Tuesday, 28 December 2010



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Lady Sir Elton and his husband, Mrs David Furnish, an independent film-maker who makes films about Lady Sir Elton, have bought themselves a child from a surrogate mother in the USA. Lady Sir Reg, 65, and Mrs Furnish, 48, look forward to being just like any any other normal parents.  Kicked out of Rumania, last year,  for trying to adopt an orphan, the revolting millionaire arseholes have shown that when Decency stands in your way, there is always the free market. 


mrs narcolept said...

There's nothing to worry about; EJ does not smoke.

mongoose said...

Unspeakable bastards need the usual. It is not the gayness or the simpering freakshow of a celebrity baby. Old people should be looking after little children when they either happen by accident or when tragedy or mischance brings with it duty. Christ, I am of a normal enough age for my kids' ages and I am exhausted half the time. The notion of this mad, fat poof declining into his grey years but still sodding about with a toddler on his lap is just too much. And then the nanny will be the real mum, and the chauffeur will be the real dad... Aw, fuck it. Call for the mob and we'll burn the swine out.

Woman on a Raft said...

And then the nanny will be the real mum

No. The mother will be the real mum and always will be. That is true whether people choose to face it or not.

Does anybody else want to throw up at the idea of selling humans? I thought we had outlawed that; instead I find we have just passed enabling legislation to allow some poor bitches to be bribed as brood mares.

While we are here, allow me to nominate to Kim Cotton for a punch in the gob for her sanctimonious role in facilitating these abominations.

All togevver nah:

Island girl What you wanting with the white man's world
Island girl Black boy want you in his island world
He want to take you
from the racket boss
He want to save
you but the cause is lost
Island girl, island girl,
Island gurrrrl
Tell me what you wanting with the white man's world

Actually, I hadn't though Dwight was a cunt, but Mr Ishmael has been proved correct yet again.

call me ishmael said...

Quite the personification of Ruin, mrs woar, is reggie; a grotesque, ill-mannered, bad-tempered narcissist, a lacklustre pianist, endlessly recycling a trio of indistinguishable songs, a fast one, a slow one and a mid-tempo, alright for an album or two; his whole output doesn't approach the distinction of even one song by Jackson Browne or Richard Thompson or John Prine or Tom Waits or countless others of his generation. His decades of exploitative promiscuity and exploitative drug abuse should have disqualified him from honour but then they give knighthoods to anyone, don't they? Even his much-publicised "charity work" - as AIDS foundation - is a ghastly bunfest for the rich and degenerate, who wouldn't give a sick person the time of day unless there was a photo-opp in it. A life utterly disgusting and this latest outrage puts the feather boa on it.

The nation seems equally divided about the happy event, which, I suppose, is better than one might expect. The heterophobes generally get their own way - the Guardian insisting that Furnish and John have become parents.

He was married, one time, wasn't he, might have fathered a sprog, then, naturally; as it is, we can anticipate young Zachary becoming a trophy in a custody battle, that is if the poxed-up looking Elton lives long enough.

mongoose said...

You are, of course, right, Mrs WOAR. The mother is the mother.

chinker said...

Quite the personification of Ruin, mrs woar, is reggie; zachary what i was thinking

richard said...

Thss is wrong.Too low for zero? Adoption is a sign that something's gone wrong. Adoptees are often not what they should be. Read "the primal wound"

call me ishmael said...

Wordplay, mr richard, the final frontier.