Tuesday, 16 February 2010



It's By their words shall ye judge them, that's one of the maxims of we Presbyterians, so it is, and the ruffian, Dave Bully, finds ever more words to say, the closer that we might become to anointing him First Gabshite of the Treasury, and the more he says, the worse it sounds.

Today, promoting his Workers' Co-operative vision of Tory Public Service Heaven - no, honest - Dave was afflicted as usual with verbal diarrhoea of the Tory kind - precise, pensive, authoritative and well-articulated but still just watery shit, That's A Very Good Question, he squeaked between dysenteric splatters and splashes. Which I'm not going to answer.

Get To The Top Under Me, was the burden of his song today as he namechecked a handful of Asians and women, A-streamed by he and probably HeadMaster Gove-Spit of the skymadeupnewsandfilthTimes and a part-time Tory Know-It-All MP. These people, the wogs and the women, insisted the prat, Cameron, know that it is only under the Tories that they can get to the Top. You see, articulated Bullingdon Man, a career bully, Mr David Prat, with the Mayor of London,
at a meeting of the Bullingdon Co-operative Society.

ponce and slag without ever an original, attributable thought, however weedy, in his head, save that Prison Works, look you, boyo; see, look, niggers are joining the Tories, need I say more, they know its the only way to become white, like Trevor Phillips has

Sir Trevor MoneyBags, one of NewLabour's black Tories

and Oh, I dunno, lots of other decent white jungle-bunnies, Keith Vaz, there's another one, waddayamean, He's not a Tory, course he's a fucking Tory

he may well be in the Labour Party but that doesn't mean he's not a fucking Tory now, does it -

I rest my case ladiesangentlemen of wherever we are but mainly those watching me, at home, on telly. And women,too, loads of the bitches are on the front bench

Teresa Shoe-Fetish, Tory BDSM spikesperson, I mean spokesperson

Look how I've changed the party from being racist to being offensively tokenist, how's that for a government-in-waiting. And with my new policy-in-waiting, of making hospitals and social services departments into workers' co-operatives everybody now can get to the Top, only not the very Top, because that's where I sit, me and the jolly old Bullyboys, and occasionally girls, and we don't want working types up by us, fuck me, no. And the other thing is, of course, when they all fuck things up we can close them down without any difficulty and not have to keep-on paying them.

Mr Dave Bully outlines his socialist principles.

Join my co-operatives and get a fair share of nothing, fuck all, by the time I'm done, comrades.


yardarm said...

It says much for the state of Ruin in which we are in that the only alternative( not one I shall be voting for) to the insane and pathetic Brown is this bone idle scion of entitlement.

Flashman at Number Ten; George MacDonald Fraser you should have lived to see this. Or maybe you were lucky.

mongoose said...

I have to say that when I first heard about this co-operative daffodil-planting bollocks, I thought it was the BBC being biased and negative again. Alas, it turns out that they are really spouting this stupendous stupidity. I have never heard such a load of drivel.

Dick the Prick said...

Mr/Mrs/Miss Mongoose - ah, don't be like that, I'm sure there will be significantly more contemptible bullshit drivel along any time soon.

C Manson said...

Helter Skelter is coming down.
I envisioned ruin long ago,but no one listened to me. they just thought i was a nut.