Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Isn't it funny how, after less than eighteen months, mr shinyface has turned into himself ?

Before he elected himself prime minister, if you squinted you might perceive him  as just some ordinary PR wanker on the make, empty-headed, amoral and full of grammarless shit.

Now,  he looks every inch the bloated, arrogant, conceited, inbred and congenitally stupid bully that he always was;  he and his sires the very model for Flashman.

 I cannot help but think that the times demand a sharper mind than that contained in Cameron's one-track,  doctrinaire numbskull. As well as being  rotten to the core he is as thick as pigshit. 

He should watch his step, in times like these it's not just the Saddam Husseins of the world who are the principal guest at a necktie party.


P T Barnum said...

His neck will soon have the same circumferance as his head. Maybe then he will strangle himself on his own words. Lord knows enough of us are choking on them. Isn't it only snakes who only pass seamlessly from head to body? If he would be so kind as to swallow Millibland, Balls, Hague and Osborne before that it might cheer us up a bit.

Mike said...

Its not just thick Dave thats the problem. The institutions of Govt have been corrupted. Blair politicised the Civil Service, and a double-first (nearly type fist) ain't what it used to be.

No capacity for strategic thinking.

yardarm said...

Head Prefect didn`t need to ' work ' in PR, it was just a convenient berth for an unemployable bullshitter waiting for a safe seat during the the hegemony of his hero, the Jug Eared Pocket Liner. It would allow him to claim that he`s worked in the private sector, the insolent turd. He`s never needed to work and indeed never has done.

Apparently he reached down the back of the sofa and paid some other PR turd a hundred and forty grand for some land adjoining his taxpayer funded house in Oxford. Fuck me, that wisteria grows back quick.

Just watching Toenails on BBC2 on how public money gets wasted. No thunderbolt on his bald dome yet I regret to say.

mongoose said...

I dare not watch that, mr yardarm, or the bloddy telly would be flying out through the window into the street.

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

We can breathe easy, though, at the news that the entire Parliament of National Unity is opposing a measly one-day strike by the enemies within.

Quaint, isn't it, how the jug-eared monster never gets blamed, never gets mentioned, it's all, the whole shocking thirteen years, down to Brown, just goes to show how the public school Tories stick together - Blair, let's not forget just hi-jacked the labour movement, he might just as easily have chosen the Tories, he was one by birth and upbringing, after all.

It is odd about Flashman's neck, be all the better for a good stretching, after a proper trial, of course, like the Gadaffi family.

mongoose said...

It is true - all you say about the vacuous arse Cameron - but he has not cut any damn thing. Public expenditure today is higher than it was yesterday, last week, last month, last year. What is happening is that spending is being redirected from doing stuff - libraries and wheelchairs and civilisation - and being refocused on giving fucking bankers money. The whole fucking continent is at it. How they must laugh at us. It is completely beyond comprehension .

jgm2 said...

and being refocused on giving fucking bankers money.

Except that it isn't. The whole 'It's all the bankers fault..' is the big lie put about by the BBC/Labour when the balloon went up back in 2008.

All that money being channelled into the banks isn't for the benefit of the bankers (although, admittedly, some small percentage of that does leak through into head-line busting million quid bonuses). But the majority of that cash is just the tax-payer under-writing their own cash. Underwriting their own chunk of the 'system'.

You can get half a dozen jackasses shitting on the temple steps to claim they're the '99%' but - and I was up at Westminster yesterday - they are fuckwits with placards proclaiming 'Ban Money'.

Yeah. Great. How's that going to work then Tarquin? How are you going to pay for your fucking i-Crap downloads without money?

The fact is that the government (using our money) has underwritten the banks because if the banking system falls over then it'll be hand-to-hand combat as we loot Tescos. We're underwriting the banks not to enrich a few hundred shiny suits but to try and perpetuate our entire way of life. Our entire standard of living.

But of course when Labour decided to blame their entire economic clusterfuck on A.N.OtherBank they didn't give a fuck about the implications of that beyond shifting the blame. But the implication- which we are seeing now - is that huge sections of the UK voters seem to think that the economic clusterfuck was nothing to do with them. Them borrowing money to buy new cars, foreign holidays, i-Shit etc etc on the back of their insanely increasing house prices. The fucking imbecile government running 40bn quid deficits during an alleged 'boom'. Fuck no. Nothing to do with them. All the fault of 'the rich'. And 'the bankers'.

No personal responsibility Mr Ishmael. That's the problem. And, when they spend years looking at the likes of Blair blaming a dodgy document that he personally had re-written several times as 'justification' for his Iraq war and when the Maximum Imbecile gets caught with his economic trousers around his ankles but decides that it's all 'the banks' fault then, with examples like that then it's hardly surprising if Joe Public decides that, hey, well it ain't my fault either.

mrs narcolept said...

