Wednesday, 27 July 2016


My fellow motherfuckers. 

Homeland Security.

 Ever vigilant.

 In the protection. 

Of this great  motherfucking way of life. 

 Have advised me. 

That they have discovered. 

Firm and convincing.

Linking Russia. 

 To the collapse.  
Of World Teade Centre Building Seven. 

Only the Russians. Have the means. 

To make buildings fall down. 

In their own footprint. 

Simultaneously destroying. 

The tax records.
Of all those Enron friends. 
Of my distinguished predecessor.
My friend 
 And your great public servant.

George Dubya Chimp.

Draft-dodger, coward, drunken-driver, coward, wife-beater, coward, coke-head, coward,  embezzler, fraudster, conspirator in high crimes and misdemeanours, coward and another former Wall Street TeaBoy.

 And that is why. 

I am talking to you. 
My fellow motherfuckers. 
In very short sentences.  
Because I know. 
That you. 
Having elected.
The Bush Criminal Family. 
The Clinton Criminal Family.
 The Obama Criminal Family. 
And now the Spunky Clintons. 
All Over again.
Are fucking stupid enough.
To believe. 
Any old shit. 
Like that.
About Russia.
Bringing down WTC7.

The Twin Towers?
No, that was still Saddam Hussein.
 Did that shit. 
Yes, on the same day.  
As the Russians. 
Were bombing WTC7.  
America's enemies. 
Are mean sonsafuckingbitches. 
They do. 
All kindsa fuckin' shit.
People like Donald Trump.

Yes, and that's why we must all vote. 
For President-elect Hillary Trousers. 
Doesn't matter that my party has behaved in a thoroughly disgraceful and unconstitutional and probably illegal way towards Mr Bernie Stalin.
What matters is that the Russians told y'all about it.
So, obviously, it's like it never happened. 
In fact it didn't.
So that's all the more reason to support the criminals in the DNC.
And all the more reason to vote for the criminal Hillary Trousers.
Especially seein' as how she stole the nomination.
 Otherwise, there'll be notnin' but lies and corruption
 And innocent people.
 Being blown to fuckin' pieces. 
Just like we always do.
(Band plays, crowd cheers and  wets itself in happy stupidity,
by the dawn's early light)

That was Persident TeaBoy, there for us, on the Six o'clock News. confirming  that President Hillary Trousers not only will but should become the next  Wall Street Tea Boy; indeed, that she simply must. And who could argue with him? 
Not me, anyway, more'n my job's worth, disagreeing with management.

In other stories, a distinguished aristocrat has defended his son and political heir, 

Father and son.
Steve Kinnock, a mucus-drip off the old turd.

demanding the death of a blogger who criticised 
Stephen "Cunt" Kinnock, saying that he had misled Welsh voters about the privileged education given Lord Windbag-StickyFingers' grand-daughter, 

the honourable lady SnotFace Kinnock.

Speaking over a free, superior luncheon in the luxurious House of Lords restaurant,
the grubby arsehole formerly known as Neil Kinnock pontificated:

 Pri-i-i-i-vate education. 

Pr-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-vate education.

It's the very least my grand-daughter deserves. 
Yes, absolutely yes, at the taxpayers' expense, wholly and completely, entirely and unequivocally; perks for my family, free at the point of use, yes, or want. Free at the point of want. It's the very least we deserve.......

We're alright. we're alright.

the very least, the most miniscule reward we are due, for me single-handedly losing two general elections, both of which could have been won  by a fence-post.

 And never mind Steven being an MP, he should be King, after everything his mother and I have done for this country.

I mean the noble Lady Glenys has striven to rob the country blind, as, in my humble,  self-effacing and dignified fashion have  my noble I.  
We have both, both of us, mind, not just one of us, both of us have worked ourselves almost into an early grave in order to maintain the attack on working people, disabled people, sick people and old people.


Well there's the world at six o'clock.
Do as you're fucking told by your betters.
Pay your license fee and be grateful that so many good people are doint their best for you.
Stay tuned for  that LGBT baking show.  
The one with the dead old lady, the fairy, the dyke and the Swiss Roll.

