Wednesday, 29 September 2010

YES, WE HAVE NO BANANAS. David Miliband condones torture of Binyam Mohamed? (C4 News, 10.02.10)

Is this arsehole really the golden boy of Old New Labour? Is suppressing information in the British courts the hallmark of a gifted, talented - all that shit - prime minister; are slavish obedience to Tel Aviv and the CIA what the People's Party values?

As his gormless brother, former minister for windmills, waffles along about his useless and pointless "leadership" and the conference denies anew the founding purpose of the workers' party, reaffirming its devotion to totalitarian consumerism, this turd slopes away, happier to be in a shitty soap opera than in court where, along with his masters, he belongs. That the Labour Party fawns over either of these two repulsive good for fuck all ciphers tells us all we need to know about uni-party Britain; a choice between the Millibands, Balls, Burnham and the increasingly preposterous, freeloading Abbott on the one hand and the wretched, political failure, Cameron and his whipping boy Clegg, on the other; it's no choice at all, a politics hijacked and mediated by skymadeupnewsandfilth.

I think he was very sincere in his speech, don't you? Yes, I do, reminds me of that Tony Blair, when he was younger. Yes, and his wife's pregnant, too. Only she's not his wife, not really, not being a Jew, like. Or is it Jewess?


Dick the Prick said...

You answered your own question in the first paragraph; that's what Labour gets yer, fake men, built on sand.

It's the moral vulgarity that pisses me off. They paint Tories as cunts yet at least illegal wars are acknowledged pretty quickly. I've no problem with torturing guys, i've got more of a problem for there not being processes involved monitoring it because the fucking foreign sec hasn't got bollocks. Officers obtain authority from elected peeps - just paid service. I've no idea if torture helps but it's certainly involved in retribution.

Looks like elder Militwat is off. Fucked up family to do this in public.

Best to yours

mongoose said...

I have to admit to being more or less completely ignorant about Ed - an invisible, seems tedious at best, irrelevant nonentity. Dead David seemed like a cunning chap for a while but cowardice is fatal in politics and he has gone the way of all his kind. To the Brillo sofa with him. Anne Widdicombe Fair next to him, perhaps. Thursdays won't be the same.

Woman on a Raft said...

Comes to something when I can defend Burnham as the best of the bunch and the one, given the constrained choice, they should have elected.

As for David stepping out of front-bench politics; yeah, right. Don't turn your back, Ed.

If you've got two boys in a political family it is obvious what you do: one for each party (not counting the LDs, obviously). Get in to properly organized production and you should be able to have one in the judiciary, one in banking and the idiot in the church. I'm not expecting miracles; the Milibands were never going to spawn soliders.

lilith said...

We don't need these bug eyed politicians. They all have bug eyes.

Elby tells me that Ed was called "the Emissary from the planet Fuck" by Bliar.

call me ishmael said...

I thought the same about Burnham until, here in my Dundee hotel, watching sunriseofmadeupnewsandfilth with Eamonn Lard, I saw him interviewed; there was a moment or two of the conference and then it was all about the previous day's football match between MPs and slags from the press and it was revealed to be just as we always say it is - their putrid handful, politicians and journos, against our powerless horde, an eternal fixture which they always win.

Careful, Lilith, that's the new Benjamin Disraeli you're dissing there; it's just that he doesn't do God, or Jehovah, just like Tony didn't do God, Ave Maria, Oi Vay and Hava Nagilah day.

Funny, Mr m, how even the most lacklustre foreign secretary in history, the nerd whom the entire world thought was a sixth former on work experience, President Hillary Trousers' plaything and a man with less courage than a hamster, metamorphoses, now, in skymadeupnewsandfilth's hour of cliche-need, into a giogantic statesman, a great loss to whatever it is.

As to fucked-up families, unkind persons have been saying that the Ed-thing's totty is not of the tribe and he, therefore, cannot do the decent thing by her or the baby Ed-things until his mother is dead and up there with whatever it is they have instead of angels; some angry, punitive, vengeful, patriarchal sonsafuckingbitches, no doubt. First closet Micks and now closet Hebes, Jesus fucking wept. Aren't there any fucking atheists in politics?

black hole sunset said...

You've nailed it there, Mr Ishmael. What worthless, cowardly sacks of nonentical shit the pair of them are. Their ascent to shabby, bogus prominence has been media and stage managed from the outset. It's not too long since it looked like Moronovitz and Finkelschei├č might come to blows over felching rights at the heels of The Boy David. The lad's a fucking prat.

There's no secret than couldn't extracted with the thoughtful and sustained application of essentially non-physical interrogation techniques. The instigation of Black Sites and the attendant gung-ho, straight-to-video shiteating of "enhanced" interrogation is a symptom of the personal cowardice of politicos on both sides of the Atlantic.

It's gateway snuff for a new authoritarian class.

call me ishmael said...

It is a grim thought, isn't it, torture as infotainment, but germane, given the prominence of te likes of Kelvin McKenzie.

black hole sunset said...

It is, Mr Ishmael. They really are All In It Together, just not in the sense they hope will be supposed by the majority of those hearing their words.

It's a while ago now but I remember arriving at work one morning to find an example of what you rightly term a shitrag face-up on a desk in the open-plan kitchen area with the dead, mutilated face of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi staring out of the front page for all to see.