Monday, 14 September 2009



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Imelda BlairBooth BoothBlair, QC, the greediest Scouse woman in the world, is to divorce her husband, Cardinal Tony of WarsUlikeRus. I see very little of Tony, she told the Telegraph; he has his ten day scams in the Middle East and I have mine, here. I worked very hard to get where he is, sorry where I am, I am a successful lyingbastard QC and HerHonour Judge Imelda BlairBooth BoothBlair, in my own right; why should I give all that up just because Miranda changed his job? And why shouldn't I have half of the money, only not the kids, he can have all of them and not just the ones that are his.

I do intend to campaign for Gordon in the election, at least he's Labour, unlike my present husband, who isn't.

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You know, when I used to lie awake at night listenin' to our Tone strangling his Prime Minister's Edition Fender Stratocaster I used to think to meself, like, the world of power must be just bustin' with delusional, warmongering bi-sexuals, Tone can't be the only one. And yaknowwhat, he ain't. Half the bribes from Uncle Sam, half the pensions and Home Seckatry in the next Labour Govament, 'sthe least I deserve. Look what that Hillary's got. And she's a lesbo. Otherwise I'll play up.Align Centre


A young Lithuanian said...

A pretty undisguised piece in the Daily Dacre about Toni and how much time he spends away and how many of his friends are very rich homosexuals, like David Geffen......(seen here in his boat with his friend Toni).

Bit like Burrell, who his now ensconced in the US with some very imposing close male neighbours. Mrs Burrell remains in Cheshire, trying not to think about her husband's behaviour when in Royal Service.

call me ishmael said...

Readers feeling insufficiently enraged by the conduct of our masters should, indeed, follow mr lithuania's kind link, above; those with heart conditions should have their nitroglycerine close to hand.

call me ishmael said...

Very much in the Blair mould, Burrell. I always wondered what his Mrs made of his claims to have been near-suicidal over Princess Slapper's death or murder. I betcha she has a story to tell.

woman on a raft said...

Makes me all nostalgic for the days of Ronnie and Reggie, who did much the same trick of putting politicians and celebs in the same room and thinking they had a swell salon.

The money has got much bigger since then, but the dynamic seems to be the same.

mongoose said...

Just the one million to fill the fuel tank, eh? How unlike the home-life of just about everyone else on the planet. Ghastly, horrible, horrible fucker. A nice rifle and a good long scope is what we need.

Caractacus said...

I quite like the idea that Tony Blair enjoys the company that he chooses. From my very limited experience, these sorts of people are odious in the extreme and on that basis alone, Tony is in his milieu. Personally, given the choice, I'd rather be pruning Mr. Ishmael's hedge that play tennis on board the Rising Sun. My only regret is many people might envy Mr. Blair and not Mr. Ishmael.