Thursday, 12 August 2010


 Mrs WOAR has drawn our attention to an Internet proposition that someone other than Huntley and Carr was responsible for the Soham murders and we will take a look at this, over the weekend.

The Metropolitan police officer who clubbed Mr Ian Tomlinson to the ground, causing his death was not prosecuted on the flimsy grounds that one of the pathologists involved in post mortems was of dubious reliability; that the other two pathologists  are held in high professional esteem seemed irrelevant to Keir Starmer, QC, head of the CPS and government stooge. Starmer's deliberate delay in this matter also prevented the officer from being charged with the offence of assault,  which is clearly visible in videotape seen all around the world.

The papers in the case of the Dunblane Children's massacre  remain sealed for seventy years to "protect the murdered children's families," although the families desperately want the papers to be made public.

The papers in the case of the death of Dr David Kelly, despite a change of government, remain sealed for seventy years.  The official enquiry concluded that the late Dr Kelly killed himself by opening the ulna artery in his arm with a penknife;  this type of wound to a minor artery cannot usually result in sufficient loss of blood to cause death;  there was little, virtually no blood found at the scene, paramedics at the scene have always insisted that Kelly did not bleed to death and a group of thirteen independent pathologists has disputed the official findings.

This, above,  is  a tiny slideshow of everyday injustice in HMP Britain.

The case of Sion Jenkins has this week aroused further concern about the workings of English jurisprudence and we reproduce this, below, from his own website:

The Press Association piece below makes it abundantly clear that Siôn Jenkins’ primary concern is for Sussex Police to re-investigate the case so that Billie=Jo’s killer can be found


For some reason it has just been announced that Siôn Jenkins will not receive any compensation for the six years in which he was imprisoned for a murder he did not commit.
This is perhaps unsurprising at a time when the government’s explicit intention is to save public funding. What is more, the Jenkins case was estimated to have cost an unprecendented sum of public money in the three high-profile trials which took place over a period of years.
The irony is that the original investigation was woefully flawed and that fact has never been confronted.

The Ministry of Justice’s insidious statement that it would not comment on individual cases, ‘but that damages for wrongful imprisonment were paid only when a person is shown to be “clearly innocent”’ is disturbingly imprecise and disingenuous. Despite its coy assertion that it would not comment on an individual case this is precisely what it has done.
In which universe does ‘not guilty’ mean ‘not clearly innocent’?
The issue of compensation is in fact specified by the Criminal Justice Act 1988 which states:
“S.133 Compensation for miscarriages of justice
(1) Subject to subsection (2) below, when a person has been convicted of a criminal offence and when subsequently his conviction has been reversed or he has been pardoned on the ground that a new or newly discovered fact shows beyond reasonable doubt that there has been a miscarriage of justice, the Secretary of State shall pay compensation for the miscarriage of justice to the person who has suffered punishment as a result of such conviction or, if he is dead, to his personal representatives, unless the non-disclosure of the unknown fact was wholly or partly attributable to the person convicted."


Oldrightie said...

I wonder how long before The UK is renamed The Cunt State of Europe and becomes an Alcatraz for Europe. Or has it already?

Woman on a Raft said...

Allowing for the undeniable fact that there have always been miscarriages of justice etc, has it got worse since about 1983, or is that just a trick of the light caused by being able to find out more?

call me ishmael said...

I always thought that the NewLab project,Mr OR, perhaps marginally more so under Gordon Snot than under Tony and Imelda would be happiest in charge of HMP Britain, that the instincts of most of them, even the small fry, nasty little shits like Glasgow John McFall, were fascistic; Woollass, Boateng. Tony McNutter, Douglas Alexander, these people were filth. The trouble is, of course, that they have set new standards for what parliamentarians, law enforcement and the courts can get away with; the current dog's breakfast of a front bench does not seem to be distinguished by libertarians or even liberals and I am sure will stop at nothing to cling to their I-Know-Best powers.

No answer to that, is there, Mrs WOAR; how can we know what we don't know but my guess would be that formerly it was mainly just the cops, these days the politicos and their stooges, Hutton et al, are up to their arses in frame-ups, cover-ups, torture and assassinations. Have a nice HMP Britain day.

mongoose said...

