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From Comment is free, the Guardian, today.

My running commentary in italics, but not in the Guardian.

The BBC's disgraceful BNP stunt

"The BBC should not provide a platform for fascism. If Nick Griffin appears on Question Time the only winner will be the BNP. ( Lets just confine the free publicity to ourselves, whores, cheats, liars, thieves and warmongers, eh?)

The BBC whose lavish salaries and expenses paid for by the poorest of the land are (sic) obsessed with media stunts as they watch ratings slump (Gordon Brown, of course, is not.) Last week, it was Adam Boulton announcing he would "empty chair" Gordon Brown if he refused Sky's pompous demand to debate on Boulton's terms with other party leaders. Now it is the BBC that has staged its publicity coup by inviting Holocaust denier Nick Griffin on to its flagship Question Time Programme.
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Is there outrage? No, the liberal world slumps deeper into its armchair having a little moan about how nasty the BNP is, while the mainstream parties meekly agree to appear with Griffin. (Yes, but the armchair will be sourced from ethically progressive suppliers, that's the main thing, consumerism with a conscience, NewLabour style.)

Inviting the BNP's Nick Griffin as if he were the same as a senior politician from a democratic party is a stunt too far. The only full-length written work by Griffin – Who are the Mindbenders? – plays on old Nazi propaganda that Jews are the secret controllers of the media. As with Griffin's denial of the Holocaust and the BNP's ideology of hate against Muslim citizens, the core ideas are directly descended from the pre-war fascist era. ( Never stood applauding though, has he, as Shock and Awe blitzkrieged urban populations, most of them wogs.)

Yes, they get votes in low turnout elections from folk concerned about immigration. But not one in 10,000 voters knows Griffin's record. The argument advanced by Peter Preston in the Guardian and Matthew Seyd in the Times , as well as the Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander in the Daily Mirror, is that debating with Griffin somehow exposes him and his loathsome ideology.

If only. Question Time is not about rational debate but a ping-pong of point-scoring and gimmicks for cheap applause. ( Is it flagship then or not, HMS Chuckles? Can't have it both ways.) Some of the audience will snarl at Griffin, some will cheer, when he denounces the number of foreigners in Britain or damns the EU. Sunny Hundal has advanced cogent arguments demolishing the myth that this is about a free exchange of views from which the BNP will emerge the loser.

In fact, the only winner will be the BNP vote-bank. French TV journalists went through the same arguments as Jean-Marie Le Pen rose in the 1980s. He and other National Front politicians were elected to Strasbourg, the French national assembly and local town hall. They had MEPs, deputies and mayors. Like Griffin, Le Pen was obsessed with Jewish questions though his main focus was Muslims, other immigrants and pulling out of the EU. But each time he appeared on the French equivalent of Question Time, his votes went up and the other party leaders spent their hour abusing each other as Le Pen just smiled at their political antics.

Today, French TV journalism is wiser. Yes, as an elected politician leading a legal party, Le Pen is reported and awarded a share of time on the election news, just as Griffin has the right to. But given the undemocratic core of his views on Jews, Muslims and immigrants, French TV does not treat Le Pen and the National Front as just another party. British broadcasters should follow suit.(les frogs, cheese-eating surrender monkeys, according to NewLabour's paymasters)
If the argument is made that an electoral mandate confers the right to be boosted by the BBC on Question Time, why not the hundreds of independent councillors, or the other small parties who win seats? (Why not just ban party politicians altogether and Question the people, or is QT the pigs' programme by divine right?)

This is not about democracy (and nor are you) but about the BBC losing its sense of moral balance and editorial integrity.(Oh, Dennis, you are a wag, when did the BBC ever practice balance and integrity?) The BBC, rather than the Daily Mirror and Searchlight, should be exposing Griffin – not boosting his insatiable ego. As he enters his eighth decade (old enough to have been born during Hitler's Reich), David Dimblely should refuse to provide a platform for British fascism.( That would leave him a very small pool of politicians to entertain.)

