Friday, 4 March 2011


"Rupert Murdoch is spending all this money in order to give himself less influence in the UK media than he has now."

Jeremy Hunt MP, Tory Culture Secretary  and, word-for-word, Don Foster, MP, Tory-LibDem media spokesperson.

One is left wondering, not for the first time, what dirt the filthy slag, Rupe, has on this lot, from Cameron downwards, what recorded 'phone calls, what cottagey stories, what naughty pictures.

Here's wishing him - and his worldwide batallions of McKenzies and Coulsons - an unhappy birthday and a swift but painful death

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the noblest prospect said...

Here's a start Mr Smith:

"The international education site The Language Business alleged late last year that Jeremy Hunt had been party to contract deceptions in relation to work done by his company for the British Council."

Another oily cunt.