Thursday, 10 September 2009



Greetings, people of the Brown Republic of England and, as we say in my country, A Horse's dick up your arse. Despite eforts by myself and others to bring your country into the fold of civilised nations I am angry and repulsive, innit, at the scenes in your city of Scousepool; angry and repulsive and despicable.

His victims in my country will be enraged by the sight of the convicted criminal being cheered and embraced by his fellow terrorists on the streets as they drunkenly sing Ferry 'Cross the Mair-sey and Maggie Maggie May.

Just because Mr al Megrahi was entirely innocent and his Appeal would have embarrassed, to put it mildy, the CIA, the UK government and the thievingbastard bent Scotch judges is no reason for Mr Kenny McStraw to pardon him. Since when has innocence, in your great country or in mine, been anything to do with justice?

The English torture minister, the learned and noble Mr Jack Torture, said that he was minded to consider himself technically and morally innocent of all charges of predatory sexual harrassment of parliamentary subordinates like Gisela Stewart or the one who drank herself to death, technically and morally innocent of lying to the UN about the late Mr Saddam Hussein, publicly strangled as a New Year offerering to his employers, the Bush family, morally and technically and might I say completely innocent of endorsing evidence obtained durng flights by the CIA's holiday division, Air Torture and in fact morally and technically innocent of anything and everything, rather like his son, Gimpy Will, the drug dealer. And freak. And, may I say, to all my critics, a Horse's dick up your arse, too.

Before being whisked away by skymadeupnewsandfilth to help them invent his story Mr al Megrahi was seen joining friends in a chorus of You'll Never Attempt Murder Alone, You'll Ne-e-e-e-e-ever Attempt Murder Alone
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A young Lithuanian said...


As usual.

narcolept said...

And in another universe, Mr 'Mad' Frankie Fraser complains that he didn't oughter a been sent dahn on account of the trial judge having been biased against him, and Mr 'Rather Irritable' Charlie Richardson appeals against conviction on the grounds that e never dun it, well not with an electric drill anyway.

Mothers ruin said...

If memory serves me right,the judge's father was a prison governer that Fraser had attempted to hang on a South London Common. Pity he didn't run into Ron Davies instead.

Old Guidostein's pizza parlour said...

Fraser was on the local London news last night with Richardson and he freely admitted that he attacked the Judge's father on Wandsworth Common.

Those two old buggers making excuses for what they did in the 1960s was the most bizarre thing I've seen.

Mothers ruin said...

Yet another paradox of life. The juxtaposition of inhuman actions with their interpretation of "Gentlemanly Behaviour" is all too familiar to any that have come across these characters.
But a punch in the face,is a language that they at least,understand.