Mrs Askey is sniffing farts and exchanging Blimpish cliches with some Eyetie, about values and stuff, like she had a fucking clue what a valuie was, other than in a share price.
There'll be another Hillary Clinton party politcal broadcast throughout Newsnight, later.
And Evan Davies will be examning in depth just how wonderful President Spunky Bill is. 
No, really.
Don't blame me, 
I only read this shit out.

You can check on our website on the story of why Labour is taking its National Executive to Court, barring its members from voting and shoving-up another fucking windbag to preach at people about what they already know, 
and why the PBC is supporting him exclusively and entheusisastically, whoever he is. 
Owen somebody, isn't it?
Fuck me, viewers, these Labour filth, they really give Wales a bad name, don't they?


walter said...

Sometimes mr ish I wonder about british people, looking at webpage for the chilcot inquiry they have only raised about £135,000 with 4,000 plus subscribers it should be £ 30,000.000, Let the chinese have britain were fit for fuck all!

fairplay said...

Walter is right Mr Ish.

The more I see the sickening sight of our fellow English, Scots, Irish and Welsh compatriots serving themselves in our duly elected gubermint, the murderous, thieving, lying, insane, degenerate bastards, grinning and preening and congratulating each other, the more my self-hatred festers.

And the more certain I become that a good dose of the Yellow Peril is what we richly deserve.

It is nice, though, to see the smug Yanks revealed to the whole world as the overpaid gibbering idiots we always knew they were, not worth a bowl of rice a day, any of them.

Woman on a Raft said...

If it was not for the fact that Mr Putin is gay, I would have supected Glenys to have been playing away.

call me ishmael said...

You're right. I will donate right now. Although to be fair to others I have seen nothing of the appeal in MediaMinster, only learning of it from mr mike. If I had a workplace I'd organise a collection.

call me ishmael said...

He surely is on ugly bastard, Stevie Kinnock, mrs woar, has that quintessential frog face look, something he shares with Prince Gormless, something they borh try to disguise with tailoring and grooming, at our exopense, naturally, both heartwarming frogs-to-riches stories, although I'd cut the legs from the Kinnock prat, first, cheeky fucking bastard, coming the Labour statesman; needs the Momentumeers to focus on his activities for a while and then give him a quick rub-down with a Brexit house brick. On the bright side, his father looks ill; hope we're getting him private health care.

call me ishmael said...

Right, done that, it's at CrowdJustice, Iraq.

walter said...

The daily mail are giving it publicity today,But in the comments section there are a lot of defeatist bastards
bliar is teflon coated, but stress eventually wears everyone down ,

call me ishmael said...

It said that they had reached their first target; they do need, though, to raise their profile. Maybe that bloke, wotsisname, the man who stood against Blair in Sedgefield, maybe he's more effective than the Colonel Blimp type whom we saw at Chilcot, all measured and responsible.. They need to have a groundswell, bumper stickers and badges, that sort of thing, I am sure the 17 million would find a pound a head, if they were asked properly.

mongoose said...

Old Bill is a consummate politician - easily the best I can remember - but even he is going to be tested by this gig. he looked and sounded a bit yesterday err, yesterday, I thought, at least. The problem so slowly dawning on them all is that Hillary's experience and her knowledge and her apparent qualifications for the POTUS role are now disqualifications. We don't buy that shtick now. These fuckers got us here, deeper in it than we have ever been, more indebted and more at risk than we have ever been. And they expect us to vote for more of it out of fear? Fear of the fuck what with slaughter everywhere we look. Dear oh dear.

And it is always the last resort, isn't it? Politically, I mean, to say that the other bastard might win and therefore to exhort one's troops to get out and vote? 5 months out to give Trump that endorsement was deeply stupid, and from the very lips of the Saviour too, unless the game is fucking up otherwise.

I wonder where the missing 30,000 (is it?) emails are. Somebody somewhere will have them. Tremendously non PC of Donny to ask the Rooskies for them earlier. He isn't playing by the rules at all. I begin to think that Her Ladyship is in trouble.

Mike said...

Clinton's toast. The Donald knows where those emails are, and he's taunting her. He's been on the money so far - the "its rigged against Bernie" message he put out weeks ago shows he knew what was coming. If he can keep alive he will win by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Putin isn't gay. He likes manly outdoor pursuits and is a bit of a ladies' man. There is no trace of wooferoonyism. I quite like the chap but then again I like Milo Yanopoulis who is a fruit but also a gent blessed with the knack for forthright accurate statements.

call me ishmael said...

