Wednesday, 23 November 2011

IT WAS FORTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO TODAY, JFK GOT BLOWN AWAY. jfk assassination: Secret Service Standdown


Mike said...

Mr I: I remember at the time being underwhelmed, and with the benefit of hindsight I can't see why this turd is still held up as some sort of messiah? Runs in the family. Also, IMO, his ugly wife was no style icon. What did she have?

Clearly other in the USofA had similar opinions.

I liked the bit in Full Metal Jacket (not sure of the name?) where the gunnery sargeant pointed out that only a marine could make that shot. As if.

call me ishmael said...

They're all Messiahaniic for a while aren't they, that's what those silly fuckes elect; it's just that he didn't live long enough for the halo to drop and what was clearly an internal coup was presented as showbusiness, like which there is no business.

In fact, the very finest, champion marksman in the US armed forces, I think he was a marine, could not fire that number of shots into that target, in that space of time, with that weapon - and poor old Lee H. was only a novice rifleman.

A vulgar lot, I think, the Kennedys, arriviste, and difficult to see how they would offend the very rich, maybe it WAS the possible pull-out from Vietnam and the consequent loss of trillions of arms dollars that prompted his killing, maybe people just didn't like him; I was too young to have an opinion on his presidency but they're all a bad lot, aren't they?

It was LBJ, oddly, who forced through the civil rights legislation that the K Bros had been happy to let languish in a desk drawer.

As to the doxy, Jackie, yes, a Marie Antoinette pain in the arse but more sinned against than sinning, I think. Like our own Queen of the Night, Lady Di.

mongoose said...

There was a telly prog the other day which had interviews with the agents on protection duty that day. They were one of the regular teams and had been protecting these people for ages. If they were lying - and they have had 48 years to get their story straight - they did a very good job. Oddly, after such a monumental fuck up, they all kept their jobs and protected LBJ and family thereafter.

It all stinks though. And the televised execution of the nominated miscreant, Oswald, is simply beyond comprehension.