Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I was down at the hospital, today,  not in  St James's Infirmary, getting the death stare, joining in the fun, just a three-monthly eye check, see if any more of that crackling,  smokey laser surgery is required. There was an old boy in front of me. Well, seventies, with one white stick and one brown. He was lively, fully compus mentus and a wee bit reluctant to be led by the hand into the consulting room, No, I can manage;  he could,  but at the cost of a banged shin and a near-tumble. This is what we are like, all of us, No, I can manage, I don't need any help.

He was accompanied by a worker from his care home, she in her fifties, earning a pittance, maybe contributing to a four grand  a year pension; she will have been through Disclosure Scotland and will have received training in Lifting and Handling and First Aid, Food Hygiene, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, Medication Training, Infection Control and fuck knows what else, probably hugely more skilled, more valuable than a subsidised barfull of guffawing, sanctimonious, whoring MPs. They, the blind man and his carer,  were from off the mainland, come in on a ferry, in her own car;  it was an allday gig, checking this man's eyes.

Back at the home people will cook his meals, do his laundry, administer his medicines, change his dressings if he has any, try to raise his spirits when they flag, read to him, maybe, adjudicate over telly and radio disputes, help him to the toilet, clean him when he soils himself, flirt with him, even, flirting with the old boys, it's part of the furniture, in geriatric care, lassooing the past for them,  reviving, briefly, a time of teeth and morning tumescence.  Ah, those were the days, If I was fifty years younger, lassie, such a time we'd have. I didnae always have yon catheter.

There will be OT and trips out, church services, visiting chaplains, nurses and doctors, nutritionists and physiotherapists, cooks and cleaners, clerks and drivers - all the parasite scum, in short, of the public sector, who, dazzled by the usurers'  horseshit,  we fervently believe we can no longer afford,  why should money be wasted, tending these feckless old folk who didn't save for their old age. As if more than a privileged few, reaping the Rewards of Obedience,   can "save" sufficient,  when wages are set at little above survival levels and in many cases below, when BoomanBust come around with monotonous, unemployment-is-a-price-worth-paying, blood-curdling regularity, merely in order to keep the majority in line, the celebrated Masters of The Universe stealing far more than they could ever need as  decent,  working people fight and die in eternal,  successive Battles of Britain - is this, Cleggy's bollocksaganza, the latest such;  is this hammy, immature, corruptible, pipsqueak buffoon, the new Winston? - as if we are become as a nation of supplicants in the Dragons' Den, emceed not by the odious, twittering man-scamp, Evans but by the poxed-up, bitching,  gangsters' moll, Osborne,  an entire nation mesmerised by facetious deficit reduction fetishism,  the same journalists, idle, expansive wankers who lionised Gordon Snot, now demanding our heads, our jobs, our pensions, in return for a bit of access to to the current crew of shameless charlatans, feeling its way around Power's new Ouija Board, Cunts, all of them. Begging for this or that crumb from Filth's dining table, the nation, seemingly to a man, appears convinced that the so-called cuts - the theft of their rights and entitlements by smarmy thugs, generations-steeped in villainy - will fall only on their particular, personal betes noir, and not on them, or their parents or children, fuck no, or themselves, Fucking morons.

Stalin or Mao or Winston would've had a way with these fucking so-called financiers, these jumped-up shopkeepers and perfume salesmen,  Lord fucking Adair Turner, Ruin's own gobby Officer of the Watch, Mervyn King, his sleeping pilot, who gives a flying fuck what these people say about anything,  they don't know any truth which corresponds to mine, just spin and lies and the sophistry of   shared degeneracy and entitlement; these inbred, interconnected families of greed and corruption and their insistence that our money, our country,  our hard-won, imperfect  civilisation  is actually their own personal wealth, on loan to us by dint of their  fucking kindness, and now they want it back.

Forget socialism, Obama is Wall Street's willing lackey,  happy to beggar blue collar America, in obeisance to his masters, in the hope of another four-year stint of cankered glory, a fool, a knave, a clown;  but we knew that from the get-go, when he and his dreadful, interminable, sing-song  didacticism stepped up to the plate, as they say, over there, in the Madlands, in the home of Yes, we can't. 