It doesn't matter if he's gay or not, mr richard, he has over time had published a full album of homo-erotic photographs of himself, so he's fair game for mockery. And he does bear a froggy resemblance to Lord Kinnock junior. Is Milo that YulBrynner-alike former Greek finance minister? If so then both he and Vlad are both insufferably narcissistic, like them or not, and in serious need of a quick rub-down with ahousebrick. A man doesn 't have to be gay to be a NancyBoy.

Vlad, anyway, has been dealt a most favourable hand by the fuckwit, Obama. If,as well as bringing down WTC7, the RedHomos can resd the DNC emails, what can't they do?

call me ishmael said...

She oughta be crumbs on the floor, never mind toast, mr mike, but she and Spunky Bill will stop at nothing - assassinations, as mr mongoose suggests, corporeal or reputational; failing that a Dubya-like challenge in the bent Supreme Court, should the result not be what they have promised to deliver. That option, of course, is also open to Mr Trump.

Dick the Prick said...

You mentioned a bit back Clinton's habit of randomly pointing at people and making out it was her bezzie from infant's school - fuck me, it's sickening.

call me ishmael said...

And yet, mr dick, they fall for it, don't they?

Something else I said, back up the road, was that she might choose the Obama Floozy, Aunty Tom,as running mate, I was wrong, there, but the current First Lady was putting down a marker, for next time, America will have a choice of dynastys, Chelse UglyBug Clinton, any number of Bush bastards and the Obamas. Should have stayed with the British crown, shouldn't they, if they wanted a hereditary, criminal monarchy.

mongoose said...

It was ghastly theatre last night. I do not recall in the past that an incumbent President has become so involved in the electoral process. Presidents of all the people aren't they supposed to be? Certainly this is going to be a grubby, down-and-dirty battle.

As you mentioned somewhere I cannot now find, Mr Ishmael, this does resemble the Remainers anti-Brexit campaign. They are not learning. meanwhile, Donald is just calling her a crook, part of the problem, not part off the solution. The TV people seem to be struck stupid at the inexplicable-to-them turn of events.

call me ishmael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
call me ishmael said...

Nor me, I don't recall anything like this, mr mongoose, the TeaBoy AND his Floozy getting involved, involving the entire US government in treason, fraud and deception - no worse than Dubya, granted - and I'm sure if there's a statute about the president of all the people, it will have been neatly amended to read all the RICH people, y'know, like some animals being more equal than others. As you know, although I used to be instinctively Democrat-leaning I have been sceptical about Obama, to put it mildly, since he was elected, believing him to be pure Uncle Tom, the enemy of black equality and, as his cabinet appointments have shown, an employee, primarily, of Goldman Sachs, no-one can call me inconsistent; even so, there is something both crass and cynical about these events and although they influence all our lives, Uncle Sam had better swiftly realise that these cunts are putting his balls in the mangle, first. A criminal corporate kleptocracy, its servants in government, the military, lawnforcement and global MediaMinster, they constitute an immense and powerful army ranged agaianst Everyman, fortunately, in the States, Everyman is, himself, heavily armed and will not, I guess, acquiesce meekly in the Clintons' theft of his process, his democracy.

I suppose the Clintons might take a leaf from the Book of Crooked NewLabour and suspend the voting rights of their opponents, for the good of the party and the country, of course, but my feeling is that the Trump presidential die is cast, Hillary Clinton has fucked herself with Ambition's broken bottle, and is haemorrhaging to death.

I dunno where such a delicate turn of phrase comes from, but I do love it.

A side-order of vomit arrives in the form of showbiz corporations, like Springsteen and Dylan, and no doubt the Great British Rock'n'Roll Humanitarians, too, so removed, so elevated by Greed and Narcissism that they long ago completely lost touch with the rest of us and now fuss and fume and tut-tut about our disobedience.

Gosh, a man, these days, feels in his veins a rush of neo-Stalinism; I'd shoot the bastards, me, all of them.

Alphons said...

Which ever country you look at you can see the proof to the well know truth that "scum always rises to the top".

It's time it was all skimmed off.

yardarm said...

