Monday, 23 August 2010


In Tragedy's ledgers, the good news from Chile does little to offset the losses in bent Pakistan, run and as we see, shockingly mismanaged by dynasties of corrupt, Oxbridge-trained, moustachioed, warlord, despot fuckpigs, the smirking turd who presently holds the Pakistan reins is said to have embezzled more than enough to meet most of the needs of the flooded peasants from his own pocket. As if.
May a shoe monsoon rain on his brilliantined head, the horrible fucking bastard.

But we must rejoice at the news that 33 Chilean copper miners have been located, safe and well, seven hundred metres below ground, after a fortnight's frantic probing and that they can be sustained over the four months which their complete rescue will take. So often these events turn into horror stories for those watching and waiting; in this case, we hope, Death's sergeants must fill their quotas elsewhere and Chilean families, this time, will be reunited.


skymadeupnewsandfilth long ago, in concert with the Tory party, cast our own coal miners as the Enemy Within and no doubt, if it had a presence in Chile, would cheerfully damn all its working class in favour of Money's usual gangster cliques, but fuck them, 33 souls, rescued from down, deep in the ground is welcome, good news.

I think it'll be a great day when mining is entirely automated and no-one has to go down under the ground; it's great that UK communities, once so wedded to disaster and chronic illness, largely no longer so labour but Oh, for fuck's sake, in such rag order did we arrive here, mounted police charging women and children, whilst their Mistress dined with General Pinochet,  privatising bandits and torturers, all in this together.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Ishers, I agree. Zandari is a fuckpig who has more money than pigeon shite on Nelson's Column. BTW, it says fuck all about 'God being great' on that note the Chiliean is holding up.

Dick the Prick said...

It's absolutely fantastic, isn't it? Guess they must be bored but at least they can syphon red wine & liquidized beef burgers down. Not ideal, but fucking amazing.

mongoose said...

The Pinochet business was indeed Maggie's vilest hour. The horrible old sow.

The problem with mining is not that the barons are routinely bastards but that the whole idea is inherently dangerous and stupid. I have been down a few mines and one comes up out of there coated with dust - skin, mouth, nose and presumably lungs. If you get to do that everyday, it will take its toll, and that's without the fucking roof falling down on your head.

Plenty of money in copper, Mr Ishmael, though not in labouring underground to dig the fucking stuff out. Let us hope that those lads in Chile can be kept well whatever the time it takes to get them out.

call me ishmael said...

No, mr dl, it was just a phrase I heard in the general coverage. And in this case, He is.

mrs narcolept said...

Yes, wonderful news. Pakistan now, God, please.

I don't know about Scotland or Yorkshire or Nottingham, but In Wales the collieries were the failsafe job of last resort. All my mother's brothers and brothers-in-law did at least a stint underground and one, my dearest uncle, went down the day after his 14th birthday, holding his father's hand. He stayed there all his life, until he began to crack under the strain of expecting the roof to fall in or fire to break out. I remember, cheeky little madam that I was, asking him if his hands were clean when he asked to look at the book I was reading. He laughed and showed me how the coal dust had worked into the grain of his skin, impossible to scrub off. As far as I am concerned nothing they could have paid him would have been too much.

Verge said...

Younger readers might wish to spend a few minutes on the wikipedia entry for Aberfan. Shameful shit, from the piling of slag on a stream to the way they tried to fuck with the money donated by the public after the disaster.

call me ishmael said...

I'll have a look, myself, mr verge, although I anticipate a red mist descending. Harold's gang of spooks and freaks wasn't it, and that mad, screeching dominatrix, Marcia. Any way you look at it, be it Mrs narcolept's poignant, individual, family memory or the horrible events you allude to, the residue is always utter contempt for those who cry Enemy Within, it's not just Thatcher, although it seems so much more alien, bizarre, coming from her, poor messed-up cow, than from a proper man, but Tony and Imelda did it, too, it was the firefighters, they were the Enemy Within, for not abandoning their claim for a decent wage in order to support one of Tony's War Opportunities, get behind him. Wonder who'll be identified as enemy by this gang of filth; most of us, I should think.

mongoose said...

The stealing of the Aberfan money was tear your teeth out horrible. How do they sleep at night, the fuckers?

Verge said...

Assuming some particularly dark-souled satirist hasn't been up to mischief re-editing the wikipedia entry, there is surely some kind of Cunt Apotheosis in this particular snippet:
"At one point The Charity Commission planned to insist that before any payment was made to bereaved parents, each case should be reviewed to ascertain if the parents had been close to their children and were thus likely to be suffering mentally."

A bit like the judge in the Ealing Vicarage rape case, if you think about it.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, it is truly horrible, wiki's Aberfan, and it is Labour's offence, Labour's shame; the criminal facts need no satirical embellishment; worse, the energy minister at the time, Marsh, is still alive, still in the House of Lords, rewarded for his service.

jgm2 said...

While there is no doubt that the loss of our mining and industrial base represents a strategic disaster I do think it would have been only polite to mention the KGB-sponsored fucking imbeciles who pursued such a successful divide and conquer strategy.

Step forward Jack Jones, Arthur [Flat for life or you'll be hearing from my solicitors] Scargill and the rest of the shower of utter cunts.

jgm2 said...

And, as you rightly touch upon, none of these ex-mining or ex-shipbuilding or whatever communities ever thanks Maggie for the fact that they are now free to kill themselves through booze, drugs, fags, deep-fried Mars bars and the rest of it rather than being compelled to suck in coal dust 8 hours a day.