They must all come from some subterranean Mould of Emptiness, all humanity siphoned-out,  Obama, CallHimDave, Sarkozy, the dwarf pimp; An-Gula Merkel, the sourfaced, betrousered kraut hausfrau - why do so many of these powerharridans wear only trousers, don't they know what makes the world go round, don't they understand vive la difference, if they don't understand that, they understand fuck all -  only the bandit Berlusconi evinces any human traits, and his are all the wrong ones.  Wrapping us all up in a blanket of Euro- or  US- totalitairianisme, consumeriste;  nicely in debt, nicely obedient, made docile by a thousand cuts, all in this together,  that's their game. A pan-global form of advanced national socialism, light on the socialism, heavy on the fascism, liberal democrat fascism,  of course, all who want them shall have gender-reversal operations, Jesus fucking wept. Anyone even looking askance at a revolting ladyman is an enemy of the state. It's what they came into politics to do, fuck-up everything, absolutely everything. For the grandchildren.

The old man,  at the beginning,  didn't fight in the 1940 Battle of Britain - the one which the current unelected prime minister attributes to the Americans, the arsehole - but he would've done, I'm sure, if born  twenty years earlier and  called to.  From the gist of his conversation he worked all his life.  Proper work, from the look and the sound of him. ( I remember once hearing Richard Ingrams, back when he was in his right mind, saying how he recoiled when some fellow panellist on a radio show said to him How Much he'd enjoyed Working with him. Working? said Ingrams, Working?  Now, here in the future, we have legions of undead, walking sphincters, flitting from studio to studio, working, my dear, so hard. You people, in the shops and on the building sites, you don't know the meaning of real work. And over now to Janet Teeth Porter, and this week Janet is joined by Yasmin Alibhai Muslem and David Aaronobitch and his impossibly miniscule beard) I don't know if his carers encourage his involvement in, his awareness of  these toxic current affairs and I hope, counter-intuitively for the friend of an anarcho-plumber, that his news diet is heavily censored;  blind,  weak and frail, travelling,  I guess, on Death's omnibus, sitting in his ante-room,  the knowledge that, to the unelected poltroons, gangster and hypocrites in the house of commons, his life was problematic to the national profit and loss account, might be more than he could bear.

If we had a government worth a badger's turd or indeed any government - and not just a branch office of Bilderbergs - it would say, well, maybe you can have your money,some of it, a bit of it, in due course, but not at the expense of everybody else's comfort,  health and livelihoods,  not by decrying vital, hard-working, underpaid careworkers, easing life-and-death's miseries for increasing millions of our fellow citizens;  not by some repulsive, whey-faced, pampered Oxbridge cocksucker rebuking the genuinely workless for their lifestyle-choices, life's fucking hard enough without you greedy cunts making it worse and if you don't like that, how about we shoot a few of you, you know how that goes, Up against the wall motherfuckers, Do you want a  blindfold or do you wanna look Greed's desserts in the eye ?


mrs narcolept said...

I wish you had a thing that would let readers give a post five stars.

Clarinda said...


Agatha said...

****** and the rest.
Mr. Ishmael, yet again, a tremendous piece of writing and insight. If anyone in the blogosphere knows of anyone whose writing is better, whose judgement is sounder, whose knowledge is more thorough, whose compassion is as deep, well, post the link - but I won't believe it even when I see it.
The Tory Government seem to have forgotten the mistakes made by their predeccessor Tory tyrants,notable Mrs. T - they are going to trial the removal of disability benefits in Aberdeen, Scotland - just as Mrs. T trialled poll tax in Scotland. What do they think - that we are so far away from London that it really doesn't matter what they do? Like the Highland Clearances? Or is it all a punishment for failing to vote Tory?
Hope the crispy,smoky lasers keep away from your baby blues for a while yet, Mr. Ishers, and God Bless You - you are a good man.