Gordon Brown should make clear that no Labour minister or MP will appear on Question Time to validate this disgraceful BBC stunt.( Aye, Dennis, there's democracy) Alan Johnson has spoken for most, if not all, Labour MPs and activists by making clear he will not help Griffin up the political status scale by appearing with him. ( Better employed finding new ways to harrass, bully and imprison his fellow citizens.) Labour MPs will discuss this at the party conference and Labour's high command should listen to those who fight hand-to-hand with the BNP on the doorstep before caving in to the BBC.

David Cameron, too, should remember that when Enoch Powell made a racist speech in 1968, the Tory leader Ted Heath ended Powell's career as a front-rank Tory MP. Heath went on to become prime minister. Cameron and Nick Clegg should be as brave today. All democratic parties should make clear that if Griffin appears on Question Time, David Dimbleby can have him to himself.(Strange h0w Dimbleby's regular, ruthless suppression of the voice of Everyman never excites McShane's RentaGob ire.)"


MacShane was elected by those voting tribally for a gang of careerists who hijacked the Labour movement, he considers their safe-seat imprimatur entirely legitimate, that of those who voted, perhaps despairingly, for Griffin, less than so.

MacShane, his party, the Tories, and probably the Ulster Undertakers Party, maintain that the slaughter of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan is the flowering of Western liberal democracy before which all right-thinkers should prostrate themselves.



MacShane, fretful that his oily bombast, his bullying and his shameless greed will see him thrown out on his arse, now casts himself as scourge of the neo-Nazis, heedless, wilfully, that he is a Strurmbhanfuhrer in their bloody ranks; what a piece of shit.


lilith said...

Yes, the man is truly loathsome. As to the empty chairs, no doubt they are these. The MoD treated themselves to hundreds of them in a refit too.

Anonymous said...

Like a naive youngster,Griffin points out the fact that the Emperors tackle is on full display.Doesn't make him a child prodigy,just an observant kiddie.
If only you,Mr Ishmael,had centre stage,instead of watching in horror from the wings,perhaps the whole ghastly show could be brought to an early end.

Elby the Beserk said...

I'm not so sure the BNP will gain anything from being on QT. But you may well be right. What we do agree on is that Dennis "I collect laptops" MacShane is a cunt of the highest order. Have had some email exchanges with him, and had to back off to avoid getting FTAC on my case :-)

PT Barnum said...

These so-called democrats never seem to grasp the fact that one must choose between "freedom to" and "freedom from". Freedom from murder is obviously preferable to freedom to murder. But it's either freedom of speech for all or speech for no one but the state-approved.

Griffin is an odious excretion of empty-headed bigotry and, while he fancies himself as a sharp operator in becoming the acceptable face of white supremacy, I am glad he is not half as clever as he thinks he is. Put a really smart demagogue, in the Blair mode, at the head of that under-evolved and shambling idiocracy and we would really have something to fear.

call me ishmael said...

Any chance you might expand on that FTAC shit, Mr elby ?

the delicacy of democracy said...

yes, bbc exposure will furnish the bnp with a fa├žade of disrespectability along with all the other pre-fabricated fascist parties and will hopefully bring their sorry sympathizers wriggling out of the woodwork for public consumption.

call me ishmael said...

That is a valid expectation of what might ensue; equally valid though, mr the delicacy of democracy, is the overarching construct of the BBC in thrall, inescapably, to the uniparty establishment, whichever shade of fascism it is sporting this season; of the BBC itself being a far graver threat to the freedom of the citizen than a regiment of Nick Griffins. N'est ce pas?

There are those otherwise sensible individuals who confuse the Guardian/Radio Four mindset as a cerebral highpoint of discerning, ethical political consciousness; here, we think it's horseshit.

Elby the Beserk said...

FTAC. Welcome to the Lubianka

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, Mr elby, I couldn't get beyond a page or so, makes the blood run too cold.

Caractacus said...

'....the BBC itself being a far graver threat to the freedom of the citizen than a regiment of Nick Griffins.'

I suspect that this comment would be incomprehensible to most people and heresy to a few. One of the joys of coming to this blog is saying to one's self, ha..ha...i'm not alone in my thinking.

spark up said...


oui oui bbc mouthpiece of the governing fascist party, bnp seeking seat at high table. d'accord?

ah radio 4...reminds me of daddy digging the garden, compost and horse-manure (the term we use to refer to this substance in polite company)