Friday, 5 February 2010



Mr Gerry Adams has said that just as long as everybody does what he wants then he and his friends won't resort to what they do best, above.

It's a great day for democracy, said every murdering, thieving bastard criminal in Ireland. We get to run the cops and the courts and the jails, the ones they let us out of.

Pete Robinson the wealthy gabshite said just as long as people stop talking about my wife and the teenage boy, not that I've done anything wrong, then that's the main thing for the people of Northern Ireland. And Southern Ireland, said the Taisoch , Mr Paddy Fat.

I feel, said Mr Gordon Snot, the English prime minister, the hand of history on my cock, or is that that wee minx, Marty McGuiness?

Here, on BBC/Sinn Fein, we will continue singing Mr Adams' praises. It's what we do.


Anonymous said...
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call me ishmael said...
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mongoose said...

McGuinness running the RUC, eh? Where's me armalite?

Dick the Prick said...

Why didn't we just all spunk up a few tens of billions a few years back and forego all this drama? Oh, err.. hang on a minute - real life you say? You're 'avving a larf intcha? No? Oh fuck.

call me ishmael said...

It's good isn't it. Thirty years, billions of pounds, three thousand dead, countless maimed, tortured, buried alive and disappeared and now they get the keys to the armoury.

The RUC used to carry big fuck-off revolvers. Marty will no doubt want something a little more chic for the PSNI, let's hope we buy him what he wants. Maybe he can spend a night or two in Castlereagh Rd nick, helping with interrogations, just for old times' sake.

Dick the Prick said...

A walk down memory lane perhaps. 'Ah, I see you use a hacksaw these days, not like when I was a lad, meat cleaver dontcha know?'

It is disgusting, it is disgraceful but is it, is it perhaps sorted?

Now at least they may be able to understand Ruin as we know it. A Tory could never have sorted it, I hear the fuckers state that John Major opened negotiations but so the fuck what?

Easy to be utterly fucking cynical, easy to use justice, compassion, fair-play and even fucking righteousness to shout out loud - 'but look mum, they're fucking psycho, peado terrorists' but what good would that do.

Vaguely amusing - £20 billion, £30, even £40 billion - fuck all these days when we've got a £4 trillion noose around our fucking neck. Come, join the club you fucking cunts!

Bloody Sunday at £.5 billion and only going for 12 years is it?

Ah, well, they want devolution, they can fucking have it.

call me ishmael said...

They will be ring-fenced Mr DTP, too many reputations at stake - Spunky Bill, now Hillary Trousers, George Mitchell, Gen de Chastelain, Blair, Brown, Mandy, Mowlam, Nobel Peace Prize, was Dubya in there somewhere, the Dead Kennedys; Blair's gig in the Middle East depends on Ulster giving him a figleaf, they all depend on the Ulster chimps behaving like spoiled-rotten, bad-tempered children and not like the racist, bigoted, sadistic, murdering and torturing sectarian fuckpigs which they are.

I guess there will be a wish in Westminster that Ireland does a West Germany and reunifies but Paddy is skint, his economy as much of a pipe dream as ours, it's political elite as jailworthy.

The thing to do would have been to storm into Dublin, Belfast, Derry and kill the IRA, The UVF, The Butchers, the whole fucking lot of them, the mad bastards, there was more justificatiion for that than there was for the Iraq invasion and tell the rest of them Fucking well behave yourselves now. Or else. Zero tolerance, that would have made Marty think twice about unpacking his Black and Decker.

Dick the Prick said...

Ah, I dunno. I think i've mentioned before that i'm only 34. I've been doing this Tory political asst job for quite a small council but have 20 odd of the nutters to wipe their arse as they've lost all knowledge. Been reading Sir Wally's Old Mortality for the last few weeks and a quote jumped out on bus this evening:

'And yet, who shall warrant me that these people, rendered wild by persecution, would not, in the hour of victory, be as cruel and as intolerant as those by whom they are now hunted down?'

I like the fact that it's been done through money & bureauocracy rather than territory. That £50 billion, £100 - who cares? has done the deal. We've done Lisbon, we're completely skint, politics is at an all time low and they want some. They want the rent boys, the shield of corrupt coppers and bent lawyers.

It genuinely is the only good thing Labour ever touched but that's because they met their match. Kids will wake tomorrow, mothers will make them breakfast and then uncle will rape them. It's what they know and i'm happy for them.

13 years ago £50 billion would have seemed like a lot to shell out - now, in Ruin, 5 Hollywood films, 1.4 fake NHS computer systems that don't work. 1 year in Iraq. 1/4 of the printed money still wet in the Ferrari dealer's pocket, the coke snorter's nose. Guess you got to play the hand you're dealt and these bloodied nutcases played.

call me ishmael said...

Lovely, mr DTP.

woman on a raft said...