Forgotten but still not gone said...

Amen to that, Miss Agatha. We must hope that your health improves, Mr. Ishmael.

Flibbert said...

"...- why do so many of these powerharridans wear only trousers,"

It is so that they do not get their knickers in a twist.

jgm2 said...

I shouldn't worry Mr Ishmael. Thanks to the extra 25% per head handed out by the English taxpayer to the ungrateful wretches of Scotland then old 'uns such as yer man from the islands will continue to be looked after at public expense, his house and lands preserved in their entirety to pass on to his kids who are probably too busy working in England to look after their old pa.

Unlike the elderly of England who, if they need long-term care, can go into some pile-em-high-and-charge-the-taxpayer-a-fucking-mint establishment fronted by some major Labour donor whilst treating the elderly in their (insanely expensive) care like shit. See Eyes Passim.

And, down in England, go into that 'care' in the knowledge that on their death the English NHS will seize their home and flog it to recover as much of those insanely expensive costs as possible. I've long held that the much trumpeted recent increases in Scotland's population is a returning home of returning retired Jocks keen to preserve their cash and property, throw themselves on the mercy of the Scottish NHS and ensure that their kids and grandkids, safely and sensibly down in the South of England, get their due inheritance.

We're going the way of the fucking French Mr Ishmael. All dumping our aged relatives on the state while we all fuck off on holiday. Too busy to look after them you see. And anyway - I've paid my stamp ain't I. The same French model that saw several thousand old folks die one weekend during a heatwave because they'd been dumped in poorly air-conditioned 'care homes' or simply abandoned in their own homes by their families while they all fucked off for the weekend. Well, they'd paid their stamp hadn't they?

Where's this old boy's kids? Why aren't they running him acrosss to the mainland? No doubt the reason, the excuse, is that they had to work. Maybe both have to work to afford the insane fucking price of the house that they bought while 'no-more-boom-and-bust' was exhorting us all to borrow more fucking money. Go on. Go on. Go on. Borrow more. I've abolished boom-and-bust. Get on that property ladder. Borrow more. Keep my economic balls in the air for another year or two so I can get elected in my own right instead of on the coat-tails of that fucking Blair.

jgm2 said...


That bald cunt Byrne wasn't kidding when he left a note 'Sorry, the money's all gone'.

It has all gone. And the 200bn quid they printed. That's all gone too.

Cameron has promised (for what that's worth) to preserve funding to the NHS.

But to pretend that we could, as a nation, increase the public payroll by one million whilst awarding practically all of 'em inflation busting payrises to the point where fully 10,000 of the fuckers earn over 150K a year and the average public sector pay is now more than the average private sector pay. PLUS all the holidays (compared to private sector) PLUS the generous pension (compared to private sector).

To do all that using borrowed money. To encourage the population at large to borrow hundreds of billions for houses that aren't worth 1/4 what people have paid.

Jesus Ishmael.

We shouldn't be starting from here. We should never have got to here.

The economy has been systematically destroyed by that cunt Brown. He, and I'm sure the Labour MPs who still have a job, must be secretly laughing their fucking heads off about having managed to dump such an economic clusterfuck on the Tories. Knowing full-well that there is no painless way to sort it all out. And loving the fact that the Tories will be getting the blame for clearing up their mess.

And we both know it Ishmael. Labour won't give a fuck who suffers as a result of their economic fuckwittery and savagery. All they care is that some other cunt gets the blame. The sooner to have their turn at the wheel again.


And the coalition talking about cuts of 25% to 40% in all other departments. Which means that in effect we will be p[aying those departments to just show up for work and do fuck all. The 'savings' will be made in actual output. Bob Crow and cunts like him will get their way. Their members will continue to be paid for doing fuck all.

And we'll see then how much the unions give a shit for actually working. Mark my words. They'll be quite happy to show up to 'work', play Minesweeper all day and knock off again. But if you suggest they take a paycut or work short time so they can actually do some actual work with the money saved and preserve everybodies job then you'll see fireworks.


jgm2 said...

