Tuesday, 15 November 2011



Ten little nigger boys sitting on a wall. 
Whoops, I mean illegal immigrant nigger boys

Now look. Let's be clear about this.     Frankly, I don't care if the home secketary wanders up and down Downing Street showing her thighs to all and sundry.  As she does. Silly old crow.  What matters. And what matters to the British people who elected me prime minister is that she's getting on with the job.  That's what people care about.  Not whether she's any good or not.  And quite frankly Mr Tiny Speaker,  just because she called this bloke a cunt and didn't give him a chance to reply, well, it simply doesn't matter. He's only a fucking civil servant.  We'll be doing a lot more of that -  doctors, teachers,  anyone who disagrees with us -   so people had better  jolly well get used to it. What I'm concerned with is privatising everything, kicking shit out of everybody and talking my arse off on subjects I haven't a fucking clue about.  Like history. And economics.  Fuck me, Mr Tiny Speaker, the Chancellor's a fucking doctrinaire windbag -  is doctrinaire a word?  fucked if I know -  the Governor of the Bank of England can't do his two times fucking table and I have a cabinetfull of arseholes, many of whom are fucking younger men.  Only not Mrs May, of course. Who gives a fuck about what this silly old bint is up to.  Niggers?  Keep them the fuck out,  that's my policy and it's what got me elected prime minister.

I mean, don't these fucking people,  these fucking complaining bastards, don't they know that , don't they realise that the Defence Seckatary, no, not the angry old faggy one, the new one, who looks like he should be perched on top of a panzer with an Iron Cross around his neck, yes, him, Richard Hammond, the bloke off TopGear

 Defence seckatry, Mr Philip Christ, what an ugly bastard Hammond.

No, is that not the one, the little fucker sucking Clarkson's knob ?  Right, well, how should I know? Anyway, the Defence seckatry is busy frightening people into believing Hell is at hand unless we line the streets with missiles and throw all the protesters in jail. Or execute them.  You know the people of this country elected me to discharge the basic responsibility of a govament which is to keep itself safe  from the people by any means necessary.

So what with all that going on and having to every five minutes  try and find something sensible to say  about Europe although, frankly, just like everybody,  I haven't got a fucking clue, why is it that  people expect me to have an opinion on this silly old boot.  She's had a big job in govament and can retire on a big pension, which is more than most people can say, so who gives a fuck if she resigns,  she's good for fuck all, if you ask me, Mr Tiny Speaker.

And I can always shove the gimp in there,
into the home office.

Mr Nick Gimp MP, Deputy Prime Minister.
he'd fucking love that, prisons and shit like that, surveillance, torture, right up his street.


Dick the Prick said...

Hope you're alright fella

Have we taken for granted the forging of the union? There be dragons in them there hills. Much prefering this economic war to, yer know, actual war. Has Germany gone and bought Europe? Yeah, good luck with that. Ejeets.

As always


Doctor Martin said...

If you want a vision of paradise, imagine a boot stamping on Cameronians shiny face - forever.