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Brian Leveson

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Sir Brian Henry Leveson QC, (pronounced /ˈlɛvɨsən/;[1] born 22 June 1949 at Liverpool), before known as Mr Justice Leveson, now properly styled The Rt Hon Lord Justice Leveson,[2] is an English Judge in the Court of Appeal and, since 2010, head of the Sentencing Council for England and Wales.[3]
It was announced on 13 July 2011 that Lord Justice Leveson would lead the Leveson Inquiry, a public inquiry into the regulation of the media prompted by the News of the World phone hacking affair.[4][5]

Born in Liverpool, Leveson was educated at Liverpool College, before going up to Merton College, Oxford.[6]

[edit] Career

Leveson was called to the Bar at Middle Temple in 1970. He initially practised in Liverpool and took silk in 1986.[3] In 1989, he led the prosecution of Ken Dodd for tax evasion.[7] Dodd, who was represented by George Carman QC, was acquitted after a three-week trial.[8] Leading judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC later commented in an interview on Leveson's performance in the courtroom that "he lost the mood of the case, and he certainly lost the jury".[9] He went on to prosecute Fred and Rosemary West in 1995 for the murders at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester.[10]
Leveson became a Bencher in 1995,[3] acted as a Recorder between 1988 and 2000, and as a Deputy High Court Judge between 1998 and 2000.[3] In 2000, Leveson was appointed as a Judge of the High Court, Queen's Bench Division, and served as a Presiding Judge of the Northern Circuit between 2002–2005.[3] While sitting with Lord Justice Mantell[11] in the Court of Appeal in 2002 under the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, he upheld the murder conviction of James Hanratty.[12] He also presided over the trial of ex-US Marine Toby Studebaker for charges relating to child grooming over the internet.[13] He refused to imprison 100-year-old Bernard Heginbotham, who was found guilty of euthanasia on his wife of 67 years, 87-year-old Ida, because she faced spending the remainder of her life in the dementia ward of a nursing home.[14] He also presided over the trial of Michael Barton, who was found guilty in 2005 of murdering Anthony Walker with an axe.[5]
In 2005, Leveson was appointed to the new position of Deputy Senior Presiding Judge and, in October 2006, he was made a Lord Justice of Appeal.[3] In November 2007, while sitting under the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Phillips and alongside Mr Justice Simon in the Court of Appeal, the three quashed the conviction of Barry George and ordered a retrial in relation to the murder in 2001 of BBC presenter Jill Dando.[15] He was also appointed a Privy Counsellor in 2006.

[edit] Public inquiry into media behaviour

It was announced on 13 July 2011 that Leveson would lead the public inquiry into issues of media regulation raised by the News International phone hacking scandal.[4] On 20 July, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the scope of the inquiry had widened to include the BBC and social media.[16][17]
It was subsequently reported in the media that Leveson had attended two parties in the prior 12 months at the London home of Matthew Freud, a PR executive married to Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Rupert Murdoch.[18][19] These revelations led to a number of Labour MPs calling for Leveson to be removed from the Inquiry.[20][21]

[edit] Personal life

Leveson and his wife Lynne, who is also from Liverpool, are devout Jews.[22][23] The couple have three children and live in London.[24]


Dear Prime Minister (unelected)

1. My learned and lay colleagues and I have  toiled long and hard looking into all his shit and shovelling it into the long grass.

2. Naughty things have been done.  But there have been so many naughty things done, by so many people that it would be invidious to  kick any single individual's arse up and down Fleet Street and into the jailhouse, fuck me, no, ladeezangenullmenofdajury, because we believe in a free and unmuzzled press holding the govament to account. Or at least pretending to. A-ho a-ho, a-ho-ho-ho.

3.  And I make the following recommendations:


I One bad apple doesnt't spoil the whole barrel.  Even when the whole barrel is rotten.

2.  As a nation we should be grateful that we have a free parliament, a free press and an independent judiciary.  Like me.

I am extremely grateful to His Excellency, Lord Hymie,  for his report.  He and his colleagues have toiled long and hard and I am sure that I speak for my friends,  Ms Rebekka Fist, Mr Andy Coulson, Mr James Murdoch and our chauffeur, Mr Jerry Clarkson, when I thank him for the very effective manner in which he has conducted his cover-up.  Thanks to His Excellency, never again will an unelected prime minister have to stand in this house and defend his close friendships with filthy scum, such as my above named friends. Even if there were to be an Opposition, which, in my case, there isn't.


yardarm said...

There one very slight chance we might have of exposing the maggot infested cowpat our host calls Media Minster lies not in Establishment sock puppets like Levine but in the arrests of the bent journalists and coppers.

These, office bound and entitled, will be humiliated by the 7AM arrest before the cameras and the cold bite of the bracelets on their wrist. Their knee caps will be going like castanets at the thought of doing time. Abandoned by their paymasters they`ll think hard about a squeal deal implicating those higher up.

Would they want to spend three years with the thieves and druggies on E wing just to save Coulson, Rebekka Brooks and James " Even though I was Number Two of the world`s biggest media corporation I had no idea what was happening in my own building " Murdoch.

And if it spreads to the rest of the media so much the better. But they`ll find a way to bury it. You know, something like an economic crisis or a war...er...

call me ishmael said...

Aye, Iran, most likely.

He's good, isn't he, Jimmy the son?

And it only needs exposing to those too dumb to see it for themselves, so not much point, really, mr yardarm. Either you see what MediaMinster is or you don't. Has the Sun gone out of business over all this shit? The rednecks keep buying the Filth-O-Graph and The Mail, Toilets Maguire bangs on as though there was a Labour party.

I saw Paul Dacre of the Mail being grilled, they call it, by the CMS select committee, redfaced and sweating, he was, banging on like he was a guardian of public virtue, the turd, and nobody threw anything at him.

mongoose said...

It is all bullshit, is it not, Mr Yardarm? In fact, I doubt very much that Murdoch Fils knew what was occurring at the NotW. What does he care - a mega-media-mogul - about what is happening at a loss-making piece of dogshit newspaper? But then when I was a little bug we used to talk about "responsibility and accountability" So Carrington resigned when the Falklands were invaded because it happened on his watch and he was accountable. Nobody though had expected him to be responsible for designing and maintaining the military integrity of some bunch of rocks in the middle of nowhere.

So Murdoch is accountable and should do whatever his conscience dictates to him as appropriate. Shall we hold our collective breath?

A revolution is what we need and a neck-tie party. Pour encouraging the rest of the cunts.

jgm2 said...

That judge looks strangely like Guido.

yardarm said...

Yes, Mr Ishmael we here know what Mediaminster is but I indulge myself in the fantasy of seeing these clowns publicly humiliated, ruined, sobbing in the dock, implicating each other and their cronies like Blair and Flashman in a sweaty attempt to save their liberty. Be they quoted on the FTSE 100 they are not fit to clean the shit out of the tread of our boots.

I don`t know if you know, Mr Mongoose, but the principle of personal accountability was dragged into the bushes and had its throat cut when Mervyn King received his knighthood today. I shit you not.