Wednesday, 1 September 2010


  This,  just now, on a page purporting to examine  Blair's Booky-wooky,  tickled me.
Today 03:50 AM
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Where is the moderator?

I detest Tony Blair.
However comments like those made by amcgrath have no place on this or any other website.

The Daily Telegraph should apologise to it's readers for letting it through.
Today 03:20 AM
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what a complete cunt.


Woman on a Raft said...

I note with irritation that Newsnight mentioned the papal visit will cost over £12m, and all because Snotty didn't know how to behave properly.

In a fit of jealousy against Blair he bullied the old man in to agreeing to a visit, it defiance of all the diplomatic protocols which require that the Palace issue an invitiation to another head of state. A measure of Snotty's delusion is that he imagined he really was Queen.

The Palace and the Vatican probably would have quietly let the matter drop if he hadn't run down the steps of the Vatican and made a press anouncement.

Instead, both the Vatican and the Palace ran round covering his arse for him. Great. Another £12m which might have gone on something useful. If any British Catholics wish to see the Pope, it's only a matter of bobbing over to Rome on a coach or a plane. It's not like a three-month pilgrimage.

Send the bill to the Barclay Bros.

call me ishmael said...

Sometimes Kirsty is just too much for me and I shy away from Newsnight, sometimes for weeks; she's on, also, at the moment, in what would, without her, be a middling interesting series about the nation's home movies, amateur documentary, not the other sort, I think it was an episode of that, with her gushing and smirking, hard on the heels of her doing that all the way through Newsnight which did it for me this time, so I didn't see that one.

You know my views, I think he should be arrested, the Nonce-Protector General, never mind invited over here for a photo-opp, now never to be, with the Reverend Snot.

There was a Belgian lawyer on WATO t'other day, defending some disgusting noncing monsignor and what I can't understand is that, even now, the Church takes it upon itself, is allowed to take it upon itself to investigate, judge and "resolve" these most serious of crimes, anybody else is straight down the nick and gets a ride in the Van of Shame, courtesy of PC Plod's being a stringer for skymadeupnewsandfilth.

The official, governmental and prosecutorial line on all this holy Noncing seems to be one of complete indifference, maybe a case for Mr Peter Tatchell making a citizens arrest. Or maybe Esther Rantzen, she's hot on child abuse. Or she says she is. A lot.

mongoose said...

But the Church has been at this since St Peter was in short trousers. Hide, conceal, power, cheat, lie, deceive. Suffer the little children to come unto me. It is enough, as we have said before, to make a train cry. Organised noncing that makes your Scottish lot's shenanigans look positively amateurish. The only safe option is to hang them all. And start with the Popenfuhrer. You could not make it up. Ghastly corrupt little fucker.