quite easy to spot. I genuinely do think Farage would be a good MP if bureaucracy hit him rather than be complicit in it. Not saying he'd get very far but it may be small beer for someone to have a variant opinion when dealing with mongs.

Laddo beneath certainly seems irritated about it all!

Woman on a Raft said...

Mrs WoaR & Cranmer have opposing views on the Christian foster care thingy where the Supreme Court ruled that foster parents have a job to do and are therefore not allowed to be kinda anti homo stuff.

That's 'cos the Christian Institute and Cranmer are correct in that Christians DO face discrimination, but the dafties keep choosing the wrong cases to prove it. If they didn't keep picking sure-lose minor fights, they might win on the big ones.

Summary: Muslim checkout operator, Ladele (registrar), McFarlene (relationship counsellor for a charity), foster care = employment law. Just get on and do your job, you can't introduce your religion any more than the woman serving in the canteen can start saying whinging "I'm a Buddhist, I'm not dishing up chicken". We have highly specialized opt-outs for medics who do not wish to be involved in abortion.

Having said that, I doubt a Muslim couple offering foster care services would have been asked the same loaded questions, and if they had been, I doubt if the council would have stuck to their position and said "see ya in court".

Adoption agency: different thing. To do with the legal status of parents and the best configuration of a family for the support of a child. Basically, while same-sex couples should not be excluded because they may be able to offer exactly the right care in certain cases, the interests of a child generally will be served by one of each. And it is the interests of the child which must prevail.

This was the real case they had to win and did not because they were up against a powerful political bloc, but it was very difficult because there is an unwillingness across the society to face the fact that what is in the interests of the child may have an inherent discriminatory effect. Rather than be called homophobic, most people chose to re-define the interests of the child.

The CI have played a bad hand because they often say loopy things which undermine the credibility of their main - and correct - argument. Christians do face discrimination on the basis of their religion and are not treated on a par with petted minorities. Cranmer's general statements about the shocking stance of the judges is bang-on.

As for the fuck-off clause; I suspect it suits parliament to be able to blame the court over the road, shrug, and say "Not my problem squire," Even though it is their fault for passing the legislation.

call me ishmael said...

I get sick to death of gobby christians moaning about being persecuted, isn't that what's supposed to happen, that they get persecuted? What sort of faith is it that can's stand a bit of persecution, not as though they're being thrown to the fucking lions, like proper christians; just whining gits. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, that's what they should be doing, fucking hypocrites.

Generally, though, there is an over-mighty, non-denomination-specific busybodying protection agency which polices all our decent, spontaneous actions. Never mind volunteering with children, try saving a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue centre and be subject to a barrage of impertinent questions and the forced signing of probably illegal documents; ostensible animal lovers but actually managerialist freaks bullying and haranguing those who offer only kindness. Big Society? Fuck off.

mongoose said...

I played in the Lads v Dads cricket match at the end of last season, Mr I, and it was not pretty. "How about umpiring?" suggested kindly Helen. OK, I thought, I'll give that a crack. Why not? After all I am sat there anyway. A four day course seemed a bit OTT but heck. And then the fucking avalanche of CRB forms and sundry nonce-checking descended. To hell with it all. WE cannot even now have a game of cricket in a field without seventeen page twattery.

Dick the Prick said...

Me and my mum fostered for years and I can't really generate much sympathy for these Christians. The massive disconnect in dealings with social workers and then dealing with the kids is so great as to render social workers a fucking nuisance at the best of times.

To offer some kind of mitigation to these carers would probably be borne out through the petty regulatory changes that Labour brought in, getting carers to do NVQs and other assorted shite when the vast majority of carers are not career minded, not really well educated but can raise kids with a firm hand and a no fucking nonsense approach. To be asked if they like benders was a set up, a rouse, a slap in the face as some incompetent fucking social worker probably had a ward who told them to go fuck themselves. Hmm..