The Dump is given form by all those fucked over since Senile Ron`s time. He is the engine of their revenge. But he has them shitting themselves. Outside the wankathon of the Democrat caucus " some rough beast is slouching towards Bethlehem, waiting to be born ".(Yeats not Yardarm via Stephen King) But even now the Man on the Grassy Knoll is cleaning his sniper scope, awaiting the call.

Anonymous said...

"Is Milo that YulBrynner-alike former Greek finance minister?"
No, he's this:

Woman on a Raft said...

Re 'slouching towards Bethlehem'; I found an essay discussing the works which pinch lines or ideas from the poem. One of them is this book:

Slouching towards Gaytheism

"W. C. Harris argues that compromises with traditional religion, no matter how enlightened or well intentioned, will ultimately leave heteronormativity alive and well."

The silky implication is that heteronormativity is a bad thing, rather than it being a necessary consequence of sexual reproduction. To make a thing not-heteronormative suggests that the the link is to be broken between mother and child, so that women can be reduced to breeding stock and the foals turned over to their homonormative purchasers.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr yardarm, for the reminder. It has long been an article of faith, here, mrs woar, as you know, that we must resist and deride heterophobia, not only for its rudeness but for its knuckle-headed stupidity, its blinkered misunderstanding of evolution and its vulgar commodification, Elton John-style, of Life, itself. I read the same article and as one who, under a former nom de plume, was heavily republished in full or in part, I couldn't get very excited about the pillaging of Yeats, anything of passing merit is milled in the zeitgeist, and cerealised. Sorry, I'll get m'coat.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr richard, he is a man after our own collective heart.

call me ishmael said...

It may be happening, m alphons, you should look at that link from mr richard.

mongoose said...

Elizabeth Warren has apparently said: "It is important to fight back when powerful people try to rig the system." How right she is, and how wonderful that the Senator is finally up to speed.

call me ishmael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
call me ishmael said...

You being arch, mr mongoose, ironic?

call me ishmael said...

Right, I see, she was only talking about Mr Trump, not about Mrs Crook.

mongoose said...

We are moving beyond parody now, I think, Mr I. The fuckers have just got no idea what is happening to them. Either that or the lady has balls of steel to deliver such a line without a blush or a giggle.

Woman on a Raft said...

'No idea' - why, that's exactly the feeling I have, Mr Mongoose. I frequently have no idea what is going on.

The MSM has always been a mirror, that is what it is for and is a justification for protecting the 4th estate, but recently the mirror itself seems to think that it can define existence.

It is reasonable and sensible to argue about whether one has understood reality - yes, it is like that, no it is not because x, y, z - but they do not seem to be doing that now. Rather, they just tell it like they think the story should be in order to reflect their own virtue, and ruthlessly exclude any evidence to the contrary. They certainly do not speak truth unto power; far too dangerous.

I seem to have blundered back in to the 14th century where the main argument is 'Who Says?' rather than whether what they are saying has any merit.

call me ishmael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Mrs WoaR: on the subject of what's-what and according to whom, something bleedingly obvious struck me other day; in MSM eyes, a bloke who's a woman is to be treated with full respect for their subjective sense of self, while a Salafist maniac running amok is not any kind of Muslim - because he/she says so on the one hand, because we say so on the other. Plus ca change, I suppose...

And speaking of French - Mr Ish: that couplet you quote from time to time ("cet animal est tres mechant/quand on l'attaque, il se defende") was brilliantly rendered into English in 1966 (NYRB archive) by J. Bronowski:

"This animal is very wicked;
he bites the foot that tries to kick it."


call me ishmael said...

Blogger call me ishmael said...

I don't know if gthere has ever been an agreed reality but there has, in my lifetime, been a broad consensus which no longer exists. Equally, I don't know if the press has ever behaved differently, mrs woar - there have been exceptions, Woodward and Berstein, Chris Mullins, John Pilger, for example, and the guys who exposed the Panama tax scam, recently, I dunno if Assange is a journalist but he certainly rattled cages. And the old, tribal title loyalties have been swept away by the internet, such readers as remain besport themselves firing a round of fucks into whichever rag they arte reading online, doesn't matter, Mirror,Mail, Independent, Guardian, nine out of ten comments will be ferociuosly critical of the 'paper itself
The big difference now is that all across the world people simply do not believe what they are told, knowing and sunbscribing only to their own realities, their own consensus, Trump and Corbyn are simpl;e vehicles for people'[s resentment at beuin lied to just now, fewer people than ever in history believe what they are told, and thus we see what we see, now, MediaMinster, a revolting daisy chain of hacks and career politicians, each up the other's arse, heedless that they are now doing it in full view of those they would dupe. Overall, I think more people than ever now realise that the news is just showbusiness, pantomime, and are leaving the theatre in droves and becoming street singers, like you correspondent. Meet me on the corner, when the lights're coming on and I'll be there.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr verge; I am considering the ownership of martyrdom, at the moment, not my own, further on up the road.

