Tuesday, 23 February 2010



Getting like Afghanistan, it must be, in the Tory party; the worse it gets the more they are winning, the more casualties they take, the more desperate it proves the enemy to be; they must be cursing this shitbrain dickhead, Cameron, and wishing they'd chosen gritty, working-class oik, man of the people, hanger, flogger and civil rights activist, Dave Wotsisname, was he an airline pilot, like Lord Tebbit of Telecoms, who knows, it doesn't matter, he's fucked anyway, teach him to go tilting at public schoolboys.

But Cameron, Jesus, dog in the manger, suit-and-a-haircut, that's it, promising no referendum and a raft, as they call it, of entirely necessary austerity measures, only not for him or his gang of buffoons; the austerity moves are so entirely necessary that neither he nor his gobby sidekicks can tell us what they are, until they are elected, although we can be sure that they will be designed to punish us for the failures of the financiers, and a jolly good thing, too; traditional Tories are going to be falling all over themselves to vote for that shit.

Cameron, never mind Blair-Lite, rather a thicker, stupider version of the worthless gabshite, Kinnock, leading his braying, A-list pinstripes decisively away from victory.


mrs narcolept said...

Apparently they are relying on there being a lot of Shy Tories out there.

Honest, not invent.

mongoose said...

"None of the above", Mr Ishmael, and don't you forget it. I shall take a big, fat, black marker and put a thick, black line across the whole sheet.

One has to say that the incompetence of the Tories, that they cannot even give this shower a good kicking, beggars belief. They could even say "Look, the economy is FUBAR. We are in for a horrible time. As some sort of recompense for our sins, if elected, we will spend our first term crossing out the draconian laws that have been passed this last quarter of a century, tearing down CCTV cameras and generally getting off the backs of the citizenry". They'd win by a country mile.

Almost as hopeless as the rubbish they will replace.

Outed said...

A1 Skippy.

Bunty Binstock said...
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