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His victim, seen being assaulted in the police station, is a fifty-nine year old woman who had  fallen asleep, entirely free of alcohol and other drugs, in her car.  One, just one of Andrews's colleagues, a WPC, complained about his conduct and he has been found guilty of assault and faces six months in an open prison, somewhere. That he felt able to perpetrate this  offence in full view of the force's own CCTV cameras, makes the blood run cold

Andrews throws his victim to the floor, knocking her unsonscious

 only returning to the cell after, drenched in blood,
she regains consciousness, to bully her some more.

‘We respect the decision of the court and the force has formally apologised to the injured lady for the assault she suffered while in our care"   said Assistant Chief Constable  Geenty of Wiltshire Police. That's good of him, eh. Cunt.

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Oldrightie said...

The bastards on full pay, still. Mind you if he loses his pension that will give him some reflection.

lilith said...

"'No matter how good our systems and training, it is impossible to give a 100 per cent assurance that acceptable guidelines will never, on occasion, be broken.’


PT Barnum said...

Yes, now our wonderful police force (emphasis on the force) need guidelines to guarantee they do not behave like the worst kind of thug or the nastiest apparachik of a police state. Common decency and reason have to be left at the door on the way in, so the only answer is a committee-written rule-book.

yardarm said...

Just watching this on the news. Hopefully this bastard, as an ex copper will get his just desserts in the nick. We all know about Tomlinson and de Menezes, but this comparatively low level filthcrime is probably just one of many.

And Scotland Yard on Rupe`s payroll ? Wouldn`t be the first time. ACPO a company ? Who shall guard the guardians ? No one, obviously.

Crimond said...

It is no good trying to cover up for the woman. SHE WAS IN A CAR. That is more than ample reason to cause our wonderful police to risk their careers to keep us safe from such vile and evi; people.

call me ishmael said...

Well, no-one else has comlpained, whines the ACC, Geenty, all dolled-up in his braid, like a Ruritanian admiral, the worthless piece of shit. If his thugs treat a sixty-year old woman like that, is it any fucking wonder nobody complains.

The underlying point, which Geenty ignores, is that Andrews felt perfectly at ease in his behaviour, it didn't happen in a dark corner or in a police car but right before the cameras, he was obviously accustomed to this shit, felt no-one among his psyched-up, wimmen-hating cocksuckers would report it.

Be very interesting to follow the career of the whistle-blower - publicly she's getting a commendation but is likely to suffer a breakdown, or some such wimmen' complaint, further on up the road, maybe imagining that she's being harrassed to death by her heroic colleagues, you know what wimmen are like.

Oh, one other thing. You know how your whoreson nonce, well thay just can't protect him from other cons in the nick, no matter how they try, the beasts just keep on getting razored, scalded, battered, killed ? Never happens to a copper, funny that.

Yes, Guidelines, fantastical, isn't it?

the noblest prospect said...

Yet more evidence-were any needed-of how pernicious is Ruin's grip and the deep and utter contempt in which we are now all held.

How many such incidents are never recorded or never reported?

I think, Mr Ishmael, you label this correctly. Not simply a few bad apples.

jgm2 said...

Just read the article. Look at the cu*nts. Looking to arrest her for being 'drunk in charge of a car'. The battery fucking well flat, the engine stone cold and they were still trying to arrest her for being 'drunk in charge of a car'.

No requirement at all for you to be actually driving the fucking thing while drunk you see. Or indeed for the vehicle to be capable of moving. Just drunk in the vicinity of your car would do for the cu*nts.

Think on that the next time you have a few beers at your own fucking BBQ and then go out to the car to get a CD or the bag of charcoal you bought earlier.


ANd they'd have fucking well got away with it too. Some fucking magistrate cheerfully handing out a years ban for refusing to blow into their fucking bag.

'I smelt alcohol on her breath your honour do I asked her to provide a sample...'

No fucking business even asking for a sample.


Agtha said...

I once worked with a rent boy in my capacity of Probation Officer. He had been playing up, so the police restrained him by twisting his arm up his back until it broke. Because he complained that they had broken his fucking arm, they broke it again. He considered making a complaint against the police. But his solicitor left our client alone in a room with his legal assistant,a former police officer, who spelled out how dangerous it was for a man in his position to complain about police brutality. You see, he was, as Graham Greene's detective in "Our Man In Havana" explained, one of the torturable classes.
Our British policemen are, of course, wonderful.

mongoose said...

What was it again? Oh yes. All coppers are bastards. And this one is a coward as well. Miserable, vile little fucker needs a good kicking.

black hole sunset said...

Completely and utterly shameful.

It's a small miracle that the video evidence didn't trip up and bang its head on an erase button, as is so often the case.

Elby the Beserk said...

Six months (i.e. three months). And he still hasn't been sacked.

Say no more.

Woman on a Raft said...

Criminal prosecutions take precedence so the disciplinary action, except for suspension, has to take place after that process.

The employment law process also has to conform to fair trial standards which includes that the outcome must not already be set, no matter how obvious it is what will happen. That's why there are dickering phrases such as "almost certain to be sacked" i.e. it must not be a foregone conclusion.

