Wednesday, 16 September 2009


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mrs.raft said...

The Lib Dems have been menacing my door again - but they know what's good for them and shove their leaftlet through the letterbox and run away. Their flyer reminded us of the results in the local election.

The suprise was that the Labour candidate still managed to persuade over 200 people to vote for him. OK, I can understand the loyalty of immediate family but his proportion of the final vote was around 1/12th.

That means that if I am standing in a bus queue with seven other people, one of them voted Labour.

Well, it wasn't me, so how do I identify which one needs a slap to wake them up? I like to do my bit for democracy.

call me ishmael said...

Ever since I placed a sign in the window saying Presbyterians Will Be Hanged, nobody of that kind comes here, nobody, not even those impudent bastards, the Jovas.

The TUC is full of those one-twelfthers. It is hard to know what else, bumbling and well-meaning, they can do, than bluff and posture, orchestrated by traitorous wankers like Woodley and Barber and Prentiss; quiffed and suited-up, lamely soundbiting like their masters, the union poodles are a sorry sight as they set their members up, once more, to be Ragged-Trousered Philanthopists, steer themselves to Quangos and peerages, You won't get me, I'm part of the Establishment, 'til the day I die, 'til the day I die.

PT Barnum said...

Having suffered from a domestic veto on my sign, which read 'If you're a god-botherer don't bother me', I have had to content myself with accusing all the doorstep proselytizing folk of being heretics who were hell-bound. I fear a sign threatening death to such upstarts would not survive either.

Mrs B said...

How do they get away with it? Now the unions are getting more taxpayers money from Brown to fund Labour’s election campaign. What utter bastards they are. Postal vote fraud is next, a dead cert for this ‘banana republic’ but does anybody care?