And, because I'm on a bit of a roll...

I was down in M&S earlier today picking up an 80th birthday cake for the M-I-L. But what caught my eye was some notice up on the counter about how M&S had been certified by some bunch as complying with the EU WEEE directive.


Well the WEEE directive is to do with forcing retailers to take back your dead PCs and electric razors and digital cameras and all that techno-shit that has a shelf life of about 18 months. Not much objection to that to be honest. But which cunt id awarding 'compliance certificates' to M&S in between sticking his hand up to support the latest idiocy in the Big House?

Non other than John-Fucking-Selwyn-Fucking-Gummer.

There's our fucking economy Ishmael.

Enforcing compliance with screeds of shit generated by (sometimes wellmeaning) jackasses. Setting themselves up as experts in WEEE-ing or whatever. Close to the legislation as it's rubber-stamped. Already forming companies to take advantage of some deadline that they know is just down the road.

Got a letter from the CUNTS who fitted the aeriating thing in the septic tank when the folk before us replaced the system. Why haven't we heard from you? Where's your fucking annual maintenance contract. Why haven't you signed it? You're responsible for making sure the shit doesn't pollute. 2002 legislation requires you to.... pay us money...

Oh do fuck off. If the pump breaks I'll fix it myself or buy another one. I don't need you cunts coming out here once a year to tell me it's working for 130 quid a visit.

Compliance this. Compliance that.

But this is what our fucking comedy economy is reduced to. That and house prices going up 10 - 15% a year. And borrowing. Lots of lovely borrowing.


yardarm said...

One colossal drain on government resources is government itself; the sheer executive incompetence, whichever opportunist is in power. All the reorganisations, initiatives,reviews,task forces, target setting, league tabling, performance indicating,auditing, contracting out, quangoing, consultancy hiring, hiving off, privatising, more reorganising since Thatcher`s time in most policy areas must have cost billions.

Maybe enough to pay for every old blind person in the country to have a dedicated carer. The bureaucracy will probably continue along with the careers and pensions of the Treasury and Bank of England jokers who didn`t see this crap coming and who let Brown and the banks continue with their gravity (and sanity) defying eternal boom.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr jgm2. That we have a Zombie economy, sustained recently only by bloodsucking personal debt-for-consumption and ZombieGrowth based entirely on inflated house prices and sales of High Street tat is not solely the fault of the population but is more directly attributable to the jokers mentioned in mr yardarm's second paragraph. Some of us, for sure, rang Zombie Warning bells, in my case, in the very early years of Ruin's Millenium; some of us did not heed Brown's axioms - that we must spend spend spend to sustain growth whilst we must simultaneously save save save for a pension which we rightly, justly assumed we were already paying for. But many believed what they were told in concert by Church, State and skymadeupnewsandfilth, by the CBI, the banks, the confederation of small businesses and by useless, neutered union arseholes like John Monks and Dave Prentiss, anxious for a stroke from Tony's benevolent hand.

As for militant unionism, well, give me Mr Crow any day, from now until eternity, in preference to Danny Boy Alexander and George SpunkFace Osborne of the Russian mafia. I would rather the trains didn't run at all than that we had five years of faceshitting from the house of commons. Wouldn't you?

Brown did not do all this alone and while it has been good sport to write as though he did, such is just entertainment; the people jointly responsible squat still, largely, on the Great Latrine of State, bombard us from skymadeupnewsandfilth with the latest made-up news and filth and pay themelves massive wages and pensions from sweatshopped, overpriced lifestyle emporia like Marks and fucking Spencer. I will return to your misunderstanding of the ratio of pay and pension between public and private, in another post, but it is exactly the opposite of that which you so obediently trail, as though this was the Daily Mail. If we remove from the comparison the TWO THIRDS of private sector employees whose employers make no contribution to employee pensions but merely stuff their own pots, we arrive at the unfortunate truth that private pensions are massively greater than public; we also find that the more "elementary" - menial - the worker, the better they are paid in the public sector, but better only by a few pounds, those few pounds including the pension contribution; we find that women are treated broadly with equality in the public sector - shame, what a thing - but not by the likes of Sir Stuart Arse of M&S, that cunt Sugar, or any of the giants to whom we are told we must pay close attention, like children, listening to a stern uncle, a roomfull of stern uncles, in fact, all expert in "reorganisations, initiatives,reviews,task forces, target setting, league tabling, performance indicating,auditing, contracting out, quangoing, consultancy hiring, hiving off, privatising...."