But, mr jgm2:

why, instead of giving the money to the banks in order to prevent pension funds etc going under,

can't we use it to save the pension funds directly, instead? (and all the other things that would suffer if the financial system were to collapse). And just let the banks go? Why does everything have to be done through banks, anyway?

Obviously I don't fully understand the capitalist system (I keep asking my dear mr narcolept to consider this; he refuses to discuss the matter), but is the current mad imaginary-money pyramid scheme really the best we can do?

mongoose said...

You are quite right, mr jgm2. I lazily wrote "bankers" where I should have written "banks". But that is not explanation enough. Why, I ask you, do I need to supply money (wealth) to support the banking system?

Consider the Northern Rock fiasco. (I went to school btw with the current CEO. He used to be a ferocious Rottweiler of a scrum-half. Funny that.) He has now sold the viable bit for, what was it, half a billion or so? And the taxpayer is left with £21billion of debt in the non-viable bit. What is this £21billion? If we chased it home through the various financial instruments beneath which it hides - what does it turn out to be? It is just bad debt, is it not? Money lent to various people - often against property - but now unrealisable. It's dead money. Non-wealth is what it is. The profit has fled, the mortgage has been sold and the commission spent and sent to the iPad factory in China, and now all that stands there is a shit-hole maisonette in Huddersfield - but somebody's nest, some poor bugger's dream - alas, now worth three-quarters of the mortgage, and the public sector job that pays for it about to disappear. Dead money - get ledger, get pencil and ruler, and cross out.

jgm2 said...

and now all that stands there is a shit-hole maisonette in Huddersfield - but somebody's nest, some poor bugger's dream - alas, now worth three-quarters of the mortgage, and the public sector job that pays for it about to disappear. Dead money - get ledger, get pencil and ruler, and cross out.

Problem with that scenario Mr Mongoose is the so-called 'moral hazard'. The whole fucking pyramid 'miracle economy' only worked because folk got it into their thick heads you couldn't go wrong with property - no matter how much you paid. And if we write off the deficit on (say) two million mortgages then that mind-set will be well and truly set in stone.

The yanks have the right idea. Either post the keys and bring down your local bank or foreclose and have the fucking thing sold out from under you for 50% of what you paid for it. Here though, political energy (from all main parties) is devoted to keeping house prices as close to unaffordable as possible. So we're subsidising folk to stay in houses they can't afford and pay mortgages they should never have taken out (or been granted) just so that the rest of the population can kid themselves that their house, in its turn, is really worth what they paid for it.

Utter fucking insanity. What we should have done is guaranteed folk's savings and then let the rest run its course. House prices slashed by 75%. Even those who are re-possessed could afford to buy one back if they could get a paper-round or a shelf-stacking job. The main source of everybodies monthly outgoings slashed in price. Freeing 'em to spend their money on enjoying themselves instead of being a slave to their house or their bank. But it didn't happen. Because of the great British obsession with paying about three or four times what their house is really worth.

It's happening slowly of course. House prices are still somewhere around the same as in 2004/5 and inflation and low interest rates are allowing folk to pay their mortgages and kid themselves they haven't lost any money. And anyway, their house is special and is worth more than they paid in 2008.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, that's harsh but true, mr jgm2 But people are malleable, game for predatory lenders, subject to a juggernaut MediaMinster telling them Not to worry that your wages are shit and you can't really afford anything, borrow some money and keep the high street going, it's your patriotic duty, Few so targeted were able to resist.

Is there no stricture you would apply to their cynical tempters? Mine wold be to hang a few of them, I think we'd see a rapid improvement in behaviour.

jgm2 said...

But people are malleable, game for predatory lenders, subject to a juggernaut MediaMinster

Indeed they are, the stupid fuckers. But just as the Germans are (rightly) resisting screams from fuckwits to print their way out of other people's economic imbecility as a result of a painful lesson back in the 1920s then a 50% (or more) across-the-board drop in the nominal value of houses would work wonders for the UK's unhealthy relationship with insanely priced property.

Nothing would drive the message home to Joe Public that, actually, there is nothing clever about a 6 x salary mortgage than finding that if he'd only waited a year he could have picked up the same place for 18 or 24 months of serious saving instead of 25 years of regular payments.

But if you want to hang a few politicians, economists, journalists and bankers for good measure then I suggest we start with the politicians.

call me ishmael said...

Up against the wall, motherfuckers; you know, mr jgm2, that I would always start with the politicians. I mean it when I say I would reverse a lifetime's opposition to capital punishment to see Tony Blair hanged, this, in itself, is one of Ruin's small indices, that I would beat my ploughshare into a sword.