Thursday, 30 September 2010


Pontificating on the dreadful, pantomimesque Question Time:

"The IMF have backed the Coalition cuts and they're independent."

 Aye, independent bankers, Simon. Wanker


mrs narcolept said...

I am surprised he could be heard at all over the endless interruptions from that Dimbleby.

call me ishmael said...

Oh, no, he didn't...

jgm2 said...

I've been wondering about the sudden, non-too-subtle shift in the BBC Mr Ishmael. I used to rage against the fuckers when they were apologists-in-chief for the Maximum Imbecile. When they were making no waves at all even as Britannia borrowed 40bn quid a year as early as 2003/2004 just to make the payroll. Aye, miracle chancellor that Brown, longest period of growth in recorded history. Genius he is.

Even as the fuckwitted voters remortgaged themselves another 200bn quid every year 'cos our house went up' and pissed the whole lot away on imported Chinese shit.

And now I'm noting the BBC leading with the news that 10,000 Public servants are earning more than the PM. Hmmm. Wonder what the subtext of that little snippet is.


Do you know Mr Ishmael, it's almost as if the BBC is not an independent voice as it so often claims but is merely the propaganda wing of whichever government is in power.

We are at war with Eurasia. we have always been at war with Eurasia.

I hope they move on swiftly to telling us, for the next five years, what a complete shower of economy-wrecking incompetent cunts Blair/Brown/Labour were.

call me ishmael said...

How can it be otherwise, what with the license tax and everything? Unless, of course, we accept that million pounds a year man, and worth every penny, Mark Thompson, the parasite general, really is a man of principle. I think the Directorate and the unofficial directorate - the likes of Paxman and Humphreys and Kearney - the, what is it now, the journalists - are marginally happier with Labour but, Hey, MediaMinster, we're all in this together, Lib, Lab, Tory, Fleet St and BBC mumsandads all doing the same school run, dining in the same gaffs, in the case of Blunkett and Hoggart banging the same slapper. All in this together, that's what they are. Hope they manage to pull through.

yardarm said...

The IMF is funded by the central banks of the major economies. So, not independant at all. And we all know how good central banks are, look at ours. Managed to stop that recession, didn`t they ? Kept a watchful eye on the casino banks and all that reckless derivative trading, eh ?

And this wanker Colin Bean of Threadbare Street, wants savers to splurge all their money to kick start the economy. And he`ll keep interest rates down until you do spend it on ' imported Chinese shit ' as mr jgm2 said.

And as if melon head Hughes wasn`t licking his lips for when Clegg properly plops in the shit.

mongoose said...

Independent? My fat arse are any of them independent. If all coppers are bastards be as sure that all bankers are craven fucking savages, parasites, leeches who would eat your granny. Hang them all.

As for the BBC and anti-Labour media. Don't make me fucking laugh. Every single last one of the fuckers - leaving aside the dimwits at the Telegraph - are in truth lying pieces of dog-shit. They're not even really pro-Labour; they're just anti-Tory. Now, there is much to anti about with the Tories but they are not so because they believe anything. "I saw a poor person the other day. From the window of the train while Priscilla and I were on the way to the weekend house. Shabby little man working at the trackside in the rain. He seemed to be growing something. Or trying to. He didn't look terribly happy. He put me in mind of those mediaeval serfs. You know the O-level ones - with the wee strips of land from the Counc-, the Lord of the Manor. We must just do something for them, Darling." I'd close the BBC News outfit this very day. Padlock the gates and sow the land with salt. Stick to fucking Eastenders and Bullseye and leave that truth and honour stuff to the grown-ups. Fucking horror show freaks. The lunchtime Radio5 woman was at it again the other day. Some phone-in guy got on and said that he had two points to make. "Just one, love", she said, the horrible bastard. The poor guy was instantly mind-fucked. Just a moment. Two points are more useful than one, are they not? They might even be related points. We might get a wee nugget of insight if we set Point 1 up alongside Point 2. It's called something, isn't it? Forget who she is - middle of the day radio 5 - but she will first up the gallows steps come the day. Horrible, horrible, self-satisfied, down among the little people, condescending, rancid monster.

PT Barnum said...

I have just returned from a place without visible politicans or politics. It was lovely. And now I want to go back there, away from the mendacity, ignorance, pseudo-drama, dissections of politicans' personas, the whole shoddy edifice of MediaMinster and its parasitic sucking on the national body. I'm now utterly depressed. How much worse is this going to get?

Take me back to the Channel Islands, someone, anyone, please?

call me ishmael said...

It is going to get a lot worse, mr ptb, both the acuality and the reportage.

The Scottish Highlands and Islands, although Mr jgm2 disagrees a little, are the best part of England, better even than the Channel Islands inasmuch as the residents pay their taxes and there are fewer retired gangsters/policeofficers.

It is the only comforting advice I can offer.

call me ishmael said...

I don't do R5 mr mongoose but the BBC news operation is so wrong for so many reasons that you may just as well watch skymadeupnewsandfilth where they don't usually pretend to be journalists, just entertainers and Murdoch arselickers.

A proper national broadcaster would simply not permit the lifelong tenure of so many of its "stars" from Paxman to Nicholas Parsons; odd how they can so sonourously trumpet the "no-one has a job for life any longer" blues, when so very many of them do. Apart from Moira Stewart. But her case was different. She was a wog. Or very nearly.