Only, in short, if you wish to eat shit with every meal, can you believe this bollocks about unaffordable pensions. What will be unaffordable will be those millions of unpensioned private sector employees forced on to means-tested supplementary benefits when they retire potless, having been fucked by billionaire employers - and by you, apparently - into believing that their enemy is actually their fellow-worker.

I endorse the general, despairing tone of your remarks, as you know, but I feel it is a shame that you apportion blame down the wrong end of the telescope, so to speak, so readily reproaching those least to blame, thus implicitly exonerating the true culprits, the ZombieMasters. I will come back to this; as to your approach to care of the elderly it needs fuller illumination than you afford it, complex conditions attend extended longevity, beyond realistic treatment by amateurs, however desireable such may, at first glance, appear; bear with me.

Agatha said...

In illustration of that which Mr. Ish speaks, here is a case study: Worked in the private sector (insurance clerk) in non-superannuable employment (final pay packet on leaving work to have first baby was £13:00 per week), husband happy to provide financial support until the infants went to school. Returned to work, this time into public sector, superannuable employment at age 29.5. In order to earn my full pension, I would have to work until I was 69.5 Not fancying that, I bought 1.5 "added years", thus allowing retirement at 68. I couldn't afford to buy more, as the "added years" cost me £150 per month plus - in addition- to my hefty contributions to my public sector pension and my National Insurance contributions, and I needed to pay the mortgage, pay the council tax, electricity, gas, car, petrol, insurance, MOT, road tax, buy food,clothes etc, as my husband had run off with someone else and I had become a single parent. (not part of a life plan, that)
I've had my forecast for my State Pension. It is £93 per week, or £4,836 per year.Thank goodness for my public sector pension, although it looks like I'll never be able to earn my full pension (which will be half of my final salary), because my job is under threat of redundancy under the public sector cuts.
None of this sounds very gold plated, copper bottomed, generous, unassailable or any of those other words applied to the financial position of public sector employees. I have worked all my adult life, apart from 6 years when bringing up my two children. I have made massive contributions to my public sector pension, paid my National Insurance and paid my tax, Direct and Indirect. I won't qualify for my full pension - which is, don't forget, only half of my final salary, until I'm 68 - it would have been later, but I made additional contributions. Looks like I'll be made redundant towards the end of this year - and there won't be too many jobs available for a 60 year old. And the government and media are whipping up a storm of hatred and resentment against me as a public sector worker which Mr. JGM2 seems to subscribe to. Lets not turn on each other, hey? Divide and rule, that's the mantra of the ruling classes.

mongoose said...

It isn't the cash. It's not the money. It's the creation and consumption of wealth. We all consent to bargains - I'll grow the food and you stand at post on the battlements; I'll gather the firewood and you look after the babies; I'll go to work in London and you take my old da to have his eyes seen to on the mainland. Money is just what we use to measure the relative value of these various tasks and roles. The values are all part of a rolling miasma of political and social hocus pocus. What is the value of a teacher who takes an extra ten minutes and transforms a child's understanding? The value of a nurse who cleans up your mum so she can die with a bit of dignity? The value of a twenty-year-old blown to bits in Afghanistan so Tony Blair can win his freedom medal? What is the value of the Potato Council?

