Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Blair writes that his meetings with Paisley were in his Downing Street "den" always and their meetings dealt with Northern Ireland "at a spiritual rather than a temporal level". At one point Paisley gave him a prayer book for his youngest child, Leo.Of one such meeting, he writes: "Once, near the end, he asked me whether I thought God wanted him to make the deal that would seal the peace process. I wanted to say yes, but I hesitated; though I was sure God would want peace, God is not a negotiator. I felt it would be wrong, manipulative, to say yes, and so I couldn't answer that question, that only he could and I hoped he would let God guide him."

Let God guide him, Aye, right.


PT Barnum said...

though I was sure God would want peace, God is not a negotiator.

I wish God (any of them, all of them) existed and that Blair was required, as he stands before the Judge, to make an account of his actions in life. If nothing else, the sheer hubris of a mortal man declaring he is sure of God's desires while simultaneously delimiting God's powers, would cause hilarity amongst the heavenly throng.

call me ishmael said...

It's all too rich, isn't it, sometimes? I wouldn't wanna, you know, speak for God.....BUT....