Wednesday, 11 August 2010


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One times two is four, two times two is sixteen, four times two is eighty-one. It's all fucked. But at least there's good news on the employment front  - I'm still in a job.

The unspeakable imbecile, Mervyn King, revises his economic forecasts up or down or inside out.  As usual. Having muttered his way through the Blair-Brown debacle without once sounding the alarm, this worthless prick now champions the CallHimDave ideological WarOnThePoor.  

Somebody should set the credit agencies on him,  to examine how, seeing as he always gets things wrong,  he  still manages to con us all out of a huge  salary and pension.


mrs narcolept said...

Is like having Ronnie Corbett in charge, or whatever it is that Mervyn is supposed to be.

Dick the Prick said...

I can't remember the fund but there was an audit of a collateralized debt fund which the auditors only mis-valued by err..£800 billion. I accidently read economics at college and some of these 'fan charts' they're knocking out at the moment are fantastically bollox - there's an FT analysis stating that were over 11% out over the last 2 years which, err, is akin to wandering down the boozer and taking a blind stab at closing time.

I don't necessarily think Merv's a complete cunt and he did speak out when Brown &/or Darling was gibbering their most egregious shit but, yeah, moving nicely into incompetence.

call me ishmael said...

I read the Epic of Gilgamesh but I could probably do better than Merv, who seems to place his bets on what he divines from chickens' entrails. Or tealeaves. Headwinds, he was blethering about today. And tailwinds. Sound economics concepts. Maybe he should be Poet Laureate. May as well be him as whoever it is.

mongoose said...

Headwind? Tailwind? Nose-bleeding-dive is more like it. Any day now. Every business in the land has a post-holiday cost-reduction plan. Dear me. Chaos and rioting on the streets by Christmas.

call me ishmael said...

I do hope you are right, mr mongoose, better the pain, now, of that, than the reversal of civilisation which seems to be the default setting of the New World Order - or Capitalisme Totalitarienne, as I believe I called it a while back.

Many of the people whose jobs, terms and conditions are under attack are the people who run the fucking country.

Jimmy Reiu died today. UCS sit-in leader, scourge of the Grocer. Remember when we built ships here? Now we build houses of cards, Ponzi schemes.

Do elaborate, please, if you have a vision of Chaos.

Dick the Prick said...

Our topography is limited. Ponzi schemes are only successful because they flatter to decieve. My chum was boring me with his iphone (seriously, everyone's got them!!) and the mantra 'we have an app for that' is cool in many ways but quite sinister in others. I was a decent analyst a couple of years ago and now a pisshead can just talk into an app!

It's summer buddy and there seems to be a few weather stuff going on in the world and i've been worrying about if the peat bogs on top of Saddleworth Moor get tinder dry and go south!! it could get a bit toxic - hmm.....if easterly wind then that's Manchester; if north west, Leeds. If near us - fooooked! All very good living on a hill but bit exposed sometimes - may have to do some sums about prevailing winds.

Haven't read above yet but err.., cheers, as always.

call me ishmael said...

You're alwaya.

yardarm said...

This ninny, this financial Vicar of Bray on retirement will get a peerage, Lord Lieutenant of his county, a few prestigious quangos like the Chairmanship of the Royal Opera House or BBC Trust and a stratospheric pension. He is one of the ' great and good '.

The English language is inadequate to express what I think of this toad, who sloped his meagre shoulders as the economy went down the toilet on his watch.

call me ishmael said...'s about right, mr yardarm.