I am sure that the spooks have been ever with us. The odd poor bugger has to go because they are in the way of what the gaffers want. Thomas a Becket to David Kelly to Lee Harvey Oswald to Malcolm X to Princess Di. It is of course true that non-famous people croak or get croaked every day and we think nothing about it. It has to be true therefore that every now and again a famous or inconvenient person will just up and croak. Di - just a drunken crash maybe? I think that the difference now is the Press cannot be controlled. History can no longer be written that morning and be established fact by the afternoon. There are now too many people in the know. Too many opinions and too many ways for the inconvenient "facts" to get out. eg The third copper on the Kelly death scene. If he was a trainee why lie about him being there? Why? And so we have a little chunk of truth that undermines the rest of the story. But I think that is all different to the corruption of the police.

The coppers have always been fucking bent. Those of us from the West Midlands of the 1970s know it better than most. I cannot now recall the evidence and the trial but how difficult would it be, Mrs WOAR, to plant some of the girls' DNA in the Huntley/Carr bathroom? And then he is toast. DNA evidence and said databases are, I think, an open goal for the state to fuck us over any day they choose. They can put us anywhere they want us to be.

So the government has always fucked with the political class. If you play in that league, you take your chances. Ticket bought for the fray, play up and play the game. But the government using their spooks to fuck over an ordinary civilian? A Liberal government - even a LibCon one - should have no fucking truck with that at all. I hereby put my trust in the gallant Mr Clegg. He will save us from the abyss. Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

May I add Liam Byrne to your list of filth, Mr I? Oh, and a judge in the Northumberland County Court by the name of Holmes?

Mike said...

Over the last 10 years the State has declared war on its citizenry.

Agatha said...

Is it only 10 years? Way further back than that, surely. Mrs. T setting the police onto the miners and pouring concrete down the mines so that they can never be used again comes to mind. And that quote that Mr. Ishmael brought to mind recently - "unemployment is a price worth paying". Blair and Brown, despite their personal unpleasantness and greed at least led a government which did not slash the welfare budget, or at lease they hadn't got around to it. The Tories, though, certainly since Mrs. T, have conducted civil war on the working class. As Ismael says, Sane Old, Same Old.

yardarm said...

Even more than the careerist scum of ' elected ' office holders our fates are guided by an Inner Party of low profile bureaucratic mediocrities; O` Donnell, Starmer, Hutton and the Einstein of Threadneedle Street. Just as much as Jug Ears, Turnip Head and now these top hatted bastards they got us into wars, recession and the national security state.

Collectively this rabble have more arrogance than even the old aristocracy, who would make the odd concession when they sensed the imminence of the tumbrils. For them, even failure is a sweet prospect, as witness the pay off Lord Ian Blair obtained. As long as any pain is borne by the proles and not by them.

We may not be able to guillotine them or even send them to the dole queue but at least we`ve marked the fuckers cards.

call me ishmael said...

Blatcherism, that's what it was, ms agatha, the heirs to Maggie, try talking welfare to the millions in the Middle East and South Asia, slaughtered, tortured and made refugee with NewLabour's connivance and now with the self-aggrandising fervour of the slimeball thicko Cameron and his chums. Fuck party politics, there's only one party. Revolution's the thing.

Would that you were right, mr yardarm. Anyone notice the glee with which Mr FatFuck Pickles slashed three thousand jobs, yesterday, depite his being beasted for greed on QT?

It is worth repeating, endlessly - These brilliant Oxbridge minds, war, unemployment,hunger, despair followed by brief glimpses of unsustained prosperity and then more war, more unemployment, that's their contribution; why the fuck didn't any of these brilliant minds stop Hitler, let alone Blair and Brown; I'd raze those fucking places to the ground and every fucker in them, Eton, Harrow and the rest of them, too. All of them, Up against the wall, motherfuckers.

Agatha said...

"Fuck party politics, there's only one party. Revolution's the thing".

I used to think that, but this lot are truly frightening me. Every government has always waged war on external nations: for economic reasons, to secure the interests of the state in maintaining a balance of power or in securing resources; or to forge or consolidate what are seen to be essential alliances with powerful countries. They dress up their reasons for war in acceptable clothes: to help such and such an oppressed minority, to wage war on terror, or whatever, but the real reasons are always the same in foreign politics. It is the approach of our present masters to domestic politics which I describe as civil war: this assault on the welfare budget, and the public sector for their own ideological reasons. There may be a glimmer of hope, however, in that they have taken on the middle classes - who may just fight back when they see their own interests attacked.