The point is this. We can close the Potato Council today and Rome will not fall. The wastrel bastards who inhabit that place will be fine - except for the lady who cleans the floors at night, and the security guard on the minimum wage plus 20p, and the clerk in the basement typing in the worthless data. But, hey, kids, omelettes and eggs. Fuck 'em, eh? But when that lady took that job - out of the local paper "Cleaner wanted - 8pm until midnight, weekdays - £5.93 per hour - don't spend it all at once but there's a cheeky little Merlot in Sainsbury's for just three hour's wages" - she didn't know or have to know that the Potato Council is a load of bollocks. "No, I disagree with the notion of a Potato Council. Public money should not be wasted on people like me cleaning floors for silly quangos. I will not clean their bloody floors and if the babies starve, the babies starve. I have my principles you know." Nah. But down the road she will go anyway, her life just a bit harder so we can save a few hundred quid a week.

So let's shut something else or cut something else. But what? The truth is that to make any sort of dent in the amount of money that Osborne says has to be saved, they are going to have to cut a whole swathe of public jobs. Agatha's among them it seems, and I am sorry to hear of your trouble, Agatha. Many of these people will be instantly transferred to the dole and benefits line in the accounts, and they will indeed save a net Macawber's sixpence but at the expense of the people most remote from what caused the saving to have to be made. Now, to be cold and heartless, one could say that that last is wrong. These people are largely Labour voters and the Thatcherite calculation is that they deserve their miserable fate because they voted for the last shower who got us to where we are. They'll fucking learn, won't they, like the miners did? How's it going for you, Brothers, that solidarity bullshit? Everyone's equal down the Dole Office, what, what!

Here's an idea for you. How about everyone on the public payroll earning more than £50,000 per years takes a pay cut of 50% of that over £50k amount? So the £200kpa Chief Exec of XYZ County Council - about to make a few thousand redundancies - is now a £125k Chief Exec. Struggle by on £125k for a year or two, can you? A bit of honour, a bit of social justice? The wee scale pans of social justice contain not just money but lives.

yardarm said...

Mrs Agatha; wise words. That is George ' Look mum, never done fuck all and now I`m running the Treasury ' Osborne`s tactic, to set us at each others throats for the crumbs he throws us. And sadly it will be decent folk such as yourself and Mr Mongoose`s cleaner who will suffer. Not Mervyn King, for e.g., who on retirement will collect a peerage, a whopping pension and chairmanship of some quango like the BBC Trust or Royal Opera House. Or Brown, shambling maladroitly around Harvard, burbling incoherently about saving something or other. Or George' Manual Labour ? Isn`t he a Spanish socialist ? ' Osborne who will no doubt be whoring his worthless carcass around City boardrooms when time serves.

Or any of that Potemkin`s village of LibLabCon SPADs, chancers, hacks, sol u shun peddlars and I know best venal bastards. Apparently Rupe was in to see Wisteria Dave three days after the election. An unelected foreign citizen who pays minimal, if any tax in this country, before most of Cameron`s ministers. Says it fucking all.

callmeishmael. said...

I have floated that one for years, mr m, that public sector salaries should be capped at £50k, inflation linked, for everyone, MPs, Admirals, Ruperts, Judges, Chief plods, all of them, test their vocations,test their so loudly trumpeted committment to vocational public service. Well, we certainly didn't come into this for the money, they snort, unsackable, on a hundred and fifty grand a year and a King's pension; just think how much I could earn in the private sector, they whine, But no, service to the public, that's always been what motivates me, let's face it, there's absolutely thousands of openings in the private sector, for Directors of Social Services, Chief Probation Officers and Council Chief Executives.

Always thought it a contradiction - a career in public service, ought to be a duty, a calling, instead of another fixture, another lap of the rat race. If a grand a week isn't enough they can always fuck off, let somebody else have a go, they couldn't do any worse, could they?

mongoose said...

My old mate Arthur died in his eighties, a couple of years back. He was a fantastic scientist who largely educated himself, and climbed the greasy pole of the Civil Service Science Officer grade ladder. He ended up as a Department Chief at one of the spooky science places we have locally - responsible for Christ-knows-what of a budget. I don't suppose he ever earned more than £25k in his life and he cared not a jot about it.

jgm2 said...


