Tuesday, 8 September 2009



Elby the Beserk said...

My youngest lad's 31st yesterday as well.

What a great song Burlesque is. Only saw Family once, at the Bickershaw mudfest starring the Dead and Beefheart. Well impressed with Family.

Swiss Bob said...

Lovely, the first was very reminiscent of the Seventies and I loved the guitar in the second, I was completely transported.

I saw the Floyd once or twice in the seventies and would go and see Dylan until he got religion, the daft bugger. Led Zep at Nebworth in '77 was also something special.

I could have seen Coldplay in Geneva or Zurich last weekend for free but gave it a miss, anyone think I missed anything?

Thannks Mr Smith, you're a scholar and a gent.

call me ishmael said...

I saw the mid secenties Steve Miller-Beefheart-Pink Floyd Knebworth, the one where Floyd opened the set with a pair of Spitfires or Hurricanes, faux-strafing the crowd; bombastic and overblown even then.

I only know three songs by Family, these two and The Weaver's Answer but you'd have to swap any one of them for the whole Robbie Williams output; the guy just vamping there on his EKO 12-string, the drummer on tambourine, the odd frill from the Strat and a gentle, occasional bass note, My Friend the Sun, with a harmonised chorus and which I hadn't heard, only in my head, for decades, this is fine english folk music isn't it; Burlesque as potent and swaggering and vtal as anything by Frankie Miller or Alex Harvey.

I dunno who Coldplay are, Mr Swiss, but I guess you made the right decision.

Mothers ruin said...

Fucking good band. Distinctive,quirky and entertaining. I loved the power of Chappo's voice,and his take no prisoner attitude. The band members turn up on many other albums,across a wide spectrum.Talented,and probably blessed,in avoiding the Robbie Williams level of popularity.
Fucking Cold Play? Music to down valium to.