Wednesday, 29 December 2010



Zac Fishpaste was last seen bullying Jon Snow on C4 News, every inch the obnoxious, braying, hysterical, Don't-You-Know-Who-I-Am Tory pig. Channel Four had shown the temerity of  questionting his election expenses and the nasty spoiled brat couldn't  bear being questioned, I'll have you, he blustered, all of you, almost adding, I'll have you horsewhipped, Sir.  On 22nd December the Electoral Commission ruled that Fishyboy's expenses WERE irregular but not, in the time honoured Establishment way, irregular enough to involve  the cops, fuck me, no, the man's an MP, albeit for the swinefields of Richmond Park. 

Although the EC was sharply critical of  Herr Fishpaste, the golden child himself saw its failure to call in the filth as a complete exoneration of he and his gang of rich bullies, we are completely vindicated, he crowed, even though they weren't, not by any means. Must be the Eton education which brings out this quality, cuntishness,  that and  the fact that although he claims to be variously a journalist, an activist and a politician, his old man, Sir Jams Fishpaste, a bucaneering business type, left the little prick three hundred million. A Cameron Conservative A-List Tory fuckpig, Zac even betrays his old man completey, Sir James it was, who founded the Referendum Party, as far away from Cast-Iron  Dave as it is possible to be;  that's what they're like, these A-listers, scum.

Zac is exactly the type of rich, grotesque, vicious, unprincipled  bastard characteristic of the cabinet - apart from poor Mr Spit-Gove, of course, and Dr Cable, who are paupers - why hasn't fellow rotter and stupefyingly incompetent charatan, Cameron, found room on the front bench, surely they can find space for one more Flashman;  it's what the country needs, a useless prick like Goldsmith.

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