When A. Scargill's (President for life like Hastings Fucking Banda in Malawi) KGB handlers decide to let them do any work in the first place that is.

Dopey fuckers sat through 13 years of Labour and never questioned why no shipyards or car factories or mines had been reopened. Just sat there in Kelty and Cowdenbeath and Alloa and Kirkcaldy and the like and kept voting Labour. Not a fucking job worth the name 'created' in the meantime. Not one.

My dad was one of Bevin's boys during the war - worked nights - after days spent building factories in Castle Bromwich - had enormous respect for miners. Fucking hated the unions though. Brought him to tears to see the likes of Scargill destroying an entire industry in some insane battle to keep manning levels at 19th century levels by declining to use 20th century equipment.

AYe, I want my members to go down there with fucking ponies and hack at that coal-face with a hatchet like they've always done. And if you're going to be buying one of them fancy machines that does it all remotely then I want my members to be retrained to operate it - all of them - and paid 50% more for 'skilled work'.

All of them.

For Fuck's sake.

call me ishmael said...

Gosh, impolite, and I thought this was the most gracious of dialogues.

And I must say that if I covered every conceivable point of view then there would be nothing, Mr jgm2, for you to add, would there?

As for the KGB well, the only sure fire, cast-iron KGB opertives in post-war Britain came,did they not, from that very Oxbridge civil servant caste which is so regularly, here, given a kicking and which is as far from the union movement as it is possible to be? Or is it the case that, naively, I am unaware that Burgess, Philby, McLean and Blunt were actually members of the Boilermakers Union, or the NUM?

It is true that union barons are as bad as the real sort, that is no excuse for chastising the working class, is it? Or is it? No such excoriation attaches to the Daily Mail Thatcherites - surely, all of them, now, fled from Decency's barricade and living, smugly hostile, on ex-patria's lonely shores - all of them blindly sucking the merchant bankers' knobs, greedy and purblind, racist and cowardly, bogoted and feeble-minded, far more injurious to British industry than any number number of imaginary Commie cabals in the union movement.

If it was left to the Tories we would still have slavery, women would not have the vote, there would be no health service and on and on; that the vanity of Arthur Scargill and Neil Kinnock and Blair & Brown disfigure our history are not, here, in doubt, that Harold Wilson was a grubby, paranoid little weasel is not in doubt but that's a long way from your blanket damning of the working class. If you would be better informed about the cross-party ruling class which still dominates our affairs, take a peek at the wiki Aberfan pages, mentioned by mr verge. Damn the Welsh miners for fools as you may, your ire is misplaced, mr jgm2, and, given the treatment of miners by first the mine owners and subsequently the NCB and the vile Thattcher, impolite.

jgm2 said...

Mr Ishmael, you are quite right about Burgess and the rest of 'em. Although I believe the KGB has put Jack Jones in the frame too.

As recent events in the US have shown, the KGB's efforts to put their people into positions of influence and information gathering did not stop with the fall of the wall.

What rational explanation is there Mr Ishmael? The ruination caused by 13 years of utter idiocy. Borrowing and squandering, an entire population misinformed and mal-educated, Mirror and Daily Mail reader alike, to the point where they're delighted to be having to borrow another 20K every fucking year to buy the same fucking house. All borrowing against their miracle appreciating assett, all buying 'Hello' magazine and imagining how perfect their fucking life would be if only they too had giant pneumatic tits and a footballer's house. All spending their borrowed money as if they did have pneumatic tits and a footballer's salary.

All cheered to the rafters by the Maximum Imbecile, the papers, the BBC and every other cunt in a position of influence. Go on everybody, borrow a fortune and piss it all away on 'designer' shit.

It has to have been deliberate - steered by an invisible enemy of the UK. I dunno, the KGB or the CIA or the Chinese or something. Or infinite incompetence.

To get everything so badly fucked up by pure chance is the equivalent of tossing 100 coins and them all coming up tails. Possible but very, very unlikely.

It was surely deliberate. The UK was deliberately ruined by Brown and Labour. Perhaps they hope to control what comes out of the ashes. Make us grateful when the finally impose their vision of 'progressiveness' or a 'future fair for all' as the economy inevitably collapses and we're reduced to rioting outside supermarkets and eating grass.

Red Russians 'v' White Russians all over again?

If it was deliberate then who benefits?

Why did they destroy the UK Ishmael? What have the evil fuckers got planned? Cui Bono?

Are they just pure evil?

I look around me at the economic devestation and the devestation to come and I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

'You fucking maniacs, you finally did it. You blew it all up. Damn you. Damn you all to hell'.

lilith said...

"All cheered to the rafters by the Maximum Imbecile, the papers, the BBC and every other cunt in a position of influence. Go on everybody, borrow a fortune and piss it all away on 'designer' shit."

I just signed on to my bank account and they are offering me one and a half times my annual salary as an instant loan.

call me ishmael said...

I will think about what you said, me jgm2, and as we say, here, in Uncle Sam's Imperium, come back to you.

Don't do it, lilith, don't borrow any money; let mr berserk buy his own dope.

mongoose said...

The socialist project is now the European socialist project, and this requires the destruction of the currency. Perhaps that is a piece in Mr jgm2's jigsaw.

callmeishsmael said...

Wouldn't mind so much if the socialism hadn't somehow morphed into consumerisme totalitarienne, one-party capitalism, call it what you will, it, more than ever, divides the workers from the fruits of their labours, compulsorily indebting all, buggering the people and the planet, that a few may have more than they need.

It is an Idiot Wind, mr m and mr jgm2, which blows away the gifts ceded us by Creation.