The Trannie thing, however, is just one example of what I was saying to mrs woar, above - people don't believe what they are told, even if the meat'n'potatoes are hanging there for all to see, Dave still insists he's Susan, even though he's not.

That link of mr richard's, to Milo Y, is worth a look'

mongoose said...

I think it is time, Mrs Raft, that we began to differentiate the freedom of the press - as a safeguard of the truth, and as you say, a means of speaking it unto power - from the freedom of the media to editorialise. The so-called news is full of people pontificating to their mates in Hampstead.

Elizabeth Warren, in case you have not run across her, is as determined and accomplished as a man or woman needs to be in this world and yet she cannot see the nose on the end of her face. Hillary Clinton is already one of the most powerful women in the world, certainly the most powerful in America. A different kind of power, Elizabeth, because it agrees with you. Oh, I see.

call me ishmael said...

While we await mrs woar, mr mongoose, I would just point out that, this last while, it is for those reasons that I coined skynmadeupnewsandfilth and MediaMinster; the freedom of the press is here, and on all the other cyber street corners and toilet walls, you are the freedom of the press, we are all the freedom of the press, it is only the press which is enslaved.

But never mind that, you know me as well as does anyone here, so when I tell you I am not a number-crunching or bean-counting kinda guy it will not surprise you; when I say, therefore, that I seldom look at blog stats you can be sure that that is so, I don't even know where they are, but they arrive once or twice a year, I press the wrong button, and there they are. Today's stats revealed a huge spike in readers from Russia, ten thousand pageviews in the last coupla weeks. What's that shit about?

Woman on a Raft said...

It is probably wise not to believe much of what one is told, but how does one check the internal compass? TPTB might be lying about where the north pole is but even if I do not believe them I still need to find which direction it is in.

call me ishmael said...

It is your own moral compass, mrs woar, which you should consult, it's got you this far. As for focussed, directed news consumption, well, osmosis serves better, I believe, bits from the hubbub, directions from people here, and other such places, who have no irons in Deceit's fire.

The directional conundrum which has always bugged me is: in an infinite universe, which way is up? And then there is the old favourite: Why is there anything? And, I suppose, ultimately, IS there anything?

mongoose said...

I don't know about the spike, Mr I, but perhaps Mad Vlad has insomnia. It could also be a semi-automated spike. My reader program, for instance, skips by all the stuff I read and does an update without me asking.

As for what is real and what is not, it used to be that the facts of news - who, what, when and where - were presented as such, and the why questions appeared separately and presented as comment or opinion. This discipline has broken down across the piece and not just in politics. Our children are indoctrinated in all sorts of specious shite that is presented as fact and moral certainty when really they should be being trained to weigh and judge for themselves.

Hillary's twin pillars are her supposed experience and that she isn't Donald. These are an insider's offering, a mechanic's deal. Donald's single notion is America First, not Hillary First.

call me ishmael said...

No more Op-Ed, then,just Op, or, as the NewPeople say, IMHOp, and genrally very humble it is, too.

There is this mad paradox in HillarySpeak - her vast feminist experiene is, firstly, as the wife of a man, in various ceremonial, unelected, constitutionally irrelevant positions, First Doormat of Arkansas, First Doormat in the White Houes; then as a shoo-in NY Senator; then in the comsolatory role as the worst Secretary of State in living memory, now as the crazy, wrinkly poster girl of a corrupt and disgraced Democrat/Wall Street Establishment, these are not experiences which favour feminism or democracy, and as to the former, her enlistment of the entire US government apparatus to pillory the child. Lewinsky, abused by her husband, the most powerful man in the world, well, that's feminism with a big, angry cock, Cheers, Hillary.