Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Rt.Hon. Clare Scarf, MP, en route to a Chilcotting.


These fuckers, you couldn't make them up. Had this gabshite resigned before the invasion, ideally with Robin Beard, who knows what would have happened?

As it is, well, all her mewling and puking won't put arms or legs back on maimed Iraqi children, nor raise the dead, as if, alongside her relentless, lumbering ego, that mattered to her.

Iraqi children, some inexplicably shot in the head, had a visit from Uncle Sam, after an IED incident killed some of their pals.

As they say at Guido Fawkes's PizzaHouseOfBlood, kill them now, they'll only grow-up to be terrorists.


mongoose said...

That's a little harsh, Mr Ishmael. (Back to philosophizing...) She did at least resign when every other bastard - honourable exception of Cook - shut up and kept their snouts in the trough.

As you say, too little and too late from the Grumpy Brummie but at least there was the little. Stroppy cow, btw, Catholic and family from the North of You-know-where. No love of The Presbyterian to be found there.

call me ishmael said...

Not as harsh as a gangraping and then a magazine of bullets from GI Joe, Mr mongoose but be that as it may, my recollection of Poor Clare's witterings at the time is that her objections weren't to do with the legality or morality of the war, as they call it, but with the longer-lasting inhumanitarian catastrophe which was to follow the initial inhumanitarian catastrophe of Shock and Awe and specifically of how much influence her department - and she - would wield and her resignation was to do with her own nation-building expertise being pissed-on, probably quite rightly. She's a Godless, heathen fucking bastard, RC for political reasons or not, and would have been still there if Blair had offered her Defence or the Foreign Office. Wouldn't she?

This fuckery was always a coup d'etat for oil, revenge and to protect and deflect attention from the true Axis of Evil, the House of Bush and the House of Saud. Acceptance of that silent fait accomplit damns all involved in it, however adroitly, after the event, they manufacture a conscience. Clare Scarf, poor, white trash, used in the hands of them all, like a fool, would now make fools of you and I.

A young Irish Catholic said...

Of course they didn't let her see the intelligence material. I had to read in the US edition of Newsweek that Short's hotelier Uncle was one of the biggest Republican fundraisers in the south.

Those of us from humble Irish stock found the Services and defence industry closed to them for no more reason than having an irish road worker father.

Now I know why, many years ago, Fatty Soames practically had Short spitting at him across the Question Time table when he asked her to condemn the IRA.

Seems that Ms Short will resign over a great big war, but not the smaller one on her door-step, part funded by her own family.

Oh roight?

mongoose said...

Of course, it was about the oil. The link between 9/11 and poor old Saddam a-dangling from his lonely gallows tree is oil-rich A-rabs getting fucking uppity.

Palmerston would have understood it. It was a demonstration of American power for the axis of evil. The axis of evil being those who don't play the game, sell us oil and lend us the money right back again. Jet fighter or a hundred sold here or there and we get re-elected too. The lives of a few rag-head children aren't worth a piss in a pot in Washington. Or Riyadh for that matter.

And I would not be surprised if Iran really was next. The pretend decolonisation of the Middle East has been weighed, found wanting and is being reversed. "This is payback me laddoes for 1973. From sand wog to plutocrat and back again in a single generation. Semper fi." Except for anyone called Saud, that is. Fuckers. Hang them all.

mongoose said...

The hypocrisy of the Irish of both sides is not lost on me, Mr YIC. One cannot complain about the cruelty of the other side if one is busy killing innocent people. Short is not without sin - she too has been at the expenses trough - but she did at least resign and quit the party. Grandstanding, maybe, but better than nowt.