Dick the Prick said...

Soz, slack; read it last night and haven't gone over comments.

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

All events transpire ergo, make it sterile. Clean up as you go along. The fact that people are stupid should in no way deflect from the fact that you're talking to them.

I love this politics stuff but it's looking a bit doubtful for an alcoholic, pot smoking, Yorkshireman to get anywhere without cracking heads together and i'm just not built that way. Love politics, hate politicians.

Am sure your back garden's looking splendid. Love to you & yours.

call me ishmael said...

Wishful thinking ne'er a tyrant o-erthrew. I don't know who or what the middle class is/are, ms a. Isn't it just a marketing term, a socio-economic division, isn't it, really, just some shite peddled by Consumerism?

But let's assume that you mean a section of the population educated, sort of, to degree-level and who hold posts and not jobs and whose spawn have Gap Years and Careers and who posture facetiously about the environment. I think they might well fight inwardly, for who retains the job - or post - like rats in a sack, but that all these years they have spent, managing the poor on behalf of the rich, have blunted any class sensibilities which they - or their parents- may have had and that they will acquiesce, like troops at the Somme, willimgly, in their own destruction.

The leaves are still on the trees, mr DTP, but I fear that, here, as across the nation, the Summer is gone and the ground's turning cold. I hope you have enough weed and booze to see you through Winter's coming storms; I hope we all do.

mongoose said...

And now we have another one - Eddie Gilfoyle. Just the eighteen years so far for the murder of his wife who hanged herself leaving a suicide note. Lies and statistics distorted. Reconstruction rigged and different rope used. Original rope destroyed by "mistake". Evidence "lost". Police notes suppressed... If they want you, they want you.

call me ishmael said...

I had forgotten that one, there are just so many, it's hard to keep up; is Jeremy Bamber in the running? Who knows? What we do know is that for so many to be framed, so many others to be let off it must follow, as the night follows the day, that all coppers are bastards.

Dick the Prick said...

Thank you, Mr Ish. The younger generation are a bit feisty. Maybe, there's hope! Cheers

call me ishmael said...

The younger generation, if you look at mr ptb's post further on up the road, are mainly a bit institutionally stupid, even the clever ones are stupid.

Woman on a Raft said...

it's hard to keep up; is Jeremy Bamber in the running?

Yes, and he is relevant here as my first instinct was to dismiss the original Anon's arguments about the Bamber case.

Then, three days later and the phone logs turn up of just before the shooting, hidden in 100,000 pages of police notes. (Doh! Like they never got me that way before, see Clark)

The logs are alleged to show:
1) Mr Bamber senior ringing the police shouting that he's sorry, but his schizophrenic daughter had managed to get in to his gun cupboard. (Mr Bamber seems like an idiot as he knew she had her problems.)

2) Jeremy Bamber ringing from somewhere else which was not the house, shouting to the police that his father had just called him and was in danger.

Now, the public haven't seen the logs so it is just possible Bamber forced his father to make spoof call, then himself made a misleading call. It depends on the veracity of call tracing at the time.

It is sufficient explanation, because such things happen, that delusional people sometimes kill their entire families and then shoot themselves, in exactly the way which is suggested happened here. It is also a sufficient competing explanation that Bamber staged the whole thing. He was, is, an upleasant bastard (like Jenkins) and the police and girlfriend may be quite right; he is the sort of person who would shoot you soon as look at you.

The issue here is whether he did in fact kill the family and yes, that is up in the air.

This article from a detective who believes that Bamber was rightly convicted makes a supported and plausible case which summarizes what was put before the jury. I shows Bamber manipulating his adoptive sister's schizophrenia to make a cover-story for himself.

The upshot is this: because there have been so many obvious miscarriages of justice it is becoming difficult to believe that any convictions are sound. False convictions are like forged fivers; they devalue the currency.

The Bamber case is currently with the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, I have never been persuaded one way or the other about this one, although my rule of thumb, knowing how the Lifers Section of the Home Office works, is that if someone is still protesting their innocence after twenty years then they generally are innocent.

Words, my Lord, words. Woe unto yue, lawyers, for ye have taken away the key to Knowledge.

If we use their language, mrs WOAR, we serve their ends; obediently we say miscarriage of justice as though this was some regrettable but natural event, when what we mean is frame-up.