Thursday, 30 December 2010




The public will know that as a minister in  the unelected govament I do my bit for charity, a five per cent cut in my salary of £140k is quite a blow, let me tell you,  one which I can only absorb by judicious management of my expenses, otherwise the loss would come out of my pocket and not theirs, as it so clearly should.  But like all politicians, I like to lead not by  example, but by insisting that  people do as I say and not as I do. Fuck me, no, where would we be if the whole country carried on like us. 

Many of the public,  it is true, once we get going, won't have any salaries or indeed benefits from which to make charitable deductions but we are giving them an opportunity, nevertheless, to make a contribution to charity. Govament  servants, lightly armed with Tasers and CS gas and cattle prods will be touring groups of unemployed and homeless people and taking from them their wedding rings, nose piercings  and suchlike  - rather like those AnyOldGold adverts on the telly, except that in this case they won't even get the derisory tenner in return - and we will then melt them down to help fund the royal wedding, about  which the whole country is so excited. We have a thousand year tradition, at least, of the poor giving to the rich and we in the unelected govament of shit-eating arse bandits, flagellators, necrophiliacs, child molesters and Simon Hughes are committed to maintaining and extending the opportunities for people to give. Sieg Heil!
(gets cock out and sings: Tories, Tories, uber alles.........)


Maude, the cunt, and his thieving chums in the banks have announced that when withdrawing their cash, those who have any, people will be able to simultaneously make a donation to charity. You have to laugh because if you cried you know you'd fill a lake with tears.


Oldrightie said...

Last lot did the same with my pension and no chance to say no. At least, so far, I don't have to donate out of what little the bastards have left me after tax.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, but it was the right thing, then, for the country, a sol-you-shun; didn't prime minister Snot say so, many times? If he did it, it was the right thing.

The idea, however, that the nation wallows in frustration at not being able to easily donate its small change to the govament of Maude and his thievingbastard chums, not to mention the millionaire cabal on the other benches, is risible, cheesy cunt.

yardarm said...

Cameroonian gimmick bollocks, to give the impression they`re no longer the nasty party, like the increase in the DfiD budget. As you say, risible cheesy cunts indeed.

Probably another manifestation of this Nudge guff; Big Society, Third Way, do the cock trumpets have any idea of how they sound to normal people ? No.

call me ishmael said...

If they had any sense, they'd keep this cunt in the back room. But then they're rehabiltating Tarzan, aren't they? That'll upset His Grace, the Lord Tebbit, poisonous old thief.

yardarm said...

Tarzan ? Young ? Seem to recall Maude himself was something in Johnny Y Fronts Cabinet: a cunt, probably. It`s like Night of the Living Dead with all these old gargoyles off the face of Thatcher`s cathedral. As if Osborne and Clegg weren`t bad enough.

But wait Junior has a few eighties relics himself to hand: any bets Kinnochio may re surface, always assuming he isn`t on some taxpayer funded gig. Which would be a fucking first.

call me ishmael said...

I'll post a pic for you, further on up the road, mr y, make your blood run cold.

Robin Cook O' Gargoyleland said...

I'm free !

call me ishmael said...

Yes, Cookie was a gargoyle even before he was a gargoyle, shrivelled, reptilian, little ginger bastard; I think he probably died of ugliness.

Anonymous said...

Francis Maude was given a pupillage in the Attorney Generals Chambers because his father was the speaker of the House of Commons.He witnessed fully the cruelty of David Cocks Q C making his young pupil barrister, a clever orphan who fought her way through university and law school,groomed by David Cocks Q C her pupil master,and made pregnant by David Cocks who then threw her out of chambers for refusing an abortion.She had to struggle on her own.Not one kind word was said to her except by Sir Derek Spencer,and Maude was in a positio to have shown some humanity.Cocks gave her only £16.24pence a week for the child,yet Maude never said a word about the cruelty,a word from him could have helped her.The father David Cocks never speaks to his son or sends a card and when the child was on a life support machine told Derek Soencer he couldnt care less if his son died,the child was only a few months old and the mother very very unsupported.