Thursday, 30 December 2010


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Speaking on the non strategic defence review, Lord Roberston of Dunblane, aka ArseFace,  introduced himself by declaring, in his dreadful, self-important whine,  an interest: I am wholly owned by a US Defence Corporation.  The ghastly little shit, Lord Boateng of Gob and Bullying, didn't speak. For a fucking change. Both, as befits NewLabour Grandees, were expensively clad, obnoxious, know-it-alls, unrepentant, though the country lies Ruined, at their greedy, bloody hands; stalwarts of  the Byers-Hoon-Hewitt shame-free, post-retirement activities industry - ugly,  warmongering, degenerate, thieving fucking bastards.

It is pure coincidence, on a historical note, that George ArseFace, was suddenly whipped away from  being a Westminster MP to become Nato supremo, just as peeople were asking questions about his connections to the author of the Dunblane School Massacre, the nonce, Thomas Hamilton, whose firearms certificate application he supported. Pure coincidence. That'll be why the Dunblane papers are sealed for seventy-five years.

*Old gargoyles, off Thatcher's cathedral, a phrase from mr yardarm describing the ghastly old toads, Heseltine, Young and the dreadful Maude, now rehabilitated by CallHimDave, the famous Eton fuckwit.


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Fuck me, what a pair.

Tho' Boateng had his missus to contend with. She was a little brisk with the black house servants, not what it seems, lost on translation, what with them being peasants from the townships, not like me and the missus, first world sophisticates an all.

Robertson. Well. One of the biggest, eye watering, scandals never to have surfaced. Have the boys driven to the boat, will you Thomas?

yardarm said...

That did make my blood run cold: Dunblane, 75 years ? Dirty work at the crossroads.

About time they closed down the House of Lords. Just another entry on these bastards C.V.s: and like Boateng and Robertson and now Prescott, Christ help us, they are the clowns you wouldn`t trust to shovel shit from A to B.

squiffy said...

Albert said...

Shame the amount of misses the Palace of Westminter has got through,Cromwell,Fawkes,airships,Luftwaffe,IRA,Liebour,I think the building is so ashamed with the trash that's in the building professing to be MP's in the place for Public duty and the Lords all has beens with so called vast knowledge of the world,that the next Fawkes will take the building down hopefully at a full sitting of both lots of liars,time to start again with a fresh sheet of papers and use the Palace of Westminster as a car park,that would save us lots on money and pay it's way.
The two "Lords" in the picture,I really wouldn't want to comment on either of them but I'd rather trust a thief than those two.

mongoose said...

Why isn't that bastard Robinson in jail? In any reasonable country, he would be shackled to the wall in the lowest dungeon in the land.

call me ishmael said...

And thereby, mr m, is displayed Ruin; I mean, what chance for Decency, in the face of this? Layer upon layer of mutual, cross-party blackmail, an unbroken anal daisychain of the rankest, vilest, wickedest corruption, running from up Scotland way, down to No Man's Land.

There are commenters, you know, in the right wing press - the Guardian and the Telegraph - who honestly believe that one day Tony and Imelda will stand trial, for theft, embezzlement, treason, war crimes, you name it, Mr Clever, at CIF, believes it, though he need only look at George Arseface to see his hopes dashed; why doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Truthseeker link now dead. Redirected somewhere irrelevant, probably for the next 75 years.

Move along, nothing to see here..