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Tony Blair: Gordon Brown tried to blackmail me.


THE SAGA OF GORDON THE RUINER by Stanislav, a young Polish Plumber ...

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 We have always maintained in Ishmaelia and formerly in stanislavia, that the rancid cement in the Gang of Four,  the mutual adhesion which made Peter, the Lord Crabs, actually unsackable - he was, after all, just moved around -  made Brown unsackable and the dipso,  Campbell,  able to operate outside all normal bounds, like a porno-scribbling Rasputin and which made Blair able to do all those Blair things, without restraint - cash for honours, Mittal;  that horrid  little fucker, Ecclestone; the public humiliation of Imelda; the  Whoops! shredding of the expenses, the invasions - was due to a Mutually Assured Destruction   scenario, in which each had the dirt -  either the same dirt or different dirts - on the others.

Step back from Blair's glib nonsense, here, in his booky-wooky, about the Cash for Honours episode and question why an election-winning machine, like Blair & Co, not only could not, in ten years, sack or even move the Chancellor and was forced from office by the Chancellor but why  his own allies were powerless to even hint publicly at Brown's madness but instead effectively ensured a shoo-in for the Snotman, a succession, unopposed.

Even by the dismal standards of Westminster the doings of the Gang of Four - all, despite what would be deemed serious criminality in normal folk,  as yet unpunished - stink to high heaven.
It simply must follow that were any of them to speak the Big Truth - and not this soap opera shit which Blair is peddling - then things would unravel for all of them.  Their Axioms of Evil, NewLabour, sucking Money's cock, the abandonment of Clause Four, easily predate the highly dubious matter of the Dunblane Massacre, so it's not that, ot not just that.

Many insist that Uncle Sam's spooks, maybe thanks to Rupert Murdoch, or thanks to Old Bill, have lots of dirt on ALL UK politicians;  Rupert does seem to have unfettered access to Downing Street, whoever lives there, and Blair, viewed objectively,  does seem to have been more that customarily obliging to  the cousins' needs, no previous prime minister has so kow-towed to the Merkin Imperium, none of them have placed the wishes of a rogue and questionably legitimate US President above the national opinion and that of the rest of Europe - barring the little Dago with the moustache - no prime minister has leaned so heavily on the Attorney General as did Blair on his mate, Goldsmith, bluster as the worthless piece of shit does now,  of his independence and integrity; no prime minister has stooped so low as to steal an exam paper from the Internet and pass it off as bona fide military  intelligence.  Was Blair being blackmailed not only in number ten but from Langley, too, fucked at home, domestically  and abroad, internationally, powerless to act decently, even though his own daughter was driven to attempted suicide by his personal rottenness? Is it the much mooted tale of Blair cottaging;  is it the equally heavily rumoured stories of Brown's homosexuality at university, is there some dire menage a trois with the repulsive Mandelson, has Campbell some dark alcoholic's secret?

If the cassuss bellus was so incontovertibly made, why was Brown silent, on the sidelines, missing, in fact? And why wasn't he at least demoted for his lack of loyalty, his failure to hymn the New Crusade?  Equally, if, as he must, he knew it was all bollocks, why did he not speak up?  Blair would have fallen and Brown been lionised.  Why didn't Brown  and Balls pounce, what restrained the Great Humanitarian? Are millions dead, homeless, maimed, refugee because the   British government, the Blair Project,  was not just wrong, stupid and incompetent but rotten through and through, its heart made sclerotic by  blackmail and deceit ?*

What on Earth was behind Snotty making Mandy joint prime minister in the dying days? Why did he recruit, at the eleventh hour,  to be his saviour, the man who had been his betrayer, who had unrequited him to the Nth. degree, tantalised him with promises of support, whilst whispering the sweeter in Blair's jug ear, dashing his dreams of dominion and plunging him into  a lifelong, phone-flinging, nail-biting, seat-stabbing, snot-eating   rage?  This is eat-your-own-shit, climbing-the-walls, howling-at-the-moon certifiable madness;  what powers, what stresses, what frightful secrets ignite such behaviours? Whatever they are, they have made the quartet, all of them, quite visibly, if one just steps back and looks objectively, stark, raving mad, as though they have blackmailed their own sanity to the point where it has nothing left to give them.  Serves them right.