Employment law is geared to keeping people in jobs. It's not secret - it's all in the employment law handbooks. You can sack people for gross misconduct but you have to be able to prove it because the defaults on the system are set so that if you can't, the claimant automatically wins their case.

This is also for the very good reason of protecting people from employers who would otherwise use trumped-up claims of gross misconduct to avoid paying properly, then the ex-employee would have a heck of a job getting either paid or employed again.

Like most safeguards for the protection of decent people, it can be and is exploited by the indecent.

A decent man who was supposed to have been so sorry in court would have resigned so as not to bring dishonour on his badge and pleaded guilty. Thank you, it only hurts when I laugh.

As there is a chance the police may decide not to hold the disciplinary hearing until after the appeal, this should keep him on full pay and rations for who knows how long.

Why the judge didn't kick it up to Crown Court for sentencing is being asked, but at least DDJ Peter Greenfield is on record as saying something more robust than usual:

Deputy District Judge Peter Greenfield added that the 37-year-old ex-soldier presided over an atmosphere of "bullying and intimidation" at the custody suite where he worked.

He was also furious with evidence of two PCs and has written to their bosses in protest. The pair said Pamela, arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after being found asleep in her car, had been "violent and aggressive" when the footage shows her unsteady and submissive.

Judge Greenfield told Jeremy Barton, defending: "You called two arresting officers whose evidence I don't accept." He also attacked the behaviour of a third officer.

I am currently double-checking which Jeremy Barton was defending with a view to nominating them for the "Is A Cunt" award on the basis that the defence rested on trying to shred the victim's reputation in court records and to keep insisting she was drunk, which she was not, which was why the arrest was unlawful in the first place.

They never offered her a breathalyser, having no reason to do so, and the whole thing was wrong from start to finish. The police just didn't like being told to shove off, if a grown woman wants to have sulk in a motor, that's her affair so long as she isn't drunk or causing a dangerous obstruction.

Surprisingly, I do have just one atom of sympathy for Andrews and that was when he shrieks "I'll find out why you are here" and has clearly not been given even a bare explanation by the arresting officers, who then start lying to cover their worthless arses and should be facing perjury charges, but won't.

Andrews is a shit but the rest have let him carry alone what is also theirs. Note the largely successful strategy of the nobs who suggest that this is nothing to do with them; they didn't hire him and fail to supervise him for years.

callmeishmael said...

It is a painstaking and thorough explanation, as usual, from Mrs WOAR to which I can add little save that maybe DDJ Greenfield felt that his comments and his criticism of the arresting pair might not have been made by a higher court where criticism of the police is still - a la Denning - seen as inimical to the public good, even if it is entirely justified and that his public excoriation, therfore, was more important than referring the matter to a higher court which had the power but perhaps not the inclination to pass a heavier sentence.

This is another example of police malpractice which pisses in the face of the one-bad-apple argument, reinforcing my oft-applied axiom - a self-evident truth - that all coppers are bastards, it simply cannot be otherwise, the courage of the whistle-blowing wpc in this case being the rule-proving exception.

It is a small miracle that the CCTV equipment wasn't unfortunately broken; Mr BHS is entirely correct and not merely satirical, time out of number evidence disappears, either into the shredder or, if material goods or substances, onto the black market an dunto plod's boating or caravanning hobby.
We are all, not least mr elby, often fiercely critical of the NewLabour Extravaganza for its brazen and well-documented crimes but few of us, maybe overwhelmed, ever criticise its failure to even attempt to reform the wholly crooked and brutal gendarmerie which this episode, escaping from the dark, so grimly illustrates. Given the corruption opf national government, its beholdenness to skymadeupnewsandfilth and its whoring of office to the likes of Mittall, Ecclestone, Haliburton and Ashcroft, it is no wonder that the widespread criminaloty of law emforcement is so cynically tolerated. If there is any way on Earth for Mr Andrews to keep his pension it will be found, pour encourager les cochons autres, austerity - and decency - be damned

mongoose said...

And, Mr Elby, he is now in the jug and he still hasn't been sacked - "pending appeal". Or so I read the other day. Beggars belief, so it does.

The Wiltshire Police website BTW is a word portrait of cant and weaselling.

mongoose said...

And, now - you cannot make it up! - the fucker is out on bail pending appeal, presumably still on full pay. There are not enough satirists in the land. I despair of it all.

yardarm said...

They look after their own, Mr Mongoose, no doubt pending his promotion to Inspector. Hopefully his appeal will fail and this shining example of Wiltshire`s finest will learn what bullying really is, on the wing but no doubt this piece of human filth will be protected.

ACPO drones are now whining for their meal ticket to ne protected so they can handle the righteous wrath of the populace; well, we knew where their loyalties lay.

yardarm said...

And their colleagues in Bedfordshire have snapped to it with alacrity to warn some herbert he`s banned from the U.S for life for calling Obama a prick in an email. POTUS may slumber safely in the knowledge that the quislings here will shield his dignity from the ribaldry of English youth.

It`s a good thing the vastly overpromoted Detroit youth club manager doesn`t venture onto this site.

call me ishmael said...

Is there a link to that, please, mr yardarm?