I wrote a (long) reply to your reply Mr Ishmael. It was there. And now it's disappeared.

Dick the Prick said...

.....perhaps it was the pixies!!

A chum came round who does computers for a job last night and he had a fiddle around with this bag of spanners. Bit quicker. In-built obselencence (sp) - standard manufacturing process. My fridge freezers fucked after like four years or something. Hmm...didn't help having a rat gnaw its fucking teeth off on the bottom corner...

Hope all is well with everyone & stuff.

call me ishmael said...

sorry, mr jgm2, it happens sometimes to Mrs WOAR; it's not my doing.

call me ishmael said...

Found mr jgm2, the copy sent to my email:

Hello Mr Ishmael, apologies for the delay in replying.

I guess what infuriates me so much about Labour/Blair/Brown is that they were elected precisely because they promised to put the whole 'us and them' polarisation of views of the 1970's and 1980's behind us. To find a 'third way'. To work in the best interests of everybody not just (say) the public sector or (say) the bankers.

But what they actually did from 2000/1 onwards was quite the opposite. They deliberately borrowed shitloads of money in order to replace the one million miners they'd 'lost' in the 1980's with a whole new slew of 'Safety This', 'Diversity That', 'Compliance The Other'.

All on 40K a year for doing fuck-all except getting under your fucking feet. Those hospitals you're getting dewy-eyed about, fifty year old carers looking after seventy year old chaps coming for an eye test? You can't even park in the fucking car-park for all the staff cars belonging to cunts with clip-boards. Unemployable in 1999 many of the fuckers. Now with a nice corner office. And a fucking clip-board. Seen it last year when the M-I-L went for a dive and bust her hip. Mobs of them wandering the halls monitoring the cleanliness or otherwise of the fucking bins. Not monitoring them with a mop or a bleach-soaked towel mind you. But with a fucking clipboard and pen.

Worse than that Mr Ishmael. The cunts, who we had absolutely no use for at all, all one million of the fuckers, then bid up the price of the limited housing to astronomical levels engendering a false sense of prosperity to the nation. Who promptly, collectively, Kirsty and fucking Phil, Relocation, Relocation, Relocation, A Place in the Fucking Sun TV programs exhorting 'em day-in, day-out that you can't go wrong with property, the only way is up, gotta get on the property ladder.... went totally fucking bananas.

And finally, when the balloon went up because finally the scales fell from the lender's eyes and they stopped lending money to the banks. Finally - was there a retrospective on the BBC about the collective insanity? The insane government policy that brought us to this point? Even the collective non-party dimensional mass-borrowing idiocy that got us to this point?

Was there fuck. Brown - and I mean this in all sincerity - already had the BBC tee-d up with the fall-guy. It was a 'Failure of Thatchgerism'. 'A failure of Capitalism'. The BBC news broadcast the day Brown 'saved the banks' is seared on my memory Mr Ishmael. Archive footage of 1980's yuppies with big perms, square shoulder pads, phones the size of house-bricks. This was no lashed together transmission at short notice Mr Ishmael. This wasn't sombre musice while they all ran around headless wondering what the fuck to do like when Lady Di forgot to do up her seatbelt. Fuck no.

This was slick, slick, slick. They'd been working on it for days if not weeks. They (the government and their mouthpiece, the BBC) deliberately decided to present this as a failure of the TORY banks and the TORY private sector. Rather than a basic failure of government to keep a fucking lid on the collective insanity.

It was a failure of government. I this case a failure of a Labour government and Brown. But it was also a collective failure of the fucking idiots we meet daily to not recklessly borrow so much fucking money.

But it was instead presented as an 'us and them' failure. A failure of the Tories. A failure of the public sector. A failure of the banks.

The evil cunt destroyed the economy and then turned it into a political issue.

He has again set us all against each other. Just so that his idiot fucking party can get in power again that much sooner. The better to fuck it all up again.

Agatha has it right. What makes my piss boil is that he's put the whole fucking operation back thirty years. For no good reason other than sheer political expediency.