 *Some claim that Bush and Cheney would have invaded Iraq, regardless of UK involvement, and they probably would; if that is the case, though,why was Bush so desperate to have Britain onside? The answer lies not in our military contribution which was minimal, compared to Uncle Sam's, but in the legitmacy which we provided, enabling Dubya to claim that his bloodthirtsy, marauding banditry was actually a  benign, globalised intervention,  a Coalition of the Willing.  Whether Bush would have gone without Blair poodling us, exchanging British bodies for his and Imelda's pension, is something we shall never know for certain.


The No-Longer-NewLabour leadership  candidates, above, must know some of the answers. Milliband major was close to Blair, Balls to Brown,; Abbott promotes her embarrassing TeeVee career on the basis that she knows shit, has her ear to the ground but couldn't possibly comment, Andrew.

Is no-one in the press or in the party going to ask these chumps just what exactly the fuck was going on with the Gang of Four, are none of them to volunteer an opinion, an apology for their failure to expose a canker, lance a boil, grasp a nettle,  there must be any number of metaphors to describe an entire parliamentary party unwilling to shine a light in a dark corner, roll back the stone, draw back the veil.

The Blair-Brown years disfigure that part of my life, my consciousness, which really wants to believe that there is Decency in public life.  Mr TDG chides me, ever, that there is not and nor should we expect there to be;  he is wiser than I and maybe he's right but  I know, merely from the reactions to stanislav's diatribes, that this episode  has similarly distressed many, many others, way down inside. 

Each, successive grotesquery obliterating its predecessors, as they did, we found ourselves in the wilderness of mirrors, credulous and incredulous, smoking guns, silver bullets, retaliations-in-first, full-and-far-reaching cover-ups, strenuous denials,  the whole grimy business Em-cee'd by the likes of the self-fellating Nick Robinson and Michael Kneepads White, Toilets Maguire and Polly Mascara, bless her,  grown exile-rich, championing the poor.  skymadeupnewsandfilth - committed, via it's owner, Rupe, to NewLabour -  presented each new outrage as a separate news story,  rather than the continuum of corruption which it was - MoneyCrime, HateCrime, EarthCrime, ChildCrime, RaceCrime,WarCrime - or HoonCrime - nothing was outside NewLabour's growing criminal expertise; no-one,  no-one in this current unBeauty Contest raised a whimper of protest. The Labour people of Hartlepool and Sedgefield and Kirkcaldy returned Mandy and Tony and Snotty, time and again. Thes people will just be hoping for a quick decision and forget the last fifteen years, quick. Others, constitutionally, intuitively, sentimentally, by art and culture and birth an experience formerly of the left, like myself and mr ptb, will remain horrified by the apparent continuation of the entire  epoch, of Blair the Warmonger lavishly rewarded, of Field Marshal Snot punished only by loss of office, of Mandelstein mincing around, rich with pensions and fixer's fees and of the depressive dipso, flattered and stipended by a slatternly media.  Thieves and mass murderers, courted, made heroic,  their would-be successors yet in thrall, perhaps the new blackmailees.

This ghastly quintet, surely the least suitable of all Labour's parliamentary cabal, speaks constantly of good and openness,  they eschew Snotty's trans-pair-ency and sol-you-shuns and Vaahl-ewes, but their aspirational, inclusive, socially mobile, shared  vernacular is larded with promises of paradise, of good, of honesty; simultaneously they wish to draw a discreet curtain over the Blair-Brown-Campbell- Mandelstein atrocity, to, Palinesque, refudiate it, make it go away, without ever offering us a word of explanation, almost as if it never happened.

They are a shower of impudent bastards, united in their contempt for their party, for the nation.  In their conspiracy of silence - Abbott's sotto voce, Well she knew, but she could not say; Milliband's Let's move forward, away from my cowardice, my complicity, my treason; Balls's, I told 'em, but they wouldn't listen and Bubbles's You can trust me, I'm from Up North - they invite us to join them, anew, in turning a blind eye to the most wretchedly criminal gang ever to occupy Downing Street, invite us to blackmail ourselves.

Until somebody in Labour  'fesses-up to who was blackmailing whom and about what there will be no Opposition worthy of the name;  nobody, after all, pays any attention to what we say here.


The big D said...

Since Stanislav's first clinical dissection of the Blair government and its participants, people have refused to believe the depth and concentration of evil that was revealed. Some even complained that Stan went too far when demonstrating the Blair tribe displayed the same traits as murderers, torturers, traitors, thieves, sexual predators; beyond society's norms.

We now see that Stanislav was correct in his identification of the ills that were to beset us, he just did not know how malevolent they would be.

Shouting warnings at an unheeding public is a thankless task, even when the point of being able to say "I told you so" is reached.

That the public still show no understanding of or concern about the years of malfeasance is profoundly depressing. I do not know what will change their outlook.

jgm2 said...

I too am of the opinion that it was some pact of Mutually Assured Destruction that meant that Brown would not move against Blair and Blair would not move against Brown.

And I think that fucker Straw is in on it too. That cunt was the only other high-profile minister who managed to remain at the heart of power for the whole time.

Ah yes Tony, suspend double jeopardy you say? Of course Tony. A yes Tony, suspend Habaeus Corpus to what was it you want Tony? 90 Days? Whatever you say Tony. A lawyer such as myself couldn't possibly see any problems with such a course of action...

Mock as ye may the Tory 'We're all in this together...' one thing's for sure, Blair/Brown/Mandelson and Straw were most definitely 'All in this together'.

mongoose said...

And something very odd is happening to the Luvvies leadership campaign. There seems to be a move to stop David Millitwat in favour of his brother. The Anti-Blairites are assembling their forces. It will not be enough to stop him but it may be enough to hamper him when he gets the job. Worthless little arsehole should be horsewhipped.

PT Barnum said...

Others, constitutionally, intuitively, sentimentally, by art and culture and birth an experience formerly of the left, like myself and mr ptb, will remain horrified by the apparent continuation of the entire epoch.

Yes, it broke something in my heart, to see what, once, bore the seeds of hope for a genuinely ethical and humane society, reduced to such a repugnant caricature of liberal elitism, masking some of the most vile, destructive and vindictive individuals pursuing their own reductio ad absurdum of their platidunious mantras. There is no longer any such thing as The Labour Party, it is a brand name emptied of all meaning and honour, of which Keir Hardy would despair that all those things that were done could be done in the name of the movement he was so central in bringing into being.

It was never a Marxist party of any stripe (Stalinist, Leninist, Moaist) although all of those sniped from the margins or sought to become a fifth column. It was about all those things which Blair and his coven have so debased and debauched: fairness, equality of opportunity, freedom to improve one's lot without being chained by one's origins, the alleviation of grotesque poverty, an end to exploitation, education for all, freedom of association, conscience and speech, none of these things handed down from on high, but all emerging from below and within, a road opened.

Without the blackmail, whatever it consists of, we would never have had Brown at all. Blair's Messianic fervour would have brooked no such dour, vulgar anti-disciple shadowing his mission on earth without something to force his hand. To me the most disturbing part of this book I've read of so far is this:

"Of course, I had no knoweldge that John would die prematurely. Except that, in a strange way, I began to think he might... I said to (Cherie): 'If John dies, I will be leader, not Gordon. And somehow, I think this will happen. I just think it will.' Is that a premonition? Not in a strict sense; but it was strange all the same."

Even then, all those years ago, when I was much younger and more hopeful, I wondered about John Smith's death. I still do.

Rastus said...

What ever the reason/cause of this dreadful, evil cabal, the positive thing to come out of it is the plainly evident, to all who can see, need for a totally new method of gevernment.
This bunch of scum have proved, time and time again over the last decade, that our form of "democracy" is simply a ball of shit to be modelled, but those who are prepared to handle it, into a tool for their own ends.

call me ishmael said...

"That the public still show no understanding of or concern about the years of malfeasance is profoundly depressing. I do not know what will change their outlook. "

I think that's largely true, mr D, Look how easily we are satisfied that the expenses are now all abover board and that there's no need to punish anyone, really, just a hapless scapegoated handful. That we are told this by the culprits, themselves, is